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Title: Shane's World #21  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Date: September 29, 2001

Title: Shane's World Volume 21; Cliffhanger

Production Company: OGV & ShanesWorld

Director: Shane

Cast: Bobbi, Halli Aston, Jane Lixx, Dayton Rains, Ian Daniels, Billy Glide and Vince Vouyer

In the 21st installment of the Shane's World Series, Bobbi, Halli Aston and Jane Lixx take some boys to Joshua Tree in California for some rock climbing. I think they fuck a few times as well so this is sure to please the athletic horn ball in us all.

The first night Bobbi is busting at the seems to get laid, bouncing back and forth between her vibrator, Halli's tits and Vince's fat cock. Vince finally appeases the gorgeous little slut and throws Jane into the mix as well. This threesome is very hot. Vince takes each girl, vaginally, more than a few times and each girl cums before Vince pulls off his condom and shoots his shit all over Jane's belly. This is a great way to open the flick; both girls are fresh and wicked and this long scene is sure to please.

The next flesh fest is between Ian and Dayton. Dayton takes a great pounding but they're both a little too quiet! Ian really seems o be enjoying himself though and that's a real turn-on. I love the looks he makes right before he pulls out and cums on her mouth. Nice.

The next morning the crew goes rock climbing and after we watch each climb up about six feet, we follow the cameras behind some rocks and watch Jane give Billy a slippery little blowjob. She can't quite swallow the length of his enormous ride but she tries her best and he doesn't seem disappointed. He throws her on the ground and shoves his fat piece of meat into her wet cunt and fucks the shit out of her in a squatting missionary. He thrusts fast and hard before cumming on her tits.

When they actually get around to climbing, the entire crew scales a very high and steep rock and then rappel back down on ropes. It's a bit scary but they all come back alive. Alive, and ready for the real fun.

We finally see Halli in action as she and Dayton strip each down and then take turns sucking Ians popular dick. With Day on all fours over Halli, Ian leans over her backside and rims her while Halli teases her pussy with her tongue. This is a sexy little moment and Dayton loves it! Ian finally rams his cock into Dayton's asshole while she goes crazy on Halli with her tongue and a small vibrator. Halli cums and then reaches up and grabs Dayton by the throat and chokes her while Ian continues to stuff her from behind. Ian flips her over and fucks her pussy missionary while Halli sits on Dayton's face and fucks her mouth. Later, Dayton rides Ian while Halli penetrates Day's ass with a small vibrator. Ian finally cums. This is an awesome scene because nothing is standard. The positioning is never typical and the determination to please each person is very present here. It's nice because they seem to genuinely enjoy the moment!

Later than night, Vince and Billy are getting some special attention from Jane and Bobbi while a tired Ian, Halli and Dayton observe. Bobbi is hot and sporting clear fuck me pumps while Vince fucks her cunt deep and hard. She rides him in a backward cowgirl as he pushes his cock up further into her deep hole. She spins around and rides him cowgirl and then he cums on her tits. We never get to see what becomes of Billy and Jane but Vince and Bobbi make it worth your while.

I absolutely loved this flick because the sexual choreography and chemistry was unbelievable.

I would highly recommend this flick to young couples or girls that hate the boring sex and silly storylines in other couples features. This flick is fun, the crew is hot and the sex is safe, but fantastic. My only complaint, I wish Shane would get in front of the camera more often. We miss you. Enjoy; I did.

Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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