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Title: Virtual Sex With Taylor Hayes  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: A


Vitural Sex with Taylor Hayes

Virtual Sex with Taylor Hayes

Dated Reviewed:       June 18, 2001

Company:      Digital Playground.

Cast:               Taylor Hayes.

Director:         n-a.

Grade:            A.

DVD Extras:  n-a

There are no extras for this flick.  Sorry guys.  Wait I guess you can count one plug for the website www.digitalplayground.com, but that's really stretching it.

Bottom Line: 

In terms of virtual sex DVDs this one has it all.  Although there are some points that are stronger that other when you get down to the point of it all (the actual virtual sex) this one can't be beat.  You have full control over Taylor Hayes body, right down to the point at which she comes and when you cum.  I don't think that there is much more that could be considered a benefit.  I mean you can't find a hotter girl and you can't find an easier to use layout.  The rest is up to you.  Sit down, turn on, punch in, and get off.  That's an order. 

The Feature: Chapters-n/a.

When you start up the DVD you go straight to a shot of Taylor (which is actually a nice loop of her writhing before the camera).  Of course she has been locked in this disc for a long time and is ready and willing to act out my fantasies.  To get to them you must select from one of the four options at the bottom of the screen: Strip, Stories, Foreplay and Sex.  I will try to give a brief overview of each of these sections in this review.


When you go to this section we cut to a shot of Taylor talking dirty into the camera, asking if we want to she her naked.  Slowly she moves back and forth in front of the camera, taking her time to talk dirty to you while she removes each piece of clothing.  The only problem, and albeit a small one, is that the camera shot looks a little fuzzy and bounces around a little bit.  When I think of virtual sex, of course controlling the action is a given, but I also think that the camera angles should be clear, crisp and somewhat stationary.

At the end of the sequence however, we get a crystal clear shot of Talyor in all her naked glory and it is really amazing.  The only question that I have is why they did not try this throughout the entire shot.  Do not get me wrong its not like Taylor looks awful or anything, it's just that the shot looks as if it was done by Andrew Blake.  It has this sort of watered down feeling to it.


Here you watch shots of Taylor in front of a fire graphic in very naughty little negligee talk about her wildest fantasies, and her greatest sex moments.  Surprisingly enough the things she talks about are real (no her best sex wasn't on the set with someone).  Again, her sharing her deepest thoughts and fantasies does not take very long (maybe 5 minutes tops) and you feel as if it is rather rushed.  I think I would have liked to see her talking directly into the camera as opposed to the voice over narration that we get, but in the end its pretty interesting to hear her talk about her true to life experiences and fantasies.


Now we get to the good stuff.  We start out with Taylor on her back with her legs spread before the camera, and there is this anonymous hand fingering her pussy as it drives her crazy.  You will notice on the screen here that there is an icon for your hand, an icon for a dildo, and icon to have Taylor masturbate for you herself, and an additional icon to see her cum after she masturbates.  Moreover, there is an option to watch the entire event seamlessly with the orgasm, and an icon to jump to the sex scene directly from here.  During each scene, there is a little more intensity, and each time she really looks like she is having a good time.  This is more than I can say for a lot of the other virtual sex DVDs that are out there.  I have to say that this is really well thought out.  All of this is laid out very nicely, and when played out right leads to a great crescendo in terms of the climax.  Throughout this whole time, she is watching the camera and you really get a feeling that she is intent on the action that is being delivered to her.  While each of these sequences are video loops, they are actually long enough for you to want to move on to something else before the loop repeats itself.  One thing that is sort of funky (not bad just funky) is that she is in an entirely black background.  You could think of her as in the Max Headroom world of virtual sex.  In all however I have to say this is laid out very well and Taylor puts on a great performance throughout it all.


Ok so you have made it through all the initiations and now you are ready for the big stuff---watching Taylor getting fucked.  This layout is similar to the foreplay layout in that there are several icons that allow you to choose sexual positions (missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl).  The missionary position shot looks great because it is a pseudo-helicopter shot, which allows you to see Taylor get reamed and seem her wince in pleasure as you watch her facial expressions.  The doggy style shot is also the same type of shot, except that you can't see her facial expressions.  Again its not a bad thing, its just not my thing.  The cowgirl shot though is great because she looks like she is right on top of you.  Another great thing about this shot is that she really looks as if she has been put through her paces (her hair is all messed up and she is showing signs of being ready for her man to cum).    At several points in this shot you will find it hard not to blow you wad as she really works this for all its worth.  The last shot is the reverse cowgirl which is just as great as the cowgirl as Taylor gives you several chances to cum throughout the whole shot.

There is an additional set of icons on the right hand side that allow you to go to a first-person blowjob scene.  There is one icon for the sucking and one for the actually orgasm (that gets shot all over Taylor tits).  Again, as with the foreplay section you have the option to watch all of the scenes put together in a chronology or you can jump right to the climax from any point in the earlier shot.  You also have the option to go back to the foreplay section to start the fun all over again.  Hey man you can't ask for anything more.

Spyke at luv_spyke@hotmail.com


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