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Title: Sexclusive #3  
Reviewer: Gator Boy  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Sexclusive #3



All Sex

112 minutes

New Sensations


DIRECTOR: Roberto S.


4/2009 released 2010

STARS: Nataly, Anita, Vanessa Jordan, Allison, Bianca

Reviewed by: GatorBoy


Sexclusive #3 has 5 scenes with slightly above average girls and below average for the most part guys. There is very little chemistry and it scenes are a guy and girl in a living room and run through all the basics positions giving each a couple of minutes. The BJs with the exception of Bianca are sub par and I don't feel like the girls even had an orgasm in any scenes. There are a couple of worthy parts that are the exception though. It is shot with a single camera and there are some blurriness and sound issues.

Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: C-
Sex: C
Extras: C
A/V Quality: C

Scene 1 Nataly & J.J.

Scene is set in living room on a couch. Pretty much your standard shoot working through all the basic positions beginning with BJ which Nataly does a sub par job.
Nataly really does not seem to get totally into this scene at all with limited moaning and JJ does most of the work throughout. Nataly is an attractive brunette
with what appears to be C cups tits. In doggy position his fucking causes a few audible queefs and he pulls out of her for her to give a little more of a BJ and JJ pops on her face and tits and cleans off his cock with her mouth.

Scene 2 Anita & Roger

This scene is set in a bare room with just an ottoman in it. Anita is a average blonde with a very thin landing strip and long legs. Roger is below average man and has a very average size cock. This whole performance was lackluster without even a word spoken. They run through the typical couple of minutes in each position including licking pussy, BJ, CG, RCG, SPOON, MISH. Roger attempts to pop on her face and misses the target. The scene was shot with one camera with very little closeups. A very poor scene which did nothing for me.

Scene 3 Vanessa Jordin & George Uhl

This was my favorite scene which did aroused me plenty. Vanessa is a cute long haired blonde with very nice boobs and bald eagle pussy. George is an older guy than her and does a nice job of fucking Vanessa. Scene is set in a living room with a purple couch but the sound is poor and the room echoed with some blurry camera work. I am not sure why, but it takes awhile for her to finally get naked in the scene. Again the BJ was not up to porn level with her only taking a couple of inches in her mouth and no ball play. Once they get past preliminary couple of minutes in of oral pleasures they move on to some good fingering, CG, RCG, side mount & finish in a sitting missionary which George really has his work cut out. He pops a huge load on her belly and overall once they got to fucking the scene got hot.

Scene 4 Allison & Martin Schneider

Allison is a very petite beautiful blonde with small perky boobs and a nice bald pussy with a sexy beauty mark next to her labia. Martin is a well built male and these two are the best looking coupling in the dvd. Martin portrays a male stripper who Allison has come over to the house and in the dining room she sits on a chair as Martin teases her with a striptease. This scene has a lot of action and many positions. From the chair Allison performs some oral and does CG & RCG along with getting finger fucked. They move to the hardwood floor grabbing a towel to lay on where again they work thru various positions with a little BJ in between. Martin pops during the BJ with the jerking on his cock to give Allison a nice facial. Again no talking and lots of moaning and Allison does not seem to have an orgasm.

Scene 5 Bianca & Patrick

Bianca and Patrik look like a real couple in this scene which includes some nice kissing and feeling up which leads to them undressing each other and petting with fingering of her pussy. Bianca is a very attractive blonde with a sexy jean skirt on with matching bra and panty set. Bianca knows how to give a great non sloppy BJ and pays good attention to the boys. Each position change of the standards, Bianca goes back to giving more oral. This is the second best scene of the dvd and feels pretty real. When Patrik is ready to cum, Bianca really seems to want it and he pops on her face with her taking the cum eagerly. Again a few of the shots are blurry and their is some shadowing from the lighting but not enough to diminish their performance.

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Trailers





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