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Title: Riley Steele: Scream  
Reviewer: Domina Doll  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Riley Steele: Scream (2009)
Studio: Digital Playground
Director: Celeste
Starring: Alexis Texas, Ben English, Carmen McCarthy, Danny Mountain, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, Kelly Divine, Madison Ivy, Riley Steele, Stoya

Overall rating: B+
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Picture quality: B+
Extras: B+
Plot/acting: B+
Sex: A
Riley Steele: Scream is about the 6th film in the series of Scream "parodies" put out by Digital Playground featuring a specific actress, this time Riley Steele. Past films have featured Stoya (who also appears in this film), Shay Jordon, Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, and Sophia Santi. The premise of these films is, as you may expect, to add elements of a scary horror to a porn.
Riley Steele is extremely cute, girl-next door, very young looking. Seeing her in this film, I couldn't get over how much she looks like my best friend's 14 year old daughter. I assure you Riley is of age, but every time I saw her having sex, I thought OMG, and it kind of freaked me out. I'm sure no-one else but my best friend and I would have that problem with Riley.
Scene 1- Riley Steele, Stoya and Erik Everhard
The scene opens with Riley and Stoya watching a movie as they run out of beer and popcorn, so Erik has to run out to get more. Stoya goes to call Erik who is taking like FOREVER, leaving Riley alone as a lightning storm begins, rattling the windows. Then Erik is back and they all start fucking. While the build-up of the scare is suspenseful, it is a real letdown when nothing scary actually happens. The sex is fine though, and that's what the film is about, fucking and sucking. The girls double-time Erik so he's got a mouthful of fur burger one moment, then a different snatch snack the next. They end with Erik fucking them doggie as they position themselves one on-top the other, and then gobble down his shooter, sharing it with a snowball kiss.
Scene 2- Madison Ivy and Ben English
Madison is taking a bath when the phone rings. She doesn't answer however, and Ben enters and tells her scary story about a double murder. Soon, they head to the bedroom and nothing scary happens once again. Just the set-up and the let-down. There's lots of oral as Madison gags on his cock, then some fucking and extreme positions and finally scene ends in a facial.
Scene 3- Riley Steele and Evan Stone
If ever someone could pull off a scary clown it is Evan Stone. Talk about creepy, with his expressive face all covered in white grease paint. One creepy-ass dude. Riley is babysitting and talking on the phone when the creepy clown statue (Even Stone) suddenly comes to life. This whole scene is seriously creepy. There is something about clown sex that really freaks me out. Evan is amazing at foreplay and getting the girls turned on and does well here eating Riley's ass and revving her up. Then he manhandles her into position to fuck her missionary, and then Riley sucks him off for a bit. More sucking and fucking and a nice little facial. The creepiest and best scene in the film. You gotta love Evan Stone. That is unless you hate him and are fraked about clown sex. Either way, it will give you wet nightmares.
Scene 4- Kelly Divine and Danny Mountain
Kelly stands in front of a mirror repeating "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary..." We expect at any moment Bloody Mary will step out of the mirror and slash her with razor blades. Unfortunately, Danny comes in and tells her to shut up and sticks his cock in her face which she obediently sucks. He then bends her over the counter for a quick fuck before taking her into the bedroom. There's more oral, then some anal in various positions, and Danny creams her pussy with his jizz.
Scene 5- Alexis Texas, Carmen McCarthy, Riley Steele, and Ben English
Riley is back for the 3rd and final time, teaming up with Carmen, Alexis and Ben English. The girls are swapping scary stories when Ben sneaks up behind and scares them shitless. There's some girl kissing and flirting before Carmen sucks cock and all the girls take turns, then get fucked by Ben one at a time. Lots of various positions, and then Ben shoots his load in their faces, hitting Alexis who is licked clean by her GFs.
I enjoyed this film a lot. The sex was great, the cast having pretty good chemistry together throughout, and worth it for the freaky clown sex alone. I still couldn't get over Riley looking so much like my friend's daughter which was the scariest thing in the movie for me. A good attempt to make a porn horror flick, but they really should have gone all the way in my mind: like really scare me, hey! As a horror fan, I would have enjoyed more frights with the fucks.




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