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Title: Imperfect Angels 10  
Reviewer: Christian  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Movie Type: Lesbian

Run Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Production Company: Girlfriends Films
Director: N/A
Themes: Lesbian, Girl-Girl, Plot Based
Condoms: N/A
Production Date: 1/07/11
Stars: Jessie Andrews, Magdalene St. Michaels, Jelena Jensen, Avy Scott, Avy Scott, Celeste Star, Heather Starlet
Reviewed By: Christian
I had some trouble figuring out what was going on in this movie. Apparently, Avy Scott is renting a room to Jelena who just got out of a bad relationship and decided to swear off men. The room belongs to Andy's half-sister who is in jail for assaulting a police officer. Likewise, Andy has allowed Brenda's daughter Jessie to stay in the guest house for awhile. (Brenda is irrelevant to the story except that she speaks a few lines in the first scene of the movie) For some reason that wasn't clear to me, Brenda doesn't trust Andy with her daughter. And so her friend Magdalene agrees to stay at the guest house with Jessie and watch over her. Not long after Brenda leaves, Jessie decides to sit out by the pool and read the Bible. Apparently, Jessie is supposed to be ridiculously innocent and wholesome. Jelena strolls along and decides to make a move on Jessie, but Magdalene quickly counters. Dirty looks are exchanged. It seems Jelena is supposed to be portrayed like a predator(?). Magdalene escorts Jessie back to the guest room, where they agree to go to sleep together. The two crawl into bed and cuddle close together. Jessie gets comfortable and falls asleep pretty quickly, but it's quite obvious that Magdalene doesn't plan to sleep at all.
Scene 1: As Jessie sleeps, Magdalene watches her and strokes her shoulders. Of course Jessie wakes up, and she seems very receptive to being touched so sensually by her mother's best friend, particularly for a "good" christian girl. The touching turns to kissing which evolves into heavy petting. Magdalene leads the whole time. She directs Jessie's hands, kisses her all over, and slowly removes their clothes. Surprisingly, Jessie doesn't hold back at all but still manages to maintain an air of innocence. Magdalene goes down on Jessie, licking and fingering her, and eventually bringing her to orgasm. Then Jessie climbs on top with intentions to return the favor. The whole scene is extremely sensual, but this is the point where the sex changes pace and speeds up a bit. The growing sensuous passion develops into something more aggressive and lustful. The two women kiss each other exuberantly and grind hard into each other (tribbing). Eventually, Magdalene takes over again to slow the pace back down. The scene ends when Magdalene turns Jessie over, kissing her ass and her back until they return to cuddling in the spoons position.
Scene 2: Andy walks into Jelena's bedroom and suggests that they order a pizza and get to know each other. The two girls trade gossip and talk about Jelena's recent encounter with Jessie. And the entire time Andy is boldly caressing Jelena's inner thigh and pussy. The women quickly move on to heavy petting and kissing, then they start to undress each other. I just want to point out here that this is easily the hottest scene in the movie. During all the foreplay, Andy makes it clear that she loves Jelena's tits, especially when she asks to "feel [Jelena's] big tits rubbing on [her] pussy". Jelena obliges, of course, and then they take turns licking and fingering each other until they both cum. Both women are extremely vocal and love to talk dirty. From this point on, they cum multiple times in several different positions. Andy masturbates to orgasm while Jelena begs her to cum. Then their thighs interlock and they rub their pussies together. After that, Andy worships Jelena's breasts while Jelena plays with her clit. Then they switch over to the sixty-nine position with Jelena on top. Finally, Andy plays with Jelena's clit until she orgasms. The chemistry was really strong with these two. Even after they were satiated they continued to play together. Just when I thought the scene was over, all their kissing and caressing turned into mutual masturbation and tribbing until yet another glorious climax. Seriously, these women couldn't stop. I'm not sure there wasn't more footage from this scene that just ended up on the cutting room floor.
Something strange happens after the second sex scene. Inexplicably, we (the viewers) are introduced to a couple of strangers hosting a birthday party. The only person in this scene familiar to the movie is Jelena Jensen. What I deduced is that it's Heather's birthday and one of the women hosting the party (Avy Scott) wants to setup a date for Heather and her brother. Once the date is proposed Jelena pulls Avy aside to do damage control by explaining that Heather is gay. When the two of them return to the party, Avy suggests stepping in as Heather's date. But the other woman hosting the party (Celeste Star) is not happy with that idea. Over the course of a rather awkward conversation between the four women, Celeste decides how they will pair up, strongly implying that Avy will have sex with Jelena and Celeste will have sex with Heather. And so, the next two sex scenes unfold.
Scene 3: Avy and Jelena enter a bedroom together. They sit at the foot of the bed and have a conversation that seems pretty arbitrary, considering that they have previously established that they will probably be having sex once they get to said bedroom. But apparently, Jelena is straight and has a boyfriend for the second half of this movie, and Avy wants to be sure that Jelena is comfortable with cheating on the aforementioned boyfriend with another girl. Once Avy gets the answer she wants, she starts kissing Jelena's neck. They make out pretty heavily for awhile, then Avy starts removing their clothes. This is the only scene with a noticeable cross-fade transition (Meant to pace up the scene, I assume). All of a sudden, Jelena is on top of Avy and they're both essentially naked. (Jelena is still wearing her panties) There's a lot of foreplay and particularly breast worship. After Avy removes Jelena's panties she asks to be on top and they both roll over. Some jokes are exchanged in a moment where it's established that Jelena's heterosexuality is a bold lie. Avy then goes down on Jelena, licking and fingering her until she cums. Jelena promptly returns the favor but asks for a little coaching since this is supposed to be her "first" lesbian experience. Once Avy reaches orgasm, Jelena sits on her face and really grinds into her tongue. It isn't long before Avy climbs on top and they start tribbing until they both experience one final orgasm. And then the scene winds down with the two women kissing very passionately.
Scene 4: Heather explains the details of her deteriorating sexual relationship with her step-mother to Celeste. Celeste successfully consoles her and they express a mutual adoration of each other. Then the women relocate to the bedroom and little time is spent before they start making out. It's the same drill as the other scenes; heavy foreplay, removing each other's clothes, and they take turns going down on each other. This scene is particularly exciting to watch. They know how to please each other and they love to tease. The tension grows fervently throughout the scene, from licking to tribbing through multiple orgasms and long, passionate stares. Heather and Celeste have a powerful sexual chemistry and it shines throughout. They're both panting hard by the time the scene is over.
I don't see what the story in the first half of the film has to do with the second half. Maybe I missed a crucial detail? It's true the plot doesn't make a terrible lot of sense, but the script did well enough to explain the relationships of all the characters to some degree. The dialogue should have been more explicit, considering there was so much back story for the characters. I feel there was more of a story to be told and I missed much of it because of the quality of the dialogue. But I can't complain because it's a porno. Most of the women were gorgeous, especially Celeste, Avy, and Jelena, and the sex was nothing short of spectacular. I didn't find Heather Starlet or Magdalene St. Michaels attractive at all, but the sex was so good that I even enjoyed their scenes. That should give you some idea. I loved that the women didn't look like porn stars or models. The whole film was rather organic and lively. I personally think it would be great for both straight and lesbian couples, or even single men and women.
Besides the cast list, all you get in the bonus features is a set of trailers and a set of promos. There isn't much difference between the two. Either way, if you watch one or the other you will want to buy more DVDs afterwards.The bonus material on this DVD is awesome! There just isn't a lot here, it's all previews. You won't see a photo gallery, bonus scene, nothing behind the scenes... Just be aware, if you buy this DVD you are only buying the movie. Also be aware that this movie was not shot in high definition. If you watch this on a large screen you'll probably see a bit of pixelation around sharp lines from time to time.
You can probably guess that I highly recommend this DVD. Rent it or buy it. I strongly urge you to see it. If you like the concept of realistic and passionate sex involving attractive women who genuinely love women, you will thoroughly enjoy this one.


Overall Rating: A- Female Looks: A Male Looks: N/A Sex: A+ Plot/Acting: B- Extras: B A/V Quality: C


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