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Title: Sky's Day Off  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       A

Female looks:                       A

Male looks:                          B

Sex:                                      B

Plot/Acting:                          N/A

Extras:                                  B

A/V Quality:                         A


September 16, 2001


Title:                                       Sky's Day Off


Production Company:            Odyssey Group Video; www.ogv.com http://www.shanesworld.com/


Director:                                 Sky


Cast:                                       Sky, Samantha Stylle, Kristina, Kamy, Nacho, Billy, Jason, Joey and Toni.



What does a hardworking girl like Sky do on her day off?  Well fuck and have fun of course.  In this installment of the Sky driven Shane's world subdivision Sky's Day Off we get an eyeful as she takes to the streets of San Francisco (my favorite playground) in search of some hot, young skater boys. 


Her first find, an unnamed guy who enjoys pot and snowboarding is shy in front of the camera at first and assures Sky that her won't be able to perform in front of the camera.  She helps him to relax however by lying him on his back and sucking on his nice cock.  He's hard in no-time and Sky is thrilled that this guy, whom she picked up earlier at a San Francisco pub, has suck a fat dick.  He performs all right.  After a nice little suck and hand fuck from Sky he shoots a quiet little load into her hands.


Samantha Stylle and Tony Ribas take their own little break at Tony's house.  Samantha and Tony undress each other and kiss for a while before he fucks her little spitter until she gags. They fuck missionary and every which way after that.  He's quiet but seems to enjoy slapping her ass while she moans loudly.  While fucking her doggy style and gagging her mouth with his fist she cums and hollers loudly, rolling over into a backward cowgirl.  They pause for some lube and then he rams his cock into her asshole hard and fast.  He fucks the living shit out of her poop shoot, slapping and thrusting with eager force.  He pulls out and shoots his shit all over her panting mouth.


Sky picks up some local boys in a parking lot and recruits them for the movie.  These guys are so nervous and excited and Sky is just thrilled that she has control of the entire situation.  Sky sandwiches herself between the lads and jacks them off simultaneously while they finger her pussy.  When the first guy cums he's too upset because he got cum on his shirt and the seat of his car that he can't even relish in what has just happened to him.  The next guy gets his quickly thereafter but it's not quite as uneventful.


The next guy on Sky's hit list is a young skater kid who goes on a magic carpet ride with Skyy (it's actually a really funny thing to see) and then she takes him back to her hotel room.  They enjoy some banter and jumping on he bed and then go straight into some dick sucking and then he fingers her cunt for a while before she comes back home to Los Angeles.


Back home she gets it on with Nacho, a dick she most certainly did not pick up off the street.  This guy has a huge cock and the couple wrestles for a while before he shoves his hard rod into her sweet pussy.  They couple fucks missionary for a while and then he flips her over on all fours and rams his cock into her pussy while she fingers her clit.  This scene is hot although I can't stand the enormous chain around this guy's neck.  What is he, Mr. T?  She rolls over onto a backward cowgirl and has a nice little pounding before he rolls her over and shoots one on her tattooed belly. 


Sky's last conquest is Billy.  Billy is a dark haired beauty with an average sized cock.  Sky gives him a sloppy blowjob and then he moves them indoors onto the bed.  Billy sucks her pussy and then the couple enjoys some nice 69 action before rolling over into some vaginal doggie.  After Sky gets a nice pounding he cums on her back.


This was great fun and while I doubt seriously that this is really how Sky spends her days off, it's nice to hold onto the fantasy.  I enjoyed the trot through San Francisco and the guys she picks up are so nervous it's hysterical.  The men in this Shane's World spin off are both amateur and professional, which basically means normal, hairy, dicks and huge, shaved ones as well.  I always love watching Sky have a great time and as usual, she doesn't disappoint.  This flick is perfect for younger couples that are either new to porn or bored with the feeble attempts at finding meaning in a skin flick.  I thoroughly enjoyed this feature and am sure you will too!  Enjoy. 


Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:          ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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