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Title: Oral Consumption #3  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Oral Consumption 3

Oral Consumption 3

Dated Reviewed:       June 29, 2001

Company:      Anabolic Digital.

Cast:               Vivanica, Suzanne Storm, Justine Romee, Kristina Black, Molina, Kami, Sabrina Jade, Fawnna, Michelle Raven, Claudia Adkins, Kate Frost, Diamond, Dayzjha, and Aurora Snow.

Director:         Mike John.

Grade:            B+.

DVD Extras:  B-

You have pretty much your typical stuff with previews of other releases (actually it takes up all of the second side of the disk), a photo gallery of the girls from the movie, and plugs for www.anabolic.com.  Nothing of real surprise or interest.

Bottom Line: 

Talk about toe jam cleaners.  Take your average blow job flick and add a lot of kink and this is what you end up with.  Except that here the perversion comes not in the act but in getting the girls to think about what they are doing to the guys they are with.  Here you have a group of girls, some of which are pretty hot clearing away that little piece of lint that gets stuck between your toes.  Hey it's not pretty but it's a living.  Most of the girls here are pretty average looking, but then again this is not like normal porn.  I am sure it is difficult enough to get attractive girls to suck dick on camera, but to get a girl to suck toes and what not on camera probably grosses most of them out.

The Feature:  6 Chapters.

The Oral Consumption series is based around the concept of girls sucking on things other than just dicks.  For instance, you also have, well in this case, feet.  So in this flick you will get to see various girls sucking on their guy's feet for the camera.  Yeah it's kinky but I don't think it is way out there.  For this one, I will have to tell you that there isn't a lot to talk about so I will just give you the brief rundown on the girls and things that I think are worth mentioning. Keep in mind that there are about 14 girls in this flick and I am not going to cover all of them but just give you the highlights.

The first girl is Aurora Snow a 19 year old that has been in a few other Anabolic vids.  The nice thing about this flick is that it gets the girl talking about her sex life.  We find out that she has sucked on 50 cocks in her life.  The narrator asks how many are porn related and she answers 44, and then she proceeds to average those cocks from the starting date of her sexual activity (which she claims to be 15).  The problem is that (assuming she is doing things legally), she had 6 dicks between 15 and 18, and the remaining 44 since she turned 18.  Assuming she is 19 and a half that would be 44 cocks in 18 months.  That is one busy girl.  I guess you really didn't care, but I thought I would tell you anyway.  We get down to a first-person blowjob shot, and I have to say that Aurora knows what she is doing.  The experience of 50 cocks really shows you know.  I have to say also that the sound here is perfect, you hear every wet and sloppy sound.  Of course she eventually sucks on some toes and then takes a shot in the face.

The next girl is Diamond, a 20 year old from Montreal Canada.  She is a hot blonde with long hair, and a somewhat husky voice.  She looks like she is right off the airplane, as we watch her undress you can see her bags right by her feet.  Diamond is really attractive with big tits and an even bigger pussy.  Her pussy lips are so big that she could provide shade to a whole family on a hot summer afternoon.  Here she starts out by sucking on some guy''s toes that are in desperate need of a pedicure.  I mean if I were Diamond I would have some serious health concerns about putting those toes in my mouth, but I guess you have to pass on the whole health concern thing in general if you want to be in porn.  Another thing that is pretty cool about this flick is that it gets the girls to talk about the relationship with their parents given that they know (or don't know) about their doing porn.  I have to say that it paints an all too real picture of what some of these girls are like.  After sucking on his toes we watch as she goes down on Eric Everhard's asshole.  Again you know its odd to watch a girl eat a guy's ass and then be asked about whether her parents would approve of what she is doing.  It really pushes the edge of the envelope as far as the morality and consciousness of being in porn.  I guess I would have thought that most girls were not very reflective on he whole thing, and to a certain extent this is true, but I have to say that its not like they are completely unconscious of the consequences of what they have chosen to do.  When we get down to the actual cock sucking it doesn't last very long as Eric shoots his load after a quick bout of titty fucking.

There is Fawna from Brooklyn NY, who came all the way out the Venice California in order to suck ass and other things.  We find out her work history (from Quickie Mart to Internet Sex to eating ass) talk about the strength of upward mobility.  Here though we have Fawna eating some guy's ass, but she is also getting her ass eaten out herself.  And I have to say that it is by some big burly guy that looks like he failed auditions to the Sopranos because he was too fat.  I mean there is nothing more kinky and a bit sick that to watch some guys that look like they don't deserve to fuck anyone nail a girl that is as attractive as Fawna.  She is all playful even when one of these guys sticks his toe into her asshole and then pulls it out and has her suck on it.  The sad thing is that she is actually pretty cute and watching this is painful because she looks like she could have anyone, and here she is getting defiled by some fat fuck's toe.  She even sucks down the fat boy, who can't get it up, and so she has to slobber over the camera in order to fake the cum shot.  I mean why even do a porno if you can't get it up and if you can't provide the cum shot.  I guess you have to give Fawna credit for saving this guy's pride.  Shame Fawna didn't get better looking men.

You have Fawna who talks about the fact her mom collects her movie and that her boyfriend of 5 years is so stupid that he doesn't know she does porn.  Then she talks about the fact that after she takes a load to the face she is going to go over and kiss him. She says that he is the love of her life.  Personally I hope she got hit by a bus after the shoot was over and dragged for a couple hundred feet.  I hate that shit, if you have to hide form him break up with him.  Its ok if you choose to get AIDS, but you shouldn't risk infecting someone else.  Honest honey I don't know how you got herpes.

You also have Michelle Raven who is brought to tears while trying to deep throat this guy's cock.  Seriously she is actually crying.  Who the fuck thinks that is sexy?  The Texan accent also doesn't help to make her seem all that smart either.  Its like watching a bulimic who uses cocks to throw up.

Susan Storm is probably one of the most interesting of the girls.  She seems pretty confident with what she is doing, and doesn't have a problem doing exactly what the director asks of her.  She even has one of the better bodies for the girls in this movie.  She is also honest—she does porn because she likes being on film and she likes meeting the people and she likes—wait for it—the money.  When she gets into the action she is actually pretty repulsed at the sight of the foot she has to put in her mouth.  But then again she does it any way.  She is all over the two guys that are put in front of her, moving from toe to dick to asshole with little trepidation.  She is grossed out when she has to suck on this guy's hairy ass.  She really isn't in to this, but goes ahead and does it anyway.  This isn't what makes her interesting.  When she starts to get asked about her life back home she seems truly bothered.  I don't think she gets the fact that part of this is really not to be taken that seriously.  When asked if her parent know about her choice of professions she gets really pissed off.  Here we see another reality of porn, when things cross over that edge, and you see the girls complete the act because they have to not because they want to.  Again she takes guys so deep that she starts to cry.  A lesson in who painful it is for a girl to deep throat a large cock.  She doesn't want to, and yet the guy wants to force her anyway.  Again she really isn't a bad looking girl, but she is the hottest either to be honest, and its a shame that she gets stuck with two ugly fucks.  In the end both shoot their loads all over her mouth.  But she really looks like she wants to puke, and run like hell from the room.

Kamy is one of the natural beauties in this film.  She is honest about what she is doing—she is in a sleazy hotel room getting ready to get it on with some total stranger.  She is cute and totally unreflective, which is obvious the more she talks.  For her the fun of doing this is blowing who ever walks in the room, and not knowing who that person will be or what they will look like.  The sad thing is that she doesn't want anybody to know what she is doing—shame nobody told her that they were actually going to sell this video in wide release.  Chances are if they didn't know before, they certainly know exactly how big a whore this 23 year old is.  We also watch as she goes south and heads for this guys asshole, while continuing to stroke off his dick.  Oh yeah there is even a tow or two thrown in there for good measure.  At least this guy's toes don't look like they are going to fall off from gangue green.  In the end she takes a shot to the mouth like all the others, and struggles to swallow.

In the end this is about as perverse as things are going to get for porn.  It isn't girls swimming in feces, rather it something a little darker.  It is getting them to confront the reality of their actions while they are doing it.  I don't know if it makes a better porn or psychological study into the women that do them.  You be the judge, and let me know.

Spyke at luv_spyke@hotmail.com


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