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Title: My Wife For Porn 3  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: C-
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-


My Wife For Porn 3

Movie Type: Amateurs

108 Mins

Company: JM Productions

Themes: Old Footage

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Alex, Axina, Charlie, Umma


Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

For whatever reason, Charlie's boyfriend wants to see her get fucked by another guy while he films the proceedings. A fat, ugly guy is coupled with this small breasted and frumpy looking brunette. Her blowjob isn't half bad and moistens the cock well. She exposes her insides for the camera and the guy then sucks on her cooch. There is very little that's noteworthy about the sex. An awkward moment comes when the cameraman tries to encourage his girlfriend by saying, "I know he likes his balls squeezed." The cumshot to Charlie's face is good, leaving some in her eye.

This is where the footage starts to look old. The appearances of the performers also suggest that we're seeing something from porn eras long past. Alex is a dark haired and petite girl. The guy she's paired with has really long hair and is wearing hoop earrings. He eats both pussy and ass, which allows for some nice close-ups of her nether regions. They do some 69 before having sex that doesn't prove to be impressive. He comes on her chest well, but the scene doesn't end. Alex ends up in 69 with the cameraman and he eventually gets to fuck her ass! He pops onto her crack to finish things.

It's not often that I see a face on a girl that is as masculine as that of Axina. It's too bad, because she's got a decent body and legitimate big tits. This actually isn't entirely an amateur scene since Rodney Moore and another known porn stud (whose name escapes me) are doing the fucking. Axina's oral is pretty weak, focusing solely on the heads of the cocks. As the guys plow away at her cooch, she services with her mouth. Rodney does the majority of the fucking and ends up firing a weak load onto Axina's back. The other dude opts for her chest and Rodney joins him for an additional pop in the same area. Both guys fire a good load onto Axina's tatas.

There's a bit of a Native American vibe going on with Umma, which makes for a nice change from the typical pornstar appearance. The scene is shot in what looks to be a backyard. She touches herself and there are nice close-ups that allow for views of her secretions. A funny looking guy by the name of Jimmy comes in. He eats her pussy and there are even more close-ups. Her oral is the best of these amateurs. Umma strokes well and also lets her face get fucked. While these two have sex, there's a lot of noise in the background. Someone is doing yard work with a leaf blower. Still, the dirty talk from Umma, which works well, is clearly audible. The cumshot to her stomach is nothing special.

I can't say I liked the pudginess of Charlie, but she had fun with her scene and actually did something you don't see girls do often enough in porn - flash a lot of smiles. Alex seemed like the standard amateur, but took it to the next level by allowing her ass to get tapped. Axina's scene was a throwaway. Her looks made for a bad time, but it could be that JM realized this and kept the scene short at sixteen minutes. They definitely saved the best girl for last. Umma didn't just have a unique look about her; she also knew how to bring it sexually. She was into the fucking and is someone I'd gladly watch if another chance came. This is a somewhat short movie and the inclusion of twenty trailers doesn't make it that much more exciting. Newer footage and an additional scene would've been nice.



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