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Title: Bottom Dweller 6  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A



The Bottom Dweller 6


Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- A

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- D

A/V Quality- A


Time- 2:25

Company- Elegant Angel

Director- Patrick Collins

Cast- Nikita Denise, Sophie Evans, Ryan Conner, Kristin, T.J. Hart, Chloe, Nicol, Vivianne, Nina, Keisha, Charlene Aspen, Kristin Kane, Lena Ramone, Isabella


Review- No words that I write can possibly describe how much I loved this movie. This would probably make my top five list of the best DVD's I've watched, and it's all about the sex. The story isn't great, and in fact it's kind of weird. The DVD has crappy features. But every single scene in this movie was fascinating to watch, highly erotic, and very visually appealing. Patrick Collins truly did a fantastic job on this movie.


This series of movies follows the adventures of Harry Dweller, a guy who's in competition with Ron Jeremy for most unattractive male porn stars. Luckily the director realizes this and wisely leaves him out of most of the action in the movie. We find out that in Harry's last adventure he was looking for something on the bottom of the ocean when he was attacked by a Great White. Cut to a scene in a hospital where a pathetic group of surgeons, who can't stop making Star Trek references, are trying to save a patient. Naturally you assume it's Harry, but it's revealed that they're trying to save a shark with a big neck wound and not our hero. He is in the hospital however, and not doing very well. He's in a bed and strapped to a bunch of tubes helping him stay alive. A CIA agent enters and starts reprimanding Harry for messing up several government jobs. Apparently Harry is some sort of sex therapist, and his clients happen to be involved with the CIA until Harry fucks them up in some way. The agent starts recounting stories, starting with a visit from T.J. Hart...


Harry's sitting on his boat when a lovely blonde in a bikini named T.J. wanders up to him. Turns out she has an appointment to try and help her friend overcome some sexual problems. The guy's an animal lover and doesn't pay any attention to humans. Before they get to that work, however, Harry busts out a vibrator and starts working on T.J.'s clit for her. He's hitting some magic spot too, because you can see the muscles in her leg spasming every couple of seconds. After this T.J.'s friend shows up at Harry's house boat and enters for his session. Harry tells him what's going on and that for help he has to let T.J. do whatever she wants to him. Like any guy who thinks with his dick (most of us) he agrees. She starts out with some light kisses and then sticks her tits into his mouth. She strips off both of their clothes and proceeds to blow him for about ten straight minutes. During this BJ I heard the funniest line I think I've heard in porn so far. Harry says to T.J. "Smell his balls." I'm not sure why I found it amusing, but I did. Anyway, the animal lover becomes more forceful and forces her to turn around so he can finger her pussy and give her a couple slaps on the ass. Then she turns back around for some more dick sucking while Harry uses the same vibrator on her clit. The guy eats her for a little bit, and then before they fuck she blows him AGAIN. She must really love dick. She starts off by straddling him, and I think they're using a condom, but it's difficult to tell most of the time. They move on to some doggy style, and finally mish on the couch before the guy blows it on her, get this, feet. As unusual as this scene sounds it was great to watch.


The next case the CIA guy bitches about leads us to Vivianne and her boyfriend in their bedroom. Vivianne is just knockout gorgeous. She's a small redhead with natural tits and she looks so delicious it's almost painful to watch her. She comments to her boyfriend on how she lets him be with other girls, and in between sucking his dick she implies that she wouldn't mind getting with other guys. They decide to take a sex therapy class, which is basically a big orgy run by Harry. Right away Lena Ramone, a good looking brunette, is strapped to a table and being felt up by some guy who looks like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Kristin Kane, a blonde with a great body but an overbite and a gap in her teeth, is working on Lena's feet. Vivianne and her bf enter and immediately jump into the action. The bf wanders over to Kristin and they briefly make out before she takes his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Vivianne is rubbing her pussy through her panties and jerking off Harry. The bf lies on top of Kristin and starts to fuck her like a dog in heat. During all of this Lena is still being felt by the guy and she has a dildo shoved up her ass. The bf moves back to fuck Vivianne and Harry takes over on Kristin. Luckily we don't see much of that. Nikita takes Eddie's dick into her mouth and sucks him dry while she shoves four of her fingers into her wet snatch. She still has a dildo up her ass, and did I mention that she has nipple clamps on? Eddie takes turns on the girls, fucking Kristin, and finally fucking Lena in the ass. Cut to a scene with Kristin eating Vivianne, and unfortunately it's pretty short because Kristin is eating pussy like a champion. Total head movement, lost of tongue contact. Great to watch. Harry ends up unloading on Kristin, the bf cums into Vivianne's mouth, and Eddie blows it into Lena's mouth. What a great orgy scene. And that's just the first of three.


Next there's a section about Harry sending a political video to CNN about some dictator. I'm still not sure what the point of this part is, but there wasn't anything sexual about it so it seems kind of out of place. The next therapy session involves Anastasia Blue, a young blonde who's into anything, and her dad and step mom Lynn Conner, another great looking blonde. Ana's parents are concerned because she's such a cock fiend, and she explains to Harry that she loves ass. She loves the smell and the taste of ass. That and she wants to fuck her dad. Harry's unorthodox therapy calls for him to strap electrical charges on her body while her parents fuck right next to her. Why? Who cares? It was fuckin' cool to watch. Harry slaps a couple electrodes on Ana's big tits and gives them an experimental twinge. Meanwhile Lynn's in the background going nuts on dad's cock before getting on top and sliding it into her cunt. They flip sides so the mom's on the bottom, and Ana moves in for a closer look. She gets her face about four inches from the action and Harry makes her play with her mom's ass a little bit. Harry calls her back over and takes an electric, vibrating dildo and makes her shove it up her ass. While the parents are going all kinds of sex shit in the background Anastasia starts blowing Harry. I've seen some girls who spit a lot when they're blowing guys, but this girl should win some kind of reward. She's actually drooling all over his cock. There's big puddles of it on the floor, and it's hanging from her face. And this whole time she still has the vibrator shoved in her ass. Harry ends up cumming in Ana's mouth, and Harry tells the dad to fuck his wife in the ass as some additional therapy. He complies, and Ana admits that they're not really her parents. They just wanted to do some weird sex shit. Ana goes over to join them, but unfortunately she doesn't really do much. She just sits down and watches fake-dad bust his nut all over fake-mom's tits.


The next scene involves a lesbian seminar led by the petite and gorgeous Chloe. I think this is the best lesbian scene I've ever seen. It's not necessarily the quality of the sex in the scene, nor the fact that there's seven girls involved. It's the buildup to the actual sex that's so exciting. I find it boring when movies just jump into sex. The buildup is what gets you in the mood for it. When you have seven girls, and over the span of half an hour they take their clothes off and start going at it it's like the movie's teasing you. First just a couple tits. Then some rubbing, pairing, and kissing. Then there's pussy licking and dildo using and finally group work. The whole scene was just fucking awesome. There really wasn't even much pussy licking. Most of it was rubbing and dildo action. The six other girls in the scene were Vivianne, Crystal, Charlene Aspen, Nina, Isabella, and Nicol. These girls initially pair off while Chloe wanders around and helps each couple. Eventually they all kind of converge on Vivianne in the end, and you won't be hearing any complaints from me.


The last scene in the movie is amazingly just as good as every other scene so far. It involves two guys, Lexington Steele and some other white guy. The three girls are Sophie Evans, Nikita Denise, and Keisha. Sophie is an awesome looking blonde, Nikita is an above average brunette, and Keisha is an ok redhead. Sophie and Keisha start by blowing Lex. Then it's down to just Sophie while Nikita and Keisha work on the other guy. He lies Keisha down and licks her pussy for a bit and then fucks her from behind. Meanwhile Sophie and Nikita are sucking on Lex's huge cock, before he lies Nikita down and rams it into her. They flip so she's on top, and Sophie wanders over mount the other guy. Know what? I'm not even going to describe this scene more. There's so much crap going on it'd take me another page, and this review is already huge because there's so much to see. Still in this scene we get some great lesbian pussy eating and all of the girls get some DP. Do whatever you have to to see this movie. Buy it, rent it, or steal it from your dad's sock drawer. This is definitely one you don't want to miss, and I'm looking forward to Harry's next adventure.



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