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Title: Road Queen 14  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C-
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-


Road Queen 14


Movie Type: Lesbian

Minutes: 183

Company: Girlfriends Films

Director: Uncredited

Themes: Romance, Oldies Paired With Youngsters

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Cindy, Dana Dearmond, Deauxma, Hayden Night, Missy Stone, Rayveness,
Samantha Ryan

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

In the latest installment of Road Queen, a bunch of evil developers - which just so happen to be men - come to town. They intend to construct a golf course in this land of lesbian paradise, but the girls aren't having any of it. Rayveness helps free Samantha Ryan from the clutches of one of the guys. She then fucks her in a bedroom. There's a lot of preamble in the form of kissing. Expect a lot of caressing too. Once they finally get down to it, Rayveness takes the initiative by eating Sam and popping a few fingers into her puss. She goes so far as to eat a little asshole too. Of course, Samantha also munches Rayveness' muff before they rub their coochies together. Rayveness has one last go at Samantha, and also fingers herself, before the typical lez kiss draws the curtain.

Cindy is the sheriff in town and she's pissed off. Hayden Night was picking apples, but stole a few off a tree she shouldn't have. Cindy finds out, takes her to the bedroom and then violates her by groping her privates and eating them. Considering Cindy's looks, this really does seems like a form of punishment. She's old and haggard and could easily be categorized as a granny. The violation continues when Cindy breaks out a strap-on and fucks Hayden in mish and doggy. As luck would have it, Hayden ends up enjoying what equates to rape at the hands of this busty old timer. She does a lot of fingering of Cindy's pussy before the scene is through.

Missy Stone is bored with her fellow lesbians until she meets Rayveness. The latter invites her into the bedroom and proceeds to do much of what she already did with Sam. I must say that she does an especially good job of working her tongue along Missy's pussy. When the youngster takes over, she does a lot of touching and fondling before she's ready to use some fingers, which Rayveness really seems to get off on. The girls intertwine their legs and grind away, then Rayveness does a little more pussy eating to finish things.

Lastly, we have another haggard, old lady in the form of Deauxma. After seducing a very hungry Dana Dearmond with food, Deauxma mounts and eventually eats her pussy. Once again, we get some strap-on action. Dana gets fucked not only vaginally, but anally too. When Dana takes over, she works a thumb into Deauxma's puss and also eats it. Eventually, Dana gets a strap-on all her own and fucks Deauxma in doggy, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. She also plows away at Deauxma's ass in that last position. While doing this, Deauxma squirts quite a lot, but I suspect this has more to do with incontinence than excitement.

There's simply too much romance here for my liking. All the caressing and kissing very nearly put me to sleep. Once the girls finally got it on, the action simply wasn't hot enough. The same goes for the cast. Old farts like Cindy and Deauxma were more than I could take. For a cougar, Rayveness is good looking, but there's no need for her to be in two scenes. As for the more youthful girls, they're too frumpy and plain looking. This is obviously strictly for lesbians, but I wouldn't even suggest it for that category of viewers because the scenes are too long, drawn out and sleep inducing.


Overall Rating: D
Female Looks: D+
Picture Quality: C
Extras: C-
Plot/Acting: C+
Sex: D


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