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Title: Chances  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                      B

Female looks:                      A

Male looks:                         B

Sex:                                     B

Plot/Acting:                         B

Extras:                                 A

A/V Quality:                        A


Date:                                      September 24, 2001


Title:                                      Chances


Production Company:         Wicked Pictures www.wickedpictures.com


Director:                                 Red Ezra


Cast:                                       Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane, Shay Sweet, Syndee Steele, Amber Michaels, Coral Sands, Julie Meadows, Heather Lyn, Mickey G., Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner, Frank Fortuna and Jason McCain.




In Red Ezra's first attempt at directing, he guides Stephanie Swift through some grueling nights at the office.   Swift is a bartender at downtown club.  She explains how she used to strip herself but quit the business in pursuit of love.


At home with her struggling musician boyfriend played by Evan Stone, the couple engage in some playful frolic on the bed (very cute and cuddly) and then move to some very erotic sixty nine.  Evan is, of course, hung like a horse and Stephanie moans deeply as she takes his fat cock into her tiny mouth.  At the other end, he eats and fingers her cunt and then flips her over onto her knees to ram her wet pussy from behind.  This is a really hot couples scene and since it follows such playful and romantic foreplay I'm prepared to admit that this is a perfect scene for couples!  Stephanie and Evan are gorgeous under the red light that seems to wash over their cheap hotel room and the sex, while safe, is very hot. 


Later that night, Stephanie dreams about herself, Julie Meadows and Jason McCain engaging in some light S&M and some wicked (no pun intended) fucking.  Jason's eyes are covered with black electric tape as Julie, on bended knees sucks his hard cock.  Stephanie, in a black latex ensemble with electric tape over her nipples.  Stephanie rams a rubber dick into her tight little asshole as she fingers her pussy with latex gloves.  Julie plants herself down on Jason's prick and bounces up and down in a seated backward cowgirl as Steph watches and fucks herself deep and hard in both holes.  There is an odd glitch in the DVD at this point when the scene repeats itself.  I'm not sure if this is a mistake or if the director just really liked this scene. My guess is that this is just a mistake.  Oh well, if you liked this scene, you don't have to rewind it because it will start over on it's own. 

Some of Steph's old stripper buddies are having a good time at a photo shoot.  Shay Sweet and Devinn Lane get smothering each other with flavored lotion and sucking and fingering each other's pussy.  This girl/girl is very typical although the pink and yellow outfits and matching vibrators was a nice touch. 


At the bar the next day the owner, Herschel Savage, has a few nasty words for Stephanie and then gets really nasty with another bartender, Sydnee Steele.  Syd drops to her knees and whips out his huge cock.  She blows and teases his prick with her mouth while he grabs onto her gead and pushes her close.  He throws her up onto the food counter in the kitchen and rams his cock deep into her cunt.  Thrusting hard and deep, Herschel fucks her while she rubs her clit and moans loudly.  He flips her over onto all fours and fucks her pussy hard from behind before shooting his load all over her ass. 


Meanwhile, Stephanie broods behind the bar about money so a customer (Mike Horner) propositions her into a thousand dollar table dance.  Steph strips for him and does a really sexy lap dance.  This is a great scene, quite a tease though because half-way thorough the dance I was ready for him to grab her closer and fuck the shit out of her. 


For some reason, she dumps her boyfriend (I was bummed because I wanted to see them fuck again) and goes home with another one of the bartenders (Ian Daniels).  She moves in to a dumpy little place with Ian and proclaims that it's a new chance to start over.  Whatever.  They fuck of course.  They strip off their street clothes and then Stephanie pulls out Ian's big rod and sucks sweetly.  They skip her bit of oral pleasure and she plops down on his dick for some cowgirl riding action.  After rolling over in a sideways spoon he pulls out and cums on her belly.  This scene was too short and sweet.


In the end she goes back to stripping.  The flick has a very weak story but the actors are great.  This would be a decent film for couples (the Stephanie/Ian Daniels scene is very hot) but I wouldn't say it's the greatest couples flick.  I wouldn't even suggest adding it to your permanent collection unless you're a real fan of Stephanie.  It is, what it is.  No anal, very safe, but the bodies are nice to look at.



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:          ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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