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Title: Down the Hatch #4  
Reviewer: Captain Astroglide  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


TITLE: Down the Hatch #4

Extras- Photo gallery, previews of new releases, brief pre interviews, cumshot recap, humorous video trailer

Time- 2 hours 20 min

Company- Diabolic Video

Director- Mike John

Cast- Kacey, Bailey, Elisabeth Swiss, Fawna, Kiri, Claudia Adkins, Mickey G, Erik Everhard, Mike John, Vince Vouyer, Jon Dough, Mr. Marcus and Lexington Steel

Review- Iıve gotta hand it to Mike John. Not since the Pam and Tommy Lee sex videos have I seen personal camera work this good. It is hard to tell if the director is holding the camera or if he has a good friend hanging over his shoulder, but they manage to get you right into the action. Unlike other sex vids, ³Down the Hatch #4² wisely sticks to the theme of gorgeous gals guzzling cum. And like a perverted virtual reality game, you get to be the guy wearing the dick. As an added bonus, you never even get a glimpse of the studs actually wearing the dicks, so you never actually break out of the fantasy.

The theme of Down the Hatch #4, if you hadn''t already guessed, is gals who eagerly swallow cum. As an added attraction, most of these cum guzzlers actually get boffed in the butt before downing the hot sticky stuff. In fact, most of these girls orally moisten the guy''s dick several times as they get anally invaded. Thatıs several times where you get to say, ³whoa, that chick is sucking a dick that was just in her own ass.² Thatıs entertainment! Among the highlights is the winsome, young brunette Kacey, who takes on multiple faceless studs in every position imaginable. She''s great not only because of her outstanding body, but for her sexy "I''m so young, and you''re so lucky" face. Twenty or thirty replays of her in action, and Iım still hitting the slow motion button. You canıt get enough of this girl.

But the other chicks are no slouches. Sluts, yes. Slouches, never. For example, the busty Fawna gets fucked and sucks dick like she went to college for it. And my other favorite is Bailey, who seems so completely at home getting assfucked, itıs a wonder that she was done after taking on two guys. Among the weirder moments are with Claudia, the Russian chick who continually chokes herself as she tries to deep throat. She''s always gagging and coughing because she keeps trying to jam a big cock further down her throat than she can handle. It''s a bit bizarre, but it does add some humor to the production.

There''s a lot of bonuses on the disk as well, but the best is a short compilation called "The Shameful Art of the Dodge." It features chicks doing their best on camera trying to avoid swallowing, when they know damn well they should be guzzling the stuff. It''s a humorous romp that adds depth to the standard features like picture gallery, cumshot recap and DVD previews.

This is a well-produced DVD project that is well worth the cost, not only for the outstanding beauties, but for the sleazy acts the perform. And keeping the faces of the porn studs out of the camera is also worth the price of admission.   


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