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Title: Silk Panties  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       B

Female looks:                       B

Male looks:                          B

Sex:                                      A

Plot/Acting:                          n/a

Extras:                                  C

A/V Quality:                         B


Date:                                      September 24, 2001


Title:                                      Silk Panties


Production Company:         Fallen Angel Entertainment www.fallenangel.com


Director:                                 Alexandra Silk


Cast:                                       Katie Gold, Blair Segal, Chloe, Timber, Shaena Steel, Jewel Valmont, Peris Bleau, Evan Stone, Alec Metro, C.K. Blade, Herchel Savage, John Peters.




In Alexandra Silk's second installment of her Fetish Series, panties are the focus.  The film consists of a series of scenes in which panties are used by women to turn on their partners.  I'm not much into fetish films so I wasn't that enthusiastic about watching this one but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  While the flick did feature some nice panties, it didn't focus on underwear as some strange fetish.  It was your basic fuck flick and it had Chloe in it so I was happy. 


In the first scene, Jewel Valmont, clad only in burgundy sheer panties and Shaena Steel, wearing violet silk panties, take some guy in a hot little threesome.  Jewel is incredibly hot as she sucks the guy's big cock until he's stiff and long.  The lucky lad gets some double oral action as the women go from his balls to his rod simultaneously.  A series of pussy sucking ensues and then he takes his hard prick and rams it deep inside Shaena from behind.  She buries her head in Jewel's pussy and sucks on her cunt while taking it hard in the pussy on her knees.  They swap of course, taking it the pussy in all different positions until he rips off the condom and shoots his shit al over their mouths in a double facial.  This is a nice little scene, no anal, but some hot pussy pounding.


Blair Segal is the clerk at a lingerie shop who models her product for her customers.  Alec Metro is a paying gent who has her model several different pairs of panties before he just can't stand it any more.  He becomes so aroused that he finally ignores the look but don't touch rule and begins groping Blair.  She's not disappointed though as he caresses and teases her tits with his tongue.  He eventually removes the sheer, turquoise bra and slides a finger under the matching lace panties.  She loves this and moans in delight as his tongue laps up her cunt cream.  She returns the favor by taking his soft, long cock in her mouth and blows him stiff.  He is so hot that he cums right in her face.  No fear, he gets it right back up again and shoves I into her wet pussy missionary.  He flips her around and fucks her cunt from behind.  He cums again, this time all over her tits.


Katie Gold, wearing a pink, fluorescent bra and panty set enjoys some dancing and masturbating before being joined by Peris Bleau for some hot girl/girl fun.  Paris, wearing a bright orange outfit supplies three different dildo's and the girls proceed to some very erotic dickless fun.  Nice shot in which Katie cums while Peris fucks her asshole with a vibrator while fingering her pussy. 


Timber, wearing a pale pink bra and panty set distracts her husband by cleaning the house in her undies.  Hubby Herschel Savage is immediately distracted and throws his bride on the kitchen counter so that he can admire her beautiful pussy.  He eats her cunt and teases her clit with his experienced tongue.  She drops to the floor onto her knees and removes his pants.  Timber sucks on his cock soft and slow.  Finally, he fucks her right over the stove and then he cums on her tits.


The last scene is my favorite, Chloe, clad in black lingerie (lacey, with colorful flower embroidery) takes on two blonde studs in her hot tub.  She takes sucking and fucking these guys, enjoying some finger pen., anal and vaginal pounding.  Chloe is totally in charge here, instructing each man how to please her (I think she cums like six times).  I loved this scene and it ends with the perfect cum shot!


Ok., so the panty movie pleased me.  What can I say, the sex was good and the girls were cute.  I would recommend this flick to couples moving up a step from the softer stuff to a bit harder couples action.  The Chloe scene alone is worth owning the DVD and if you're into girl/girl, Katie puts on a sweet little show.  Enjoy.




Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:          ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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