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Title: Killer Pussy #1  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



Nacho Vidal's Killer Pussy #1


Mike L.

Overall Rating- A-

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- B

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B


Time- 2:00

Company- New Sensations

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Helen, Veronica, Linda, Carma, Niki, Jenny, and Red Pussy




Nacho Vidal is our and about in Prague.  The best way to describe Nacho is a toned down Rocco.  Imagine the physique and the tool to match, but none of the spitting and junk.  Our first woman is a great looking brunette.  They meet back at Nacho's hotel and she is dressed to kill in a micro mini and a tiny top, which barely covers her large natural tits.  Now I don't know if she has small hands or if Nacho is hung like a horse, I'm sure a bit of both, but during her blowjob, she can barely get her mouth to cover the tip of Nacho's cock.  And speaking of the blowjob, we get a first-person point of view and she looks gorgeous every minute.  The fucking starts with a standing doggie, all the while she is busy frigging herself every chance she gets.  It moves to doggie and then a beautiful RCG.  I can't stress how great she looks and the energy in this scene.  Nacho takes a break and finger fucks her and she also helps out with her own two fingers in her ass and her other hand busy on her clit.  Nacho gets back to throwing his huge cock around and fucks her for a short mish and jerks off a small facial.  There is a lot of post-cum head.  This is a fantastic start to this DVD.


The second scene starts with Nacho sneaking up on a cute blonde looking out a window.  She has a tight ass and nice average tits.  There is a bit of dry humping and Nacho is quite busy playing with her ass and pussy.  She goes down and deep throats Nacho's tool and we get a very high drool, no hands blowjob, including a pretty rough face-fucking segment.  Give this girl some credit, his cock must have been somewhere in her small intestine.  To show off her skills some more, she demonstrates with a banana and leaves it intact.  They start fucking with a standing doggie, but stop and go outside to meet Veronica, who is lounging around in an empty pool.  This must be a Euro thing.


Veronica is a dark haired girl with yet another tight body.  They all get into the pool and the girls give a nice double blowjob and its Veronica's turn to get a standing doggie, while the blonde tries her best to rim Nacho.  He carries them over to a corner of the pool, where someone has conveniently placed a couple potted plants and a lazy boy.  Nacho gets a short RCG with Veronica, which changes to a long anal RCG, with some ass to mouth head to boot.  It's scary to see a woman take anal so easily as she does.  They move on to mish, some mish anal.  Nacho finishes this great scene by jerking off and mostly cumming on his own belly.  There is some very nice post cum head.


The next scene starts with Nacho filming two euro babes, as they get ready for their scene.  There is a brunette and a blonde.  The brunette looks a bit older and has natural tits, while the blonde has opted for man-made breasts.  The brunette is first to go and they start with a standing doggie, move to mish and some serious finger fucking.  The blonde makes her entrance to the scene, gives some short head and Nacho steps aside to let the two women play with each other.  We get some close up shots of the blonde taking a decently sized butt plug and with, no hands, literally launches the plug out of her ass. 


The scene moves outside with a short photo shoot and back to fucking.  It's the blonde's turn and a doggie is up first.  They go to a doggie anal and it looks like she has some problems at the beginning, but she catches her second-anal-wind and takes it like a pro.  After a long anal RCG, the brunette wants to test ride Nacho with her own RCG and cowgirl.  They move to mish and Nacho finishes by jerking off on the blonde's ass and brunette's face.  Again there is a lot of post cum head.


The last scene shifts to Budapest with a black guy and a lean looking blonde, with natural tits.  She gives a great looking blowjob and they start fucking with a side-mish.  A long RCG, doggie, doggie anal, and anal RCG shows that this blonde can take cock as well as any American porno star.  While she is getting fucked doggie and doggie anal again, Nacho decides to get into the action and gets a blowjob/handjob for a weak facial that barely lands on her chin.  The black guy is busy fucking again, this time mish and the scene goes slow motion for a small bit, when the guy jerks off and hits her tit.


Overall:  Well what can I say about this DVD.  If you like wall to wall fucking, with good-looking women, and lots and lots of anal, this is the movie for you.  Sure there is only four scenes, but you won't even notice with the amount of sex packed in this DVD.  I urge you to go out and rent this movie right away and you may like it so much that you bite the bullet and add this one to your collection.





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