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Title: Sex Slaves of Satan 2  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C-
Male looks: C-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-


Sex Slaves of Satan 2

Movie Type: Compilation

Minutes: 99

Company: VCX

Director: Various

Themes: Gore, Hairy Pussies, Occult, Rape

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Jesie St. James, Marilyn LaMour, Monique DuPerez, Annette Haven, Uta Erickson

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner


In the first "scene," a young girl briefly masturbates with a dildo. She then invokes the name of the devil in a strange tongue and he ends up paying a visit. He looks more like the Toxic Avenger than anything and says, "Your lust hole will be my home!" There's no sex, so I can only assume this is meant to be a poor intro. Then we abruptly cut to the next pairing, which is a rape scene.

A guy that's clad in several bandages uses them to tie a nurse to a table. He feels her body up, then licks away at her puss while drinking a can of beer. There's actually some sex this time, but it's of a completely questionable nature. We see shots of a penis going into a vagina a few times. It's filmed in such a way that really makes me wonder if it's the same patient and nurse we've already seen.

This time, we don't just get the rape scenario and a little sex, but a cumshot, too. Jesie St. James plays a teacher that's forced to have sex with a seventeen year old after being held at knifepoint. We're informed that this is a scene from a movie called Easy, so it doesn't come as a surprise when she gets into being raped. A pleasant surprise comes in the form of some ass eating from Jesie. They only do it in reverse cowgirl before he pops in her mouth and she swallows it on down.

Marilyn LaMour tries to resist the sexual advances of a guy by halfheartedly throwing her belongings at him. Then she decides to blow him for a bit. Some missionary sex is followed by a highly questionable cumshot. We see Marilyn's face, but as streams of cum fly onto it, there isn't a penis in sight. It appears that someone is dolloping her face with a pasty substance, not cum.

Saturday Night Special includes a robbery scene which at first has a funny moment. A guy working at a bank is shot, but whoever filmed this stuff didn't think to make him bleed. The victim just stands there, looking dumbfounded. Two of the criminals, one of which is a girl, grab hold of a female employee and take her to a back room. This has the makings of a fun group sex scene, but ends up being the worst match-up of them all. All you really get are shots of a girl struggling to escape and getting her tits eaten. Like the second scene, there are shots of a dick going into a pussy, but the manner in which it's shot makes it appear that it could be an entirely different couple having sex.. We never get the big picture or a cumshot.

And now for a brief bit of necrophilia. In a poorly filmed scene, Uta Erickson finds what appears to be a male corpse. She takes advantage of the situation by jacking on its dick until it cums. No clean-off or sex here, just a hand-job and a weak money-shot.

If there's one satisfying girl in this movie, it's this next one. Her looks and big natural tits are very appealing. I wish I knew her name, but opening and closing credits are nonexistent in this release, so I've no clue as to who she is. She hops into a car with a total stranger, hoping to escape from her boyfriend. The guy agrees to help her out and is repaid in the form of a blowjob. The blowing isn't as nice as the creativity she shows. He's smoking on a cigarette when she takes it and inserts it into her cooch as a masturbatory aid. He gets it back and doesn't let the tobacco go to waste. Things don't actually end there. The whole thing was actually a show for her boyfriend who'd been watching the whole time. The girl returns to her boyfriend and the guy that thought of himself as a hero is treated to show all his own. The girl fucks her partner in a camper in doggy and missionary. He's none too gentle while doing this, but she doesn't mind and gets a cumshot to the pubes to end it.

Another rape scene, but this time it's between two girls. A brunette grabs hold of a blonde that's fishing on a beach. She's pissed as all hell and forces her to the ground. A struggle ensues before the ladies start kissing. There's some softcore eating from the brunette, and a little bit of humping before things conclude.

The weirdness factor is upped significantly in this next scene. Two hot and lithe brunettes dance to the tune of some classical music. They eventually undress and move to a couch so they can pleasure each other with some oral. Little do the girls know that they were being spied on by another chick. As they continue to munch muff, this other chick performs an occult ritual with a short sword. At one point, she pretends to mutilate her own nipple. The ceremony is interspersed with shots of the girls that are occupied with eating. There isn't any sort of climax, just a sense that the rites caused the girls to get hornier.

Jesie James is at it again. Somehow, she always seems to find herself embroiled in shady situations. A student forces himself upon her. He gets her against a wall and bangs her, but as before, she gets into being raped. They transition to the floor and the guy comes on her ass pretty quickly. While all this is going on, someone has been taking pictures through a window. He happens to have three other guys with him and they're determined to have their way with Jesie. What results is the quickest gangbang I've ever seen. It clocks in at a whopping 70 seconds.

I was looking forward to watching this until the first scene came to an abrupt close and I realized that this is a compilation. Thing is, it feels less like a comp than it does a promo reel for VCX. The scenes seem to come to an end before they ever really begin. I'm well aware that back in the day, sex scenes weren't quite as long as they are now, but ten vignettes over the course of 99 minutes makes for some really short, and occasionally pointless, sexcapades. The action is mostly boring, but Jesie James and the girl in the camper scene were the more memorable ladies. A lot of this stuff isn't for the weak of heart. As mentioned, there are more than a few rape scenes. VCX needs to avoid this type of venture in the future. Full length, vintage features are a proven formula for this company and they might as well stick to them.

Overall Rating: D
Female Looks: D+
Male Looks: D
Picture Quality: C
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: D+
Sex: D-



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