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Title: Visage  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A





Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- A-

Male Looks- A-

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- D

A/V Quality - B


Time- Unknown

Company- Metro

Director- Eric Price

Cast- Jill Kelly, Sydnee Steele, Gina Ryder, Raquel DeVine, Mikki Taylor, Tina Thomas, Lisa, Brick Majors, Eric Price, Evan Stone


Review- Visage is an MTV-style DVD eye candy made for quick, easy masturbation.  No silly plots to follow yet not quite gonzo.  This is a series of vignettes with some flashy photography and music effects. 


Sidney Steele opens the show, feeling her sexy self up while looking in a mirror.  She gives a lovely masturbation performance with a gold dildo, but the truth is, no woman really masturbates like this.  Its purely for show, so enjoy.  She does look lovely in her maturity, as always.


Next scene is a flashy number starring Jill Kelly fucking some guy to rave music with overdubs of Jill talking dirty.  She gives a very slutty, spitty blowjob but seems unaffected.  Her man is wearing some kind of cock ring.  She takes an anal reverse cowgirl with excellent close-up shots.  Jill talks dirty through the whole thing and takes a big, open mouthed cum shot like the nasty, made-up fuckslut she is. 


Gina Ryder and another gal who I can't identify jump into a three-way next.  Gina is easily overlooked in the shadow of this enthusiastic other gal, who is very into her blowjob and is the star of this party, although Gina does take a raucous anal fuck while frantically eating her pal's pussy toward the end of the scene.  Her friend rides this guy reverse cowgirl while slapping her own pussy silly.  They take a double facial at the end.  Sorry I cannot identify this hot brunette.


Jill Kelly and Racquel DeVine then give each other the lesbo treatment wearing tight, strappy S&M gear.  Jill eats Racquel's thick, juicy pussy and they share a dildo between their mouths, very spitty and nasty.  Racquel holds the dildo in her mouth and fucks Jill with it, then rides it RCG.  Standard lesbian scene.


The next scene would be great for porn newbies.  A young brunette with small breasts takes on her man in a romantic, sexy scene with no talking dirty and not too much porn slamming.  She gives him a slower-moving blowjob and he eats her pussy.  With soft music playing, they fuck doggy style with a condom.  Plenty of heavy breathing in this scene.  They go RCG and spoon with a very short BJ.  At the end she takes a very reluctant neck full of cum but will not open her mouth. 


Lastly, to the tune of some Seattle grunge style music,  a perky little redhead gets to party with Brick Majors and Evan Stone, who is nearly unrecognizable in this film, what a pity.  She gives them a long double blowjob and gets busy taking one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth.  For the rest of the scene, she can only utter constant moans of "mmmmmph" and sucking noises because her mouth is kept full of dick.  While she sucks Evan, Brick gets her very worked up with fingers and mouth.  This gal has a very fresh pussy but she looks at the camera too much.  The two studs take turns having her every which way including anal (Brick) and DP, ending with a double facial.  This gal has spunk!


The previews with this DVD were some of the worst BS I've seen.  Lots of fancy virtual reality tricks and very little of the good stuff. 




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