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Title: Sexual Positions for Lovers  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       A

Female looks:                        B

Male looks:                           B

Sex:                                        A

Plot/Acting:                            N/A

Extras:                                   C

A/V Quality:                          A


June 18, 2001


Title:                                       Sexual Positions for Lovers; Beyond the Missionary Position


Production Company:            Sinclair Intimacy Institute: http://www.bettersex.com/



The second of my Sinclair Great Sex reviews, Sexual Positions for Lovers, is an instructional DVD that teaches heterosexual partners how to branch out and explore the many different sexual positions that can ignite, or re-ignite, passion and intimacy.  This is definitely not stroke material, and you should only view this flick if you are serious about learning something. 


The feature begins with two Psychologists explaining what can cause sexual relationships to lose momentum.  "It seems as if sexual desire burns brightest and longest when both partners are getting what they want from sex and when the couple is flexible enough to change their sexual practices by adding a little creativity.... Mutuality and flexibility are two important keys to sexual pleasure." 


The first position they discuss is the Missionary Position.  A couple demonstrates the position while the doctors give tips and instruction on why this is a good position.  Some highlights include, intimacy since they are facing one another, free hands to stimulate themselves or each other, eye contact that allows for intimacy, etc.  The doctors explain that this is an ideal position for people with physical problems, heavier couples, or pregnant women as neither couple supports his or her weight.  From the Missionary Position, the couple moves into the Side By Side Position, which frees hands for added stimulation and is an excellent way to enjoy prolonged intercourse.  We watch as the couple enjoys many different levels of the Missionary Positions, with the woman's legs spread and flat, knees bent, thrown over his shoulders.  The higher the woman lifts her torso and her legs, the deeper the penetration.


The Scissor Position is explained as deep penetration and a chance for the woman to angle herself so that she can feel stimulation on her clitoris or along the vaginal wall.  From here they can move to the Squatting Position, where the man squats and thrusts in and out of the woman on her back, or Side Rear Entry Position, which again is great for couples that cannot allow themselves over exertion.  From here, the Woman moves on top and the doctor's admit that this position may increase a man's ability to last longer. 


The Rear Entry Position, or Doggie Style, is next and it serves to deeper penetrate the vaginal or anal entries.  From here, couples can immediately move to the Woman Astride, or Backward Cowgirl, this position gives the woman more control and leaving her hands free to stroke his testicles or her clitoris.  The man is also in control here as he can guide her hips with his hands.  The Sitting Position, in which the woman sits on top with both feet planted on the floor, gives the woman more control and leverage for thrusting, and the man leverage for thrusting upward. 


The last position demonstrated is the Standing Position and requires significant strength and stamina.  It is recommended that standing position be performed in small intervals.  The Standing Rear Entry is demonstrated as convenient, sensual, and allows for deep penetration.


These positions are all exhibited by amateur couples in a bedroom setting.  Although penetration is obvious, insertion and climax are never shown.  The voice-over narration is helpful and fully explains how to get yourself into these positions and which positions can stimulate different areas of the male and female body.  This film does not teach any new or obscure positions so if you are already varying your positions this might be unnecessary.  I would highly recommend this DVD and others in this series for couples that have a tendency to stick to the same position during lovemaking. 



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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