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Title: Real Sex Magazine #33  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A



Real Sex Magazine 33


Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- A

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Qualty- A


Time- 1:28


Director- William Witrock

Cast- Rain, Brooke, Syren, Bunny


Review- If you really enjoy seeing all natural amateurs have sex on screen for the first time you need to check this movie out. There are no fake tits, and all four girls are gorgeous and really love to fuck.


Each scene opens up with a short interview of each girl and we get a shot of them naked. The first girl is Rain, and she's a really small girl with AA tits. She's hot though, and it doesn't take her long to strip down and get to work. A guy comes into the bedroom and she immediately starts sucking on his cock. She goes nuts on it too. For a small girl she really gets into it, even though she can't fit much of it into her mouth. She flips onto her back and he starts licking and fingering her pussy, which is pretty exciting because it's partially shaved and looks great. She jumps on top of his dick and starts riding him, and then she lies on her side while he rams her from behind. She gets back on top of him before she gets on all fours and he pounds her from the back. They fuck missionary for a while with her legs way up in the air, and then he pulls out and cums into her mouth.


The next scene stars Brooke. Talk about a change from the last girl. Brooke has natural DD tits, and she prefers anal sex. Nope, sorry guys, I didn't catch her phone number. This is her first scene, and she only moved into town the day before. She gets it on with two guys, and it turns out it's her first double penetration experience. The very first thing she does is gets a dick stuck into her while she's bent over the bed blowing a guy. Then she mounts the guy on the bed, sticks his dick into her pussy, and the other guy comes up and sticks it in her ass for some DP action. They move back to the bent over the bed, anal and blow maneuver. She lies on her back and, guess what?, gets fucked in the ass while blowing a guy. Both guys cum on her face and stomach.


Then we have Syren. She is a gorgeous brunette from Canada, who just loves sex and can't wait to get out of her clothes. She also has a huge clit if that gets you off. A guy walks in and drops his pants and she starts to suck his dick. This is one of those guys with huge horse nuts that hang down to the floor. She lies on her back and he goes down on her before she gets on all fours and he fucks her from behind in the ass. Then it's his turn to lie down while she mounts him and gets fucked in the ass again. He gets on top of her and rails her for a little while longer before he cums into her mouth.


The last scene starts Bunny and her boyfriend Mike. Amazingly enough Bunny is also hot with about 36C tits and a nice little patch between her legs. This is her first scene too. She starts by blowing Mike, and then he moves between her legs to lick her snatch. Unfortunately you can't see much because his arm is in the way the whole time, but you can tell she's really digging it by the way she's moaning. He crawls up her and starts fucking her missionary while she uses a small vibrator on her clit. Then she gets on top of him and rides him like a wild donkey, which is pretty cool except that you can't really see her pussy since she's sitting straight up. But you do get to see her nice tits bouncing and the look on her face makes it all worth it. The fuck doggy style, and then they lie next to each other on the bed and start making out. Mike's whacking it, as any red blooded male would do while Bunny is using a vibrator on herself. She has a monster orgasm, but they're not done yet. She gets a different vibrator out and works her clit with that while Mike uses one on in her ass. They fuck doggy style again, which gives her another orgasm, but amazingly enough we never see Mike cum. He might've cum insider her. How the hell should I know? Anyway, this movie rocks even though it's short, so I'd recommend renting it rather than buying it. Be careful or you'll go blind before it's over.



Regular crap

Cumshots - This will jump you to the end of all the scenes where the dude cums, if that's what you want to see. You don't get to pick which scene though; they just go in order.

Slideshow - Man these suck. Why do I want to see pictures of a movie I just watched?

Biographies - These are short but interesting. We learn a little bit about each girl, although most of it you find out during their interview.






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