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Title: Real Sex Magazine #35  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B



Real Sex Magazine 35


Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D

A/V Quality- B


Time- 1:29


Director- Wild Bill Witrock

Cast- Kate, Sharon, Fantasy, Crystal


Review- I love the Real Sex line of movies. The only reason this movie didn't get an A is the girls aren't quite as good looking as other movies, plus one of them was rather inanimate. If you enjoy watching amateur girls being fucked on camera for the first or second time ever, then you need to check this series out. Wild Bill, the director, is up there with Ed Powers on my list of people with the best jobs in the world.


The first girl in this movie is Sharon. She's the best looking girl in this, a perfect 21-year-old blonde with natural tits and a hairless pussy. She's also from the Czech Republic, if you dig girls with an accent. She takes on Lee for her second scene on camera. The scene starts out with Lee eating her, and in my opinion he does a horrible job. I hate that tip of the tongue thing that some guys do, where they just barely touch the girls' clit. I don't know if women enjoy that, but I don't see how they could. You can even tell that she's trying to get worked up but she's not really getting turned on. Before she falls asleep Sharon decides to blow Lee, and this guy has a horse cock. It's absolutely fucking huge. Even his nuts are impressively big. She blows him, and does a good job too considering how big this guy is. She manages to take about half of him into her throat before it's all done. They start fucking with Sharon on top of him bouncing up and down. Lee climbs on top of her and starts pounding away on her shaved pussy, with her rubbing herself the whole time. She gets onto her knees, where she keeps rubbing herself while getting banged from behind. You know she's enjoying this if she's trying that hard to cum. Lee gets back on top of her for a few thrusts before pulling out and blowing it into her mouth.


The second scene stars Kate who digs black guys. She's an ok looking blonde girl. Her face isn't terrific, with a little gap in her teeth, but she has a nice body. Once again natural tits and a shaved pussy. She takes on Marcus, and she has the time of her life. She's going to go far in this business I think. She starts out by taking Marcus into her mouth while massaging her clit. She turns over onto her knees so she can take it from behind, and then he pulls out so she can suck on him a bit more. They end up fucking in about five other positions before Marcus cums in her mouth. Kate has at least one orgasm during this scene. She's a real wild woman.


I was a little disappointed during the third scene. The girl is Fantasy, a good looking Asian girl, and she wants to have her first anal scene. She was in one fuck scene the day before, and this will be her first anal. Unlike the first two, Fantasy has a hairy pussy, but it's still a nice one. She gets to take on Jay Ashley, amazingly enough another guy with a huge dong. She starts to blow him, and you can tell how nervous she is by the way she's doing it. It's slow and awkward and she's not really enjoying herself. She lies down so Jay can eat her, and she can't stop giggling because she's so nervous. She doesn't have any sort of reaction at all. She just lies there. Jay climbs on top of her for some missionary action, and you can tell she's horny, cause her pubes are wet. After a bit of that they switch to doggy style, and she starts to get a bit more into the action. She's moaning a bit and fucking him back. Fantasy mounts Jay, and she takes over the action, but it's not what you expect from porn sex. It's more like erotic sex you might see in the bedroom with couples. Now it's time for the first anal scene. Jay gets her lubed up with some gel and slowly inserts his giant cock into her ass. I don't know why they chose him to do this. You'd think they'd pick someone with a smaller dick to break someone in. It's hard to tell if she's enjoying it or not. She's making expressions, but I couldn't tell if they were pain or pleasure. This only lasts about a minute or two, and afterwards they fuck with her on her back again. Jay blows it onto her face, but she won't open her mouth during the scene. If this girl hopes to make it in the porn world, she might want to loosen up a bit.


In the final scene we meet Crystal, a blonde girl from Tennessee. She's all right looking. Her body is great, with a shaved pussy, and her face sort of looks like the face of a girl who's a body builder. Not ugly, but not hugely attractive either. She normally prefers girls, and has a girlfriend, but she hasn't had cock in 3 months and she's ready for some. They pair her up with Voodoo for her first scene. She starts out by blowing him, and manages to take half of his dick into her mouth. He eats her for a short amount of time, and then they lie on their sides while they fuck. After riding him, she gets onto her knees for some anal sex. They fuck missionary and then Voodoo cums in her mouth. I highly recommend this series, if not this movie then another one. If you like young, hot, amateur girls then you can't pass this up.



Cumshots - Will jump to the end of each scene with the cumshot.

Slideshow - Boring      






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