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Title: Movement, The  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+



Movie Type: Avant-garde

99 Mins.

Company Name: Daring! Media

Director: Kendo

Themes: Visual Effects, Great Music

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Blue Angel, Brandy Smile, Lea Lexus, Mya Diamond, Sorana, Tanya Tate

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner


Having never seen anything from Daring! Media or Kendo, I was quite curious as to what I'd get. Most of the scenes open with a lot of artsy visuals. Along with them, we get to see some very brief snippets of what's to come. Lea Lexus is the one girl in a group sex scene and it's with Nick Lang and James Brossman. She starts by servicing their cocks separately, using her hand and focusing on head. She has sex in spoon, then her ass is tapped in reverse cowgirl. Thereafter, the majority of the action is of a DP variety. Both guys cum on her tongue and in her mouth, but James's shot is much better than Nick's. It felt like the intensity of the sex was dampened by some of the effects that are used.

Blue Angel is teamed with Brandy Smile for what turns out to be a good lez scene. Angel eats pussy very lovingly, but not poorly. It's kind of like she's making out with Brandy's vagina. She also uses a dildo on Brandy. The pussy licking from Brandy is quite nice and she also uses a toy on her partner. More dildoing from Angel is mixed with some anus licking. They close it with the lez kiss. Although the sex didn't strike me as being hard, it was still nice to watch these cuties in action.

There's a somewhat lovey-dovey feel about this next scene between Mya Diamond and Choky Ice. They start off by caressing and stroking each other. Mya's blowjob appears very poor, with no deepness involved, but I get the sense that Kendo is trying to emphasize the movement that comes with knob-polishing. After some deep fingering, Choky screws Mya in cowgirl, doggy and spoon. He pulls out while in the last position and comes on her puss. While watching this scene, I got the impression that they were fucking each other like they would without the presence of cameras.

The name Sorana is entirely new to me, but she's cute enough. Mugur rubs her clit and also munches on her muff. This scene has some of the better oral since Sorana accepts face-fucking. They have sex in reverse cowgirl, spoon and missionary. The cumshot on her pussy and ass is very good.. Although the sex seemed less natural than it did in the last couple scenes, this is still not a bad scene.

The intro for Tanya Tate's scene is less like those seen previously, but still has an artsy vibe about it. As she strokes Clarke Kent's cock, there are a lot of close-ups. When sucking, Tanya goes the same route Mya did, she focuses on the head and tip. Tanya's given some brief oral love, then Clarke penetrates her puss in missionary. The close-ups while he pumps away really allow you to get intimate with this chick's cooch. The also have sex in spoon and cowgirl before she gets a weak load to the tongue.

This movie is called Movement because the director (Kendo) hoped to emphasize the motions involved in sex. I think he accomplished this, but some of the sex is significantly less intense than you'd find in your average porn flick. This occurs because the couples seem to take their sweet time while having sex.

Slowing the pace isn't necessarily a bad thing in my book, because it made the sex feel that much more natural. There's a very romantic vibe about a lot of the sex and I'd say the third scene, between Mya and Choky, really got to the heart of what Kendo was trying to accomplish. That couple fucks more like actual lovers and give off the sense that they're quite into one another.

The editing software that Kendo uses enhances the experience. It has a tendency of adding an aura to the performers. It also helps that the girls and guys are clothed in a refined manner. Another thing I really enjoy about Movement is the music. There are times where its got a gloomy vibe, but it's also very epic and progressive. One gets the impression that Kendo actually puts a lot of consideration into his work. This is definitely not your average porno flick, and that's a damn good thing. Although the sex in Movement is not really of a heated variety, there's a purity about the sex that's highly refreshing. For those looking for something with a good measure of creativity, this is totally worth a look.


Overall Rating: B+
Female Looks: C
Male Looks: C+
Picture Quality: B+
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: A-


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