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Title: Teenage Pink POV 3  
Reviewer: Christian  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Teenage Pink POV 3

Courtney James, Kacey Jordan, Monica Morales, Estrella Flores, Missy Stone, Christine Alexis.
Reviewed By: Christian
I'm going to start my review by saying this DVD is BAD porn. If you care to know why, feel free to read on. I'm not familiar with the company Lethal Hardcore at all, but if this is the standard of their films I'll be sure to stay away.
Teenage Pink starts out with a preview of the coming scenes. This is where I first started to feel buyer's remorse. None of the actresses look up to par for a porn movie. In fact, a couple of them were just hideous. Each of the following scenes adhered to a fairly basic formula; The actress is subjected to a disturbingly awkward but brief interview, then she is groped and fondled by the creepy actor that was paired with her, then some crawling slow-paced sucking and fucking until the cumshot. For that reason, I don't feel the need to breakdown each scene.
The action is pitiful, very slow and boring. The girls wear an offensive amount of makeup. The actors are creepy and tend to be way too vocal for a POV film. Courtney James and Missy Stone are the only actresses that look any degree of attractive, but that does very little to redeem this movie. Don't expect to see any strong performances or real orgasms. Actually, don't expect much at all.
The A/V quality is pretty damn good, considering it wasn't shot in HD. But the movie itself shouldn't have been produced at all. The features include an outtakes reel (Terrible idea for a porn DVD), a photo gallery, and a bonus scene that is about on par with the rest of the movie. The DVD cover advertised over three hours of footage but the actual runtime was just over two hours and fifteen minutes. I suppose the rest of the aforementioned footage is in the special features menu, which has plenty of substance but piss poor quality.
I couldn't be more displeased with this title. Teenage Pink P.O.V. #3 is a porn movie you should avoid! My only other experience with the POV genre consists of a few interactive videos featuring mainstream porn stars and I'll recommend any of them over Teenage Pink. At least those titles are worth the price.
Note: There are a couple of points that affected my rating on this movie. I don't really like to watch female performers that are completely shaven, particularly if they're sporting some frighteningly bad razor burn. And I can't imagine why somebody with varicose veins on his dick would even consider acting in porn. That's just nasty.


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