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Title: Seattle Swingers Party  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C-
Male looks: C-
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C-


Seattle Swingers Party


Movie Type: Amateurs

102 Minutes

Company Name: Diabolic

Director: Courtney Cummz

Themes: MILFs

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Amber Chase, Coco Chantel, Eliza Stone, Syren DeMer,

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

Courtney Cummz has a good eye for shooting porn. She betrays her extremely ditzy/dumb blonde personality, by getting the most from the folks in Seattle Swinger's Party. The movie actually begins in a cool way. Courtney gets into a tub and, while shaving her legs and puss explains the premise of the movie. She also gives us a little background info about the participants.

Soon we're in the hotel rooms where the sex will take place. Of the four girls, Amber and Eliza are the most youthful, although the latter is twenty-nine. Coco and Syren have got a MILF look about them, but both have no problem injecting filth into their performances. The action takes place in two adjoining hotel rooms. Early on, Syren takes one of the guys to a room and not only shows off her big, fake tits, but her sucking skills as well. She goes deep and doesn't care if things get messy. Meanwhile, in the other room, there's a lot of oral sex being exchanged. Like Syren, Coco can swallow cock with ease. Eliza seems to really enjoy having her puss munched on, no matter whether it's a guy or a girl.

As for the sex, there's some notable cowgirl riding from Coco. The girl gets her bounce on and seems more like a porn-star than any of the others. She plays to the cam quite a lot and seems to enjoy watching while others get penetrated. In addition, she's the only girl to let her anus get stuffed and also allows DP to occur. Eliza isn't particularly impressive while fucking, but judging by her moans, she's having a good time of it. Amber is another girl that doesn't blow me away in a sexual sense. However, she does have the ability to take cock deep down the gullet. Throughout the movie, Syren seems pretty eager to please. She clearly knows what she wants and can give just as well.

There are three guys in this movie, but only two cumshots. I haven't said much about the dudes, but one of them is stocky with a somewhat effeminate voice. Another is scrawny and appears to be of Asian descent. Then there's the old guy, Gary. He strikes me as a bit of a pervert, but actually succeeds in bringing nastiness to the action with all his dirty talk. The stocky guy's cumshot to Eliza's ass is weak, but Amber gets bonus points for licking it up and making out with Eliza afterward. The skinny dude fucks Syren in doggy so he can drop a decent load on her ass. Inexplicably, there isn't a money-shot from Gary.

Courtney ends the movie in a pleasing way. Although it's not necessary, she recaps what we've seen. Fortunately, while rambling on and on, she gives us plenty of eye candy by masturbating with a dildo/vibrator. Even though at least one of the ladies has been featured in other movies prior to production, this is still a great amateur release. Much of the sex didn't strike me as amateurish and the girls have more than enough skill to keep things plenty interesting. In addition, there's a nice bonus blowjob from Courtney in the extras section.




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