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Title: 10 Secrets to Great Sex  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                      C

Female looks:                        B

Male looks:                           B

Sex:                                        B

Plot/Acting:                            N/A

Extras:                                   C

A/V Quality:                          A


June 18, 2001


Title:                                       10 Great Secrets to Great Sex


Production Company:            Sinclair Intimacy Institute: http://www.bettersex.com/



A poor addition to the Sinclair Great Sex series, 10 Secrets to Great Sex, is an installment for couples that may be experiencing a lull in their sex life.  This time, psychologists enlighten their viewers about some sexy techniques to excite their dull sex life.  Unfortunately, I found the techniques to be impractical and absurd.


The first secret to great sex is to pamper your partner.  A couple demonstrates soaping each other up in the shower, giving oral stimulation to one another on the kitchen counter and using oils and your hands to massage and stimulate your partner.


The second secret involves taste and we watch as a woman giggles and squirms while her lover douses her in honey, chocolate and whipped cream.  They also talk about brand name products such as Body Butter and he rubs this on her pussy and licks it off. 


Watching pornography is secret number three.  The narrator explains that Candida Royale's videos are a good start since they tend to be very soft core and focus on romance.  A couple pops in a dirty movie and we watch as they start fondling each other, eyeing the television for ideas on positions and technique.  I strongly agree with this secret.  Adult films turn-on many couples as they combine both fantasy and visual stimulation.  I'm not so sure I would agree with the narrator's filmic recommendations though, but that's just me.  The narrator also suggests filming your own sexual escapades and explains that some couples find watching themselves on tape very arousing.


Location, location, location.  The next great sex tip involves making love outdoors and in other areas outside of the bedroom.  We watch as a couple has sex outside on a beach and the doctor explains that the risk of someone watching or catching them can be quite a turn-on.  Wait, wouldn't that be indecent exposure?  We see a couple go at it missionary on the beach and a couple perform oral sex on a private picnic in the woods. 


Secret number five is exercise.  Doctor's believe that "improved fitness provides more sexual endurance and can increase the satisfaction level and sexual experiences."  A naked couple exercises outdoors and then makes love on a haystack.  This one is rather silly!  Exercising in the nude?  Shouldn't the woman be wearing a bra for support?  This scene is followed by a younger couple fucking on a weight bench after exercising.

The sixth secret is changing position.  Clips of the Sexual Positions for Lovers film (see my review) are thrown in this segment.


The seventh secret is to play sexy games.  A couple sits on the bed in their underwear and play a sexy board game that forces them to ask each other questions and touch certain body parts.  This makes great foreplay and helps with verbal communication.


Secret eight is to pleasure your lover with a vibrator.  We watch as both the man and woman tease and torment each other with a small vibrator.  The narrator explains helps to teach each other where all their pleasure points are.


The ninth secret is a special love swing.  That's right, a love swing is a secret to great sex.  We watch as a nice looking man fucks his partner who is suspended from the ceiling in a swing.  I find it hard to believe that people who are looking for spontaneity would happen to have a swing on hand.  It's cool to watch though, there seems to be this feeling of weightlessness.


The last secret is to live out your sexual fantasy.  In the only explicit sexual demonstration, we watch as a couple fucks at work by a chair and on the desk.  This is also the first time we get to watch a guy cum in one of these demonstrations. 


This particular segment in the Sinclair series is rather silly.  Most of the examples are cheesy and the suggestions are time consuming and impractical.  Although I enjoyed others in the Great Sex series, this DVD was not worth the time, money, or energy.  Instead of this film, take Great Sex tip number three and watch a dirty movie or something!


Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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