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Title: Backdoor to Bangkok  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Backdoor to Bangkok


Movie Type: Asians
Minutes: 110
Company: Third World Media
Director: Darren Morgan
Themes: Asians
Condoms: None
Release Year: 2009

Stars: Kanda, Lilly, Niche, Sherri

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

Niche flaunts her stuff for the camera. She's got the biggest rack of any of the girls and some issues with her teeth. She shoves one dildo into her pussy and gets a different one for her ass. Once the fat, hairy guy who'll be fucking her enters, it's clear that she's being fed her lines. She repeatedly says, "Fuck my ass." The dude who has the pleasure has a cock that isn't at all appealing to look at, and his face is never shown. Niche sucks him off well and gets things suitably sloppy. Her pussy is fucked for a bit, then her ass is penetrated. While in the butt, this guy doesn't really plow away with vigor. After a handjob from Niche, his cock lets loose a big dribble, leaving very little on her face.

Sherri, who has a cute face, shows off her bod and reveals small tits. She rubs her cooch, breaks out a dildo and works it considerably well. She goes deep into each of her holes with speedy motions. The same guy from the previous scene comes in and gets a head oriented blow. Sherri's pussy and ass get fucked and it's nice to see how receptive she is to the sex. Another handjob leaves her with a nice load to the neck.

After Kanda gets out of her clothes, she rubs her puss then fucks it with a dildo. She gets a new one for her bum-bum. It's not surprising that the same dude we've seen before enters the scene. However, this time he's brought a buddy along. The other guy has a lot of tattoos and actually shows his face. Kanda blows with a reasonable amount of energy while getting eaten. After a couple of minutes of vaginal sex, the tattooed guy pops off an anticlimactic load to this chick's ass. He continues on anyway. Eventually, Kanda gets fucked in both holes simultaneously. She takes to it pretty well. There's solo anal action before a decent cumshot lands on her pussy. The other guy aims for her mouth and scores a good shot.

Lilly is the most petite of the ladies. She struts her stuff for the camera and is then handed a dildo and a vibrator. She works the vibe around her clit while thrusting with the fakie. This is the only bald pussy you'll see on the entire release. She gets another toy for her ass. The commonplace fat dude gets lucky yet again. After a mediocre blowjob, he fucks Lilly's puss and ass. Lilly's English is pretty good, but she doesn't opt to use it often. A handjob results in a fair facial. The cleanoff is really good and includes a lot of sloppy spit.

I'm not really into the Asian scene, so my expectations weren't that high going in. The girls here aren't knockouts by any means. I wouldn't say any one outshines the other. Although this is an anal release, I wouldn't classify it as being anal intensive. There's a good balance between the vaginal and ass sex. I don't like that the same guy is featured in every scene since he's so fugly. The guy is missing part of his right pinky and it serves as a bit of a distraction at times. The sex here isn't that stellar, as some of the girls just don't have any sort of spice mixed into their personalities. Some of the lines they are expected to say, like, "me so horny," aren't exactly endearing. With a mere four girls, two different guys, and unspectacular sex, this just isn't a release I'd recommend to Asian lovers.


Overall Rating: C-
Female Looks: B-
Male Looks: D
Picture Quality: C
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: C+


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