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Title: Twisty's Member's Only  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Twistys Members Only



Movie Type: Couples

Minutes: 144

Company Name: Twistys

Director: Kory Fame

Themes: Boy-Girl Sex

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Carla Cox, Courtney Cummz, 'Kagney Linn Karter, Kiara Diane, Sophie Dee

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

Courtney Cummz interviews a college basketball player that's played by Alan Stafford. He wants to go pro, and Courtney is his ticket to getting there since she‘s got some influence. Once they've undressed, Alan tends to her puss by licking and fingering it. Courtney injects a lot of energy into her oral and makes a sloppy mess of the cock. She uses her hand well and also goes deep. The sex is especially good when Courtney's on top. Her grinding and hip revolutions are quite pleasing to see. She gets some cum in her mouth and on her fake boobs to end it. One thing about Courtney some might find annoying is her chatty nature.

Its prom night and Kagney Linn's date shows up. T.J. Cummings convinces her to let him hang out for a bit until they take off. Before you know it, she's out of her pretty dress and blowing him, but not impressively so. Kagney seems to appreciate the clit eating from T.J. The same goes for the sex they have in doggy. While on top she does some decent bouncing. A nice cumshot to the chin closes things. Kagney seemed pretty fond of T.J., but her moans struck me as somewhat insincere.

A chauffeur (Bill Bailey) drives Kiara Diane around town. She comes onto him despite the fact that her fiancée is his boss. They pull into an alley and get out of the car. Some kissing is followed by a very bland blowjob. Kiara does little more than focus on the head of Bill's dick.. The sex is equally boring. A lot of the sex takes place while the couple stands up. They use the car for support, but don't quite have sex inside it. The only good thing in this scene is the money-shot that leaves Kiara's boobs pretty messy.

Sophie Dee shows up for a photography shoot. She didn't anticipate getting out of her clothes, but the photog gets her to do it anyway. With the pictures done, Jake Spade eats her ample bosom, then works his way downward. Sophie can go deep while blowing and this makes Jake's meat plenty moist. The sex is pretty standard, although there's some likeable sidesaddle action in which Jake pumps well. The cumshot is essentially one really big stream across her chest. Personally, I can't get into Sophie's childish voice and, at times, goofy personality.

The last scene doesn't quite fit in with the others because of the way its shot, with considerably few cuts, and because the participants speak no English. Carla Cox usually looks quite cute, and in this instance that's no different. Steve Q. eats her boobs, then goes for her cooch. During the blowjob, there are some good face fucks and a little slop, too. The reverse cowgirl from Carla is great. She leans forward and does squats on the schlong and can also work it while leaning back. Some of Carla's pussy to mouth sucking is pretty energy infused. Although Steve misses the mark when it comes time to come, this is my favorite coupling of the lot.

By looking at the title, you'd think there's some sort of exclusivity about the performers. Exceptional women are what comes to mind when I think of Twistys. So when I got the typical lot of porn stars in what are equally typical scenes, I was pretty disappointed. There's nothing special about Members Only. It doesn't qualify as anything other than average. When Twistys gets some of the hot (and seemingly untouchable centerfolds) featured on their websites to star in their movies, I'll gladly check out more of their stuff.



Overall Rating: C
Female Looks: C+
Male Looks: C-
Picture Quality: C
Extras: C-
Plot/Acting: C+
Sex: C


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