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Title: Kelly the Co-Ed #3  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       A

Female looks:                        B

Male looks:                           B

Sex:                                        A

Plot/Acting:                            B

Extras:                                   A

A/V Quality:                          A


June 7, 2001


Title:                                       Kelly the Coed 3


Production Company:            Heatwave Video http://www.heatwavevideo.com/


Director:                                 Jim Powers


Cast:                                       Allysin Chaynes, Allison Kilgore, Jade Marcela, Tracy Luv, Cuba, Vivien Valentine, Peach, Teri Star, Herschel Savage, Kid Vegas, Devlin Weed, Brunno, Apache, Lucky, Michael J. Cox, Roy Shaft, J.J. Michaels, Buck Adams and Dave Hardman.


DVD Features:                         1.         Star Bios on Allysin, Jade, Allison, Tracy, Vivien, Peach   and Teri.  These are great biographies because they include an interview and a solo scene.

2.                  Behind the Scenes Featurette.

3.                  Chapter List

4.                  Kelly Chapter List

5.                  Previews for Busted at 742, Chamber of Whores, Trixx 2, and Haunted Tails.

6.                  Website Information



Kelly is back on campus, and this time she has a few lessons of her own for her freshman sisters who have just split from their parents for the first time and are bursting at the seams to get some hot dorm action from young campus studs.


Immediately after the credits, we get a taste of schoolgirl action as Tracy Luv gives some mean head to a guy who has given her a ride to school.  The guy cums in her face while fingering her pierced clit beneath her white cotton panties. 


Allison Kilgore, our next college cutie is having a private frat party of her own in an outdoor canyon location with three guys (JJ Michael, Kid Vegas and?) Allison strips for the guys on top of a car and pours beer all down her naked body while the guys get group hardies.  The guys all take turns pouring beer all over her and then sucking and licking it off.  (You gotta love the girl that smells of pussy and beer!)  The guys pour beer in each others mouth while they suck on her tits and eat her pussy.  They are all very sticky.  JJ finally whips out his dick and shoves it in her mouth while the other guy sucks on her foot and then her cunt.  Allison does some double oral with JJ and Kid while they pour beer on her face.  She finally takes it in the twat and from the rear in a messy little outdoor foursome, that includes lots of oral and vaginal.  Later David Hardman arrives and JJ and Dave do a nasty little DP on the girl.


Jade, a not-so cute, freshman that gets it on with some senior guys on a rooftop over-looking Los Angeles.  A long, double oral is wet and sloppy and this leads into some nice anal and vaginal fucking.  This scene includes another DP, which Jade really seems to dig, even though I didn't.  Nice camera action though, it is so clear and close it's hard to tell what's what. 


Kelly shows up in the next scene to help her little sorority sister with her initiation.  The last of the in the initiation practice is getting it on with another girl.  Kelly is happy to help her new little sister Brandy.  Brady is a cute black girl with smallish tits and dark hair in pigtails.  Her tiny body is smooth and toned and Kelly enjoys licking her shaved pussy lips.  Brandy returns the favor but the scene is cut short, too short, before we see the girls cum.


Herschel Savage is the lucky teacher that has Peach, Tracy Luv and Vivien Valentine in his tutoring session.  He gets all three of these sluts hot and bothered and takes turns fucking the shit out of each of them while they fondle and prod at each other like good little college students.  Vivien's little fuck in the teacher's chair is watchable, as is the final cum shot as Herschel shoots it all over the awaiting mouths of the three girls. 


Kelly is failing her history course until her professor suggests a way for her to make up her grade.  The Professor sits back in a rocking chair instructing Kelly to strip and bend over.  He pokes a finger into her dripping cunt and then spits on his cock while she sucks him off.  Kelly's oral skills make up for her lack of retention when it comes to history.  She rides him in a backward cowgirl and then later takes it in the ass missionary style.  This anal is short and uneventful and then he pulls out and cums on her face.


The basketball team gets a taste of the other Kelly when she tells a group of black guys that she's never seen black dicks before.  Well, they all offer her a peek and a suck at what they have in their team shorts.  Four guys take turns getting sucked and ridden and then she takes it every which way from all four of them.  If you like interracial gang bang, this one is a doozy.  This girl takes anything and everything and then gets it in the face as they each shoot fat loads all over her face.  Wild scene.


Though this installment in the Kelly the Coed series is nowhere near as good as the first one, these scenes do not entirely disappoint.  The plot is thin and the sex is naughty so I wouldn't recommend this as couples porn, but it is decent stroke material. Tracy is wild and Peach is beautiful (but under-used) so enjoy this one guys, I did. 



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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