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Title: Memoirs of a Gusher 7  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C-
Male looks: C+
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C-


Memoirs of a Gusher 7

Movie Type: Squirting (Dribbling)

Minutes: 144

Company: Pink Visual

Director: Uncredited

Themes: Unattractive girls

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Alexandra Belle, Brianna Devil, Jade, Michelle Avanti, Tiffany Martin

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner


Just so we're clear on things, the girls in this movie don't qualify so much as gushers as they do dribblers. I don't consider any of these chicks to be in the same league as someone like Cytherea or Tiana Lynn. In my book, many of these girls simply are not genuine squirters. By virtue of how often she spurts, Michelle Avanti could qualify. She squirts over a dozen times in the first scene, but isn't exactly the most attractive of girls to watch. Her personality strikes me as overly childish, but I'll give her credit for some nice sucking ability. A cumshot to the face closes things out.

Next we've another unattractive girl. Brianna Devil hails from Venezuela and graces the box cover. She's got some teeth issues and if you find tattoos distracting, there's one directly above her cooch. We never see the faces of the two guys involved in the scene. I suspect that the director hoped we wouldn't notice what's actually going on here. One guy is the designated finger fucker while the other tends exclusively to pussy with his cock.. The attempts to get this girl to squirt are totally futile at first. Use of a dildo doesn't help, so they get the fingers involved. It seems Brianna's well has dried up, but after a hell of a lot of fingering, she finally lets some juice loose. The sex is pretty boring, but there are a couple more squirts before it's over. One of them dribbles on for so long, I can't help wondering if it's pee. A good facial rounds this one out.

Jade is obviously a newbie and the guy that joins her seems like one, too. Prior to Romeo's arrival, she masturbates and manages to coax out some ejaculate. Strangely, the male director feels the need to give her instructions on how to squirt. Despite a blowjob and some 69, Romeo struggles to get hard. The only sex Jade and him have is in missionary and it seems more like a chore than anything. Another facial is followed by a decent spurt from her puss.

With the last scene completed, the girls start to get better looking. Unfortunately they also start to squirt less frequently. Alexandra Belle is a hot and womanly brunette. She masturbates for a bit before Lance comes in. He gets an unremarkable blowjob before penetrating her puss. She squirts once while in missionary. After that, it becomes quite a struggle to get her to do it again. There's too much fingering here to keep things captivating and the scene becomes something of a train wreck because she can't spray. After a handjob, she gets a somewhat weak load to the face.

If there's a bright spot in this movie, it comes in the form of Tiffany Martin. She's got a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and her youthful looks are also appealing. She shows some skills while sucking away and has the ability to go deep. Initially, her and the guy have sex in missionary and apply a vibrator to her clit. She doesn't manage to squirt until he uses his fingers for a while, and when she does it's not captured well enough. They continue to have sex in both cowgirls and doggy before she gives one last blowjob in exchange for a facial. Despite the lack of squirts, the sex here was the best of the lot.

The first three girls weren't exactly easy on the eyes. What's worse, those that gravitate towards the squirts will probably be disappointed with the lack of them as the movie progresses. If you're into gushing, chances are that you want a girl that lets fly with relative ease. Except for Michelle Avanti, all of these girls make squirting seem more like backbreaking work than a climactic experience. Considering that and the staid nature of the sex, I'd suggest avoiding this one.

Overall Rating: D+
Female Looks: D
Male Looks: C+
Picture Quality: C
Extras: B
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: D



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