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Title: Babes Illustrated #9 Cyber Sluts  
Reviewer: Captain Astroglide  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


From: "Buddy Scalera" <buddy@brooklynbizarro


TITLE: Babes Illustrated #9: Cyber Sluts


Reviewer- Captain AstroGlide

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks NA

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- Excellent

Extras- Photo gallery, Behind the scenes vignette, interviews

A/V Quality - A



Company- Metro

Director- Mike Quasar

Cast- Houston, Tabitha Stevens, Jewel Valmont, Alexis, Kianna, Bobbie, Naeja

Excel, Shelby Myne




Man, you just gotta love basic porn movie plots. In Babes Illustrated #9:

Cyber Sluts, we see three cute chicks lezzing out for the camera with one of

the thinnest plots workable.


As three actresses living in a mansion, they discover they have no money for

rent. When sleazy landlord Ron Jeremy comes over to collect, he tells them

that heıll let them stay if he can install a cybercam to record their every

move. They agree. The plot is covered and all the chicks start lezzing out.

Ainıt porn great?


Itıs a surprisingly good DVD with minimal dialogue and plenty of

girl-on-girl action. Most of it is standard fare with chicks going at it in

a hot tub, the living room floor and the kitchen counter.


However, a true cinematic highlight occurs when the unusually compelling

Bobbie has her lesbo scene. She begs to be slapped and dominated by the

hottest blonde I may have ever seen. While being slapped and having her

nipples pinched in clothespins, she allows the blonde to spit in her mouth.

This is good stuff. This is the only offbeat sex of the DVD, and yet it has

irresistible appeal.


The collection concludes with a show stopping gang bang with most of the

lesbian chicks in the living room. There are miles of dildos and vibrators,

but these long-tongued sluts manage to steal the show themselves.


The DVD is rounded out with some decent interviews with Bobbie and two other

chicks. The insight into their personalities makes the disk even more



A mind numbingly long behind-the-scenes vignette is packed with great

moments. However, due to the length, what would probably be a novelty

becomes somewhat of a drag. Editing desperately needed here.


Overall, itıs a great package of lesbo action. The chicks are hot and seem

to be remembering the few funny lines that were actually scripted.


Babes Illustrated #9: Cyber Sluts blends hot lesbian action with the

voyeuristic fun of webcams.




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