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Title: Fresh off the Boat 5  
Reviewer: Gator Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Title: Fresh Off the Boat 5
Movie Type: All Sex & Lesbian Scene

1 hours 52 minutes
Third World Media


Ed Hunter

New Girls to the Country

None except for scene 4

STARS: Natasha, Debbie, Isabella, Erica, Sayuri

Reviewed by: GatorBoy

Review: Fresh off the boat introduces to a few apparent newcomers and gives us a variety of women from different countries. The female looks are average with the exception of Sayuri. Her scene seems to be realistic and the hottest. There is some good parts in all but the lesbian scene but not enough to really make this an above average video. The sound is often poorly recorded and the annoying company watermark throughout it is bothersome. I did enjoy a couple of sex scenes but the lack of oral skills in these girls disappoints. The lesbian scene was not very arousing at all. Hearing the director tell them what to do is very amateurish and the outside sound was awful. The other scenes had there moments but not enough to make them good quality scenes.

Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: B-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-
Scene 1 Natasha

Natasha and her sponsor discuss her application to be accepted in the country. He feels that her job as a stripper does not qualify her to be allowed to stay. Natasha then tries to coax him into reconsidering by letting loose her HUGE natural 36DD titties. Her tits were made to be titty fucked and he does not miss the opportunity. Natasha oral skills lack and he positions her in a cowgirl. Her booty matches her tits and she leans over and buries his face in her boobs. They move into RCG and you get a nice view of her bald pussy and her tattoos that are around her midriff. What a nice view of her tatas bouncing and swaying. They fuck in a few other positions and in doggy her tits swing free back and forth. He fucks in her Indian style missionary and he unloads his cum all over her pussy leaving her nice and creamy. He approves her Application!

Scene 2 Debbie & Isabella

This entire scene is a disappointment and not even worthy of being put on the dvd. It is a shame as it is a lesbian scene between to very young girls. It starts outside at a house pool overlooking a beautiful body of water. Major sound issues as it is windy and they are not using a windscreen for the sound and you can hear the director giving instructions throughout the whole scene. Neither of these girls rate high in the looks or their abilities. They lick and suck each other tits and move to lounge chair where they finger each other. Their is no sex appeal at all. The one girl has a gigantic ass while the other girl is slender in build. They move it inside and you hear the director tell them to get a double headed toy out. They slip it inside of each other and writhe back and forth and then they each take turns using it on the other in a doggy position.The scene ends abruptly and is not worthy of our time.

Scene 3 Erica

This scene begins with a tall black dude telling us he is taking out the hotel receptionist out that night, but only if she comes up to his place and gives him some head. Erica plays hard to get for about a minute and then goes up to his bed. He removes her clothes and goes down on her pussy which is a bit meaty. She does get into his oral skills and she then undresses him and pops out a huge black cock. Her blowjob skills are really good and he loves it. He places her in doggy and pounds her pussy deep and hard. She also backs her ass on his BBC as well. She knows how to fuck. In missionary she writhes her hips and fucks him good. In cowgirl, the best view of her ass as she truly puts it on him. A very nice ass shaking goes on. Onto RCG and she grinds on his cock and is truly into the fucking. They end up in side position where he brings his cock to her face and gives her a facial, which she seems to dodge from entering her mouth. This scene really got me going because of Erica's fucking skills on a cock.

Scene 4 Sayuri

Sayuri is the prettiest and sexiest girl in this dvd. She is 19 and with an older guy who helps her with English as they try and communicate with their Japanese dialects. He asks her to kiss and I find it disgusting as he leans in with his tongue sticking out when kissing. Each kiss is like that. Gross. He lowers her dress to expose her small perky tits. Her skin is delicious as he uses that tongue to lick her entire torso. She is spread out on the bed with her shapely legs spread out as he wedgies her panties into her tight little pussy. She is perfectly smooth and he flicks his tongue into her pussy and very pink asshole. Sayuri has a hypersensitive clit and she squeals and pulls back off his tongue several times. She truly seems nervous and a bit scared of her feelings that are overcoming her. Her guy then positions her in doggy and we get a view of her sexy lower back tattoo and that fine ass. He fingers her pussy very vigorously and makes her gush a couple of times. This makes her light headed and he lays her down. Sayuri then kneels over him and performs oral sex. He does not have a big cock so she can take him into her mouth wholly and also sucks and licks his balls. She has good oral skills. When he is fully erect, he condoms up and starts missionary on her. While inside of her, he lifts her on him to RCG and then CG and she grinds hard and deep on his cock. They move in doggy and she loves it and also back her ass to him. They finish off in a jack hammering missionary that drives him to pop on her tits. Sayuri is a very good performer and has great potential.

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