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Title: Mommy & Me  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Mommy & Me

Movie Type: Lesbian

Minutes: 134

Company: Combat Zone


Director: Francesca Le

Themes: Physical Education

Condoms: None

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Ally Kay, Ashlyn Rae, Cameron Keys, Francesca Le, Ginger Lynn, Kylie Ireland, Melanie Rios, Shay Bennett

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

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Melanie Rios has been compared to a young Francesca Le, so this first coupling seems especially appropriate. Ms.. Le wants to teach her prot'g' how to cook, but things take a different turn when they start kissing. For anyone that likes to see girls make out, (and who doesn't) this scene, as well as the entire movie includes plenty of mouth-to-mouth action. When the girls lose their tops, tit lovin' results. With their panties dropped, Francesca samples Melanie's young coochie. Of course, Melanie also takes a turn at eating, showing that she's a quick learner. A little puss on puss grinding brings a very cute pairing to an end.

Ashlyn Rae plays a young girl with little experience in relationships. She talks with Kylie about what she looks for in a guy and breaks the news that she's done very little kissing in life. Kylie is more than willing to help her learn how it should be done. After a lot of instruction, the girls expose their breasts. Kylie soon gives lessons of another kind by teaching Ashlyn how a girl ought to be fingered. She inserts three digits, then tells Ashlyn to show what she's learned. She may be young, but Ashlyn takes the fingers to Kylie's puss well. The girls intertwine their legs and ram away until they get off. The infamous lesbo kiss ends a good scene.

Shay Bennett is in a similar predicament to that of Ashlyn. She hasn't gone too far with guys and explains this to Cameron, who tells her about her days as a wild child in college. The kisses that soon come are of a tender variety, but still satisfying. The girls suck on each other's tits when their tops are removed. After that, Cameron takes the initiative by eating pussy. Shay has a turn before they get into 69. Cameron shines in this position by poking her tongue deep into Shay's sugar-walls. As seen in the last couple of scenes, there's some vaginal grinding, but this time it's a more aggressive affair. Sweet kisses between the blondes conclude the scene.

The last lez liaison involves Ginger Lynn and Ally Kay. More so than any of the other scenes, there's a sense of realism about the sex. Ginger really seems intent on educating Ally, who's quite new to the porn scene. Ginger gives her lessons on the fundamentals of kissing and also talks to her about sensitivity while feeling her way up and down Ally's youthful body. When Ginger sets her sights on Ally's puss, she licks every inch of it. Faced with a legendary porn-star, Ally is understandably nervous. She does a lot of girlish giggling, which makes for an interesting contrast with Ginger's serious nature. When the tables turn and it's her time to feast, there's a great instance where Ginger grabs hold of Ally's head and, essentially, fucks her face. Ginger makes clear why she's a hall of famer. She takes the initiative, runs the fuck and provides plenty of instruction along the way.

All of the scenes in Mommy and Me are good. Francesca and Melanie kick it off with plenty of Latina heat. Kylie does a good job of corrupting Ashlyn and Cameron succeeds in taking her relationship with Shay far beyond platonic bounds. As for Ginger, she totally schooled Ally, but I would imagine anyone watching her in action could learn something. Mommy & Me is perfect for lesbian fans as well as those that like the MILF type.

Read the Review of www.CombatZone.net

Overall Rating: B+
Female Looks: C-
Male Looks: N/A
Picture Quality: C+
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: B
Sex: A-


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