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Title: Appassionata  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       D

Female looks:                       B

Male looks:                          B

Sex:                                      C

Plot/Acting:                          D

Extras:                                  A

A/V Quality:                         B


Date:                                       September 20, 2001


Title:                                      Appassionata


Production Company:         Adam & Eve www.adameve.com


Director:                                 Bud Lee


Cast:                                       Asia Carerra, Marc Davis, Alex Sanders, Roxanne Hall, Laura Palmer, Raylene, Liza Harper, Brittany Andrews, Leeanna Heart, Charlie, Sindee Coxx, Avalon, Johnny Black, Holly Body, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner, Alec Metro, John Horner, Steve Hatcher and Veronica Hart.




Asia Carerra's real life love of Mozart inspired this unfortunate union of passion and melody.  Asia is a classically trained pianist and uses her talents as the catalyst in this new feature from Bud Lee.  Bud and Asia directed this tale together, weaving modern day scenes of a struggling musician with the wealthy and decadent lifestyles of the 18th century. 


Asia is a classical pianist who has hitched to California from New Jersey only to find that there isn't a big call for classical musicians in Hollywood.  She is now broke and desperate to get back to the east coast.  She hitches a ride with Alex Sanders, also a struggling artist, who generously allows her to spend the night in his van.  Later, the first night, while Asia is asleep in his van, he is joined by the fire by two girls he apparently screwed over.  There way of revenge, well to fuck him of course.  Alex takes on both Johnny Black and Liza Harper in a safe and lovely threesome with Beethoven as background music.  Johnny gets a nice little poop pound while she and Alex take turns eating and fingering Liza's slippery cunt.  Everything here is typical and Alex shoots his load all over Liza's belly while Johnny licks it clean. 


It seems Asia is having her own little wet moment in the van, dreaming that she back in the 18th century with the melody man himself.  Wolfgang Mozart and Princess Asia, watch from the trees as their townspeople indulge in a feast of the flesh.  An orgy scene ensues while Asia and Wolfgang frolic by a tree. Asia is upset because Wolf won't fuck her completely until she becomes his wife.  Asia is burning for his cock and pouts all the way back to her castle. 


The modern day Alex is getting very far with her musical career.  After an unsuccessful stint with a wealthy man who takes in starving artists, Alex and Asia are off to San Diego to work in his uncle's club.  Along the way however, they fall in love.  Or at least decide it's time the two of them fucked!  They have a sweet little fuck in and outside of his van, Asia looking beautiful as ever.  The music over the sex is terrible in this scene, it would excite me tens times more if I could hear them enjoying one another!  It looks great, but I can't really get off unless I hear them getting off!  They put on a nice little show though and then he spits his fluid all over her perfect ass.  She smiles a really great smile and hen they kiss and fall asleep.


After a failed attempt at trying to impress Alex's uncle with her musical talents, her dreams once again, provide the comfort she needs.  This time Wolfy decides it's time to take his beautiful princess.  She moans and quivers as he tongues and nibbles at her hard pussy lips.  Do you think the girls of the 18th century really had clitoral piercings?  Oh well, she really enjoys his and rubs hard and fast on her clit while he fingers her cunt and makes her cum.  She returns the favor and sucks on his glorious (and I do mean glorious) cock.  He takes her sideways and fucks her hole deep and hard and then shoots his cream. 


Did I mention that's where it ends?  I was scratching my head about this one...What about Alex, where did she go after the uncle threw her out of the bar?  This whole thing was rather silly and I was so pissed off that this store had absolutely no closure.  This DVD included 2 discs and I would have recommended this cute flick for the couples who are into the softer stuff but the story was incredibly obtuse and the sex only mediocre that I wouldn't want anyone to have to sit through this piece of crap. 



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:          ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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