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Title: Donít Tell My Brother I Fucked His Friends 2  
Reviewer: Sexecutioner  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C-
Male looks: C-
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C-


Don't Tell My Brother I Fucked His Friends 2


Movie Type: MILFs
Minutes: 85
White Ghetto Films
Director: Uncredited
Themes: Creampies
Condoms: No
Release Year: 2010
Stars: Chantell Merion, Juliana Jolene, Marley Jay

Reviewer: The Sexecutioner

The first of these ladies is Chantell Merino. She isn't at all pleasing to the eye since she's sporting quite a gut. There's no indication that the two chubby, middle-aged guys that come in are her brother's friends. They basically just enter, get a weak blowjob and start fucking her pussy after the oral exchange. Each guy has a turn at her cooch in missionary, cowgirl, doggy and spoon. She's pretty good about servicing while one guy taps away, but, as mentioned, her oral isn't anything to rave about. She gets a double creampie and a few watery streams of cum flow out from her puss.

Unfortunately, the same two dudes that screwed Chantell get to take on Juliana Jolene. She's easily the hottest girl you'll find here, but that's not saying a lot unless you're big into the MILF-type. Her big, fake tits serve as a nice distraction and she's better than the last girl where oral goes. She gets fucked in doggy, missionary, both cowgirls and spoon. I like Juliana while she's on top. She does a nice job of working her body, particularly in reverse cowgirl. Once again, the guys give her a double creampie, but with little sperm to show for it. Perhaps realizing that this was the best of the three ladies, White Ghetto made sure this scene lasted for a fairly long time. It clocks in at over forty-five minutes.

This last girl, Marley Jay, is no better looking than Chantell. Her face is unattractive, she's got small tits and she's chubby, too. She may be the youngest of the lot, but she's clearly nothing special. The guys, which are thankfully different this time, are just as goofy looking as their predecessors. When blowing, Marley can go deep, but the guys are understandably limp while she does. They screw her in doggy, cowgirl, mish and reverse piledriver. A double creampie is served up yet again, but the second baker struggles to provide the filling. A little cum seeps out of its own volition before she pushes out a bit more.

There's really no reason for this to be called Don't Tell My Brother I Fucked His Friends because there's no plot whatsoever. Prior to the start of each scene, there are some poorly written blurbs posted onscreen about how the girls are in for quite a fucking or a pleasant surprise. Other than that, acting and actual stories are nonexistent. It would've been much better if they called this Double Stuffed MILFs.. Each girl looks like they've unleashed at least one bun from their ovens. I can't recommend this release to anyone since there are only three girls here and the sex isn't anything grand. Sadly, the bonus features don't help things, either. This is one to avoid.


Overall Rating: D-
Female Looks: D+
Male Looks: D
Picture Quality: C-
Extras: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: D


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