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Title: Bad Girls 4  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Bad Girls 4

Movie Type: Straight

Minutes: 147

Company: Digital Playground

Director: Robby D.

Themes: Fake tits, Scott Nails

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Kagney Linn Karter, Andi Anderson, Angelina Valeinte, Mason Moore, Carmel Moore, Nikki Benz,

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner


Carmel Moore is conked out in a bed since she had too many drinks the night before. That's not making any difference to Scott Nails. He comes in and insists on eating her puss. Scott also fingers it before getting a blow that leaves his dick just a bit moist. They have sex in both cowgirls, spoon and doggy. The cumshot in Carmel's mouth isn't half bad. I know Carmel was supposed to be rather tipsy from boozing, but that's hardly an excuse for Scott to have done all the work. Next time, I'd like to see her get into the sex some more.

I never realized just how similar Angelina Valentine and Mason Moore actually look. They've both got tattoos directly above their pussies and have ink covering their left arms. They're also brunettes with fake boobies. The girls feel each other up and Robby gives us close-ups of their vaginas. Angelina breaks out a Blow Pop and uses it on Mason's cooch. Scott Nails makes his entrance and takes part in pleasuring Mason before his own pop gets blown. As is customary for her, Angelina takes the dick deep down her throat. Mason's not bad but can't match Angelina. And that goes for the sex, too. Although both girls clearly get off from the fucking Angelina seems to relish it so much more. She really works her body into a couple of the positions. Her hard work is rewarded with a mouthful of cum, which she then swaps with Mason.

Scott Nails finds himself in the very same bedroom where the last scene took place. There's a glaring difference, though - he's tied to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Plus, he's blindfolded. Nikki Benz, who plays something of a dominatrix, is thrilled at the opportunity before her. She gives a helluva blowjob, with gagging, sloppiness, and some nice handiwork. In addition, she spends a little time slurping her own spit off the schlong. After she undresses Scott, Nikki fondles his cock between her tits. I really enjoy the cowgirl since Nikki's obligated to run the fuck, which she does well. She decides to undo his bonds and then Scott fucks her in reverse cowgirl. Then the tables turn and Nikki lets herself be tied up in the same manner Scott was. He spends a lot of time fucking her from the rear before releasing her. After some missionary sex and a little face-fucking, Scott pops in her mouth. She spits it onto her massive bosom and rubs it all around.

Her husband hasn't been satisfying her sexually, so Andi Andersen decides to give a younger guy a try. Thing is, her poor hubby is made to watch while she does so. Can you guess who she happens to be screwing? It's none other than Scott Nails. Again. He kicks things off by eating her puss. When blowing, Andi is incredibly good at mixing things up. She either uses her hands well, goes deep, focuses on the head, or gags as she sees fit. The couple does it in doggy and spoon before Andi allows access to her ass. She seems to take to the anal action and also sucks her own ass juice off the cock. In keeping with what we've already seen from Scott, Andi takes a load in her mouth and swallows the seed. The scene is interspersed with occasional shots of her poor husband, who has an understandably dejected look on his face. Andi's got a ton of energy, but her oversized, fake lips are highly displeasing to my eyes.

When I think of overrated porn-stars, Kagney Linn Karter would usually come to mind. In this scene however, she goes a good ways toward redeeming herself. After Erik Everhard exchanges his money for her body, he kisses and fondles it. He seems quite fond of suckling from her honey pot and takes his time doing so. Kagney turns in a good effort while blowing. She gags on the dick and goes deep before he begins pounding her puss in doggy. Some nice riding in reverse cowgirl occurs before they leave the living room behind. Business really picks up once the couple takes to a bed. The cowgirl sex is easily the highlight, as Kagney repeatedly squats on Erik's dick. She mixes up the pace in this position and Erik also has a chance to hammer away. A blowjob lead to an "internal" cumshot. We don't see the cum flowing into her mouth as she sucks and strokes away, but when Kagney spits up, her mucus looks especially gooey. Some great give and take, and vigorous energy made this a great scene.

This one only got better as it progressed. They got the worst scene out of the way and followed it with some nice group sex. Nikki was a blast to watch. Although I can't get into her super plump lips, I enjoyed Andi's enthusiasm. Kagney closed things about as well as one could've. I'd have liked it if Scott Nails were featured less prominently. That isn't to say he's a bad performer, but four consecutive scenes with the same guy made some of the sex feel repetitive. If you're into fake tits and sex minus the story porn, this is a good pick.

Overall Rating: B+
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: C
Picture Quality: B-
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: B




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