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Title: Killer Pussy #2  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



Nacho Vidal's Killer Pussy #2 


Mike L.

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- B

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- C+

A/V Quality- B


Time- 2:00

Company- Digital Sin

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Jessica Mar, Sarah Sun, Vanesa, Marina, Kate, Vivienne Laroche, Michaela, Petra




First up is Michaela and Petra.  They both have average faces, but they make up for that with nice natural racks and full butts.  Petra starts in sucking Nacho's massive cock.  She can barely close her hand around it and works mostly on the head.  They move around and Nacho is busy eating out and playing with Petra's ass, while Michela sucks his cock.  The fucking begins with a standing doggie on Petra and then a short standing mish with Michela.  Ass lovers will enjoy the cowgirl by Petra and Nacho finishes by jerking off a small load.  This is a short scene and there's not too much energy from the women at all.


The setup for the next scene is Nacho taking Vanesa, a very attractive blonde for a photo shoot in an empty pool, which goes on for way too long and drags a bit.  We watch her masturbate and fuck herself with a dildo and she eventually gets Nacho's cock out and starts sucking.  This poor girl can barely get her mouth open enough to just swallow the head, however, her pussy has no problem in a standing doggie.  There is a great looking RCG, a short cowgirl and then mish.  The scene ends with the girl jerking Nacho off, not very well I might add, to a small facial. 


Vivienne and Marina are two natural women with tight bodies.  There is a very short session of no hands head by Marina and then straight to a standing mish with Vivienne.  They move to the ground for a spoon and Marina gets some attention to her pussy from Vivienne.  Vivienne is very vocal while she is getting fucked.  You get a nicely shot doggie with Marina, which moves to an impressive doggie anal.  He stays in her as and they maneuver to a fierce anal RCG and we also get some A2M by Vivienne.  After a long anal mish, we see Vivienne preparing herself for Nacho with a dildo in her ass.  Once they start, the two move down to an anal doggie and Nacho goes to work.  I'm thinking she should have prepared with something bigger, since she stops the scene and leaves the room due to the pain or something else.   More anal fucking ends with Nacho jerking off and delivering his load on Vivenne's face and tits.  This scene has the best energy so far.


A gorgeous platinum blonde, Jassica, is up next finding Nacho in the pool.  He dives into her ass and pussy giving it a through examination.  Her ass looks so tempting on the edge of a bar stool he starts fucking right away in a modified doggie.  He moves around to get some head and then more mish on the stool.  You get an excellent RCG to anal RCG and a very abrupt fade to black.  A few seconds later, we're looking at a nice doggie anal and then spoon and naturally, spoon anal.  The scene ends with her jerking Nacho off for a mild facial. 


Kate is a large breasted brunette and has the difficult task of taking on both Hakan and Nacho at the same time.  If there are any fans of reverse cowgirl position, this is your scene!  Almost all the fucking is in the RCG position including a DP and anal.  The scene finishes with Hakan jerking off delivering a facial, while she is getting fucked in a standing doggie.  Nacho adds to the mess with his own shot as her jerks off.


Overall:  This movie starts off slow, but picks up pace and burns at the end.  Kate gets plowed anally and Jassica is a great eye candy.  I'd say 3 out of 5 scenes makes this a definite rental if not a spot on your DVD shelf






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