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Title: Transsexual Activity  
Reviewer: Christian  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Transsexual Activity

Movie Type: Transsexual

Run Time: 3 hours 44 minutes

Production Company: Jules Jordan Video

Director: Paco Oliveira

Themes: Shemales

Condoms: Yes

Production Date: 11/13/09

Stars: Izabelly Ferraz, Camila Smith, Renata Araujo, Walkiria Dumont, Rabeche Rayola, Kalena Rios

Reviewed By: Christian


Transsexual activity is really just another movie hashed out by the Brazilian Shemale Porn Factory. One could expect very little from the movie because that part of the industry doesn't seem to adhere to any standards. As a result, what you get here is a bunch of gay men having sex with rather masculine looking shemales while an apathetic director seems to draw focus to many of the lesser points of the action. To that model, the movie ranks about average.

The movie starts with a montage of the scenes to come, cut slightly out of order. This is the great feature of porn flicks, you'll discover almost immediately whether or not your money was well invested. In the case of this film, it wouldn't be.

Scene 1: Izabelly Ferraz and Camila Smith dominate the first scene. It starts with the two "girls" masturbating and playing on a swing in a corner of (what appears to be) someone's bedroom. In the periphery you can spot a male performer(Pablo Montero) lying on a bed and stroking his cock. Eventually, Camila drops to her knees and starts sucking off Izabelly. Then the male performer approaches and suddenly everyone but Izabelly has a dick in their mouth. The suck fest carries on for a while, the shemales double teaming the man. Things quickly progress to Camila and Izabelly each getting fucked by Pablo while the other watches. Afterwards, the three of them move to the bed and it is the guy's turn to get fucked. It's played off as a rough scene, with a pillow case arbitrarily draped over Pablo's head while taking dick on both ends. Finally, the scene wraps up with three cumshots. Pablo cums on Camila's chest, then promptly removes himself from the scene. Then the shemales take turns cumming for the camera close-up.

Scene 2: Renata Araujo and Walkiria Dumont are sitting on a bench next to a hot tub, fondling each other and showing off for the cameraman. Renata acts very possessive of Walkiria, expressing to the cameraman that he can't touch her without permission. A lot of teasing goes on here, including a moment of Renata showing off her lactating abilities, which I could do without. It takes a considerable amount of time for the action to progress in this scene, a disappointing appearance of vibrators for the "girls" to use on each other. I watched a lot of this scene in Fast Forward, it's better that way. Suddenly and out of nowhere, an ill looking black man comes into the scene to feed Renata his cock. Then some dude approaches from the right to try out a couple very awkward oral sex positions with Walkiria. We don't see much of the BJs though, the camera stays focused on the shemales' asses for most of that time.Then Renalta and Walkiria drop to the floor so that they may "suck a cock". That lasts less than a minute before these trannies are ready to get fucked. (The actual sex in this scene seems very rushed) From this point on, it's just two trannies getting fucked in various positions until everybody cums. Well, almost everybody cums. Walkiria's finale is obviously fake. She just sticks her dick into Renata's mouth, already filled with cream.

Scene 3: The rather Amazonian looking Rebeche Rayola is sitting and teasing by the edge of a pool. She does a pretty good job of showing off her assets, particularly a very large and round ass. Then she strokes her cock for a bit while the cameraman fucks her with a glass toy. Then she's arbitrarily sprayed down with a douche full of oil while she poses and sucks on the aforementioned glass toy. After this, a muscular guy appears (douche in hand) and offers his cock to the subservient Rebeche. Her blowjob is nice, but it doesn't last long since the guy seems very eager to taste a dick himself. And all of a sudden, another guy shows up!Then another one! And they're all sporting pink douches! I liked seeing Rebeche covered in oil but I wished they applied it some other way. Anyway, It gets kind of hard to break down the scene after this point, but I can tell you there's plenty of fucking and sucking. Rebeche Rayola is constantly the center of attention here. It all builds to a pretty strong finale with three loads on Rebeche's chest. She doesn't cum.

Scene 4: Kalena Rios sits in a chair next to a guy lying on a table wrapped in plastic. The tease part of this scene is pretty identical to the previous one, except the douches are filled with milk. Oh, and it's a much slower pace. At this point, I wonder if the director decided to use the douche as a device to ruin the scenes with more feminine looking trannies. I can't wrap my head around milk enemas. It's a dick shrinker. By the time Kalena squirted milk out of her ass and onto the man wrapped in plastic, I had completely lost interest. And when she started licking said milk off of his back I decided to just skip this scene completely. Kalena Rios was kind of cute but this scene ruined her for me. As I skipped ahead, I noticed more milk was used and it was even allowed to dry on her skin. Not very appealing.

Scene 5: Izabelly Ferraz introduces herself and carries on as they did in the previous two scenes. Now I feel like I can establish that the second half of the movie does run on a strict formula. But thankfully, the grotesque pink douches were absent from this one. When the male performer comes into play, he and Izabelly trade blowjobs, then Izabelly rides the guy for a good while before they fuck each other on a table. This was easily the slowest scene in the film. There just wasn't much to it. Izabelly came first while the guy licked her asshole, then she took a pretty nice load on her chest.

Most of the transsexuals look terrible, as if some gay men decided to destroy their bodies so that they could capitalize on a niche market. The voices sound pretty awful too, especially in the second scene. Renata Araujo particularly sounds like a man in pain trying to moan like a woman erupting in ecstasy. It's like nails on a chalkboard. The only trannies worth speaking of are Rebeche Rayola and Kalena Rios, who are just cute enough to be watchable. I only suggest that you skip the first half of Kalena Rios' scene. Maybe it get better?

On the other hand, most of the male performers look alright and everyone seems very enthusiastic in this movie. The sex was more energetic at times and I can't say it was terrible. But I would only ever watch this again for one scene. My only real problem with the film as a whole (aside from those pink douches) was that the cameraman was way too interactive. I don't like to hear some dude off screen moaning loudly, as if I'm watching the movie with somebody. It gets creepy fast.

The special features aren't really worth a view, except for a really nice selection of trailers that cover just about everything but TS films. Besides that, you have a photo gallery, a full cast list, and a cumshot recap. The cumshot recap would be nice except that almost none of the cumshots in the movie were any good. What can I say? The A/V quality was really good because it was shot in HD, but the focus was so soft that the images would tend to look blurry. The camerawork was amateurish at best.

I guess the movie is about what you'd expect for the TS porn market but one question tends to linger in the back of my head. Why the hell would Jules Jordan stamp his name on this?


Overall Rating: C- Female Looks: C- Male Looks: C Sex: C+ Plot/Acting: N/A Extras: D A/V Quality: B


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