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Title: Booty Duty 3  
Reviewer: Captain Astroglide  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


TITLE: Booty Duty 3 Reviewer- Captain AstroGlide Overall Rating- B Female Looks- B Male Looks- B Sex- B+ Plot/Acting- None Extras- Photo gallery, previews of new releases, brief pre interviews A/V Quality ­ A- Time- 2 hours 20 min Company- Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel Director- Dion Giarusso Cast- Jessica, Raquel, Jessica Darlin, Marilyn Starr, Sydnee Steele, Shay Sweet, Allysa Allure, Christian Wolf, Porchia Review- The best porn flicks feature chicks doing kinky and outrageous shit that you just ainıt getting at home. If you see anything in Booty Duty 3 happening at your house, call me up. Iım coming over. The new release by Elegant Angel is jam packed with fun-filled butt packing. And although these chicks arenıt always the hottest pieces of ass, they range from cute to damn cute. Thereıs a good sampling of action here, including some group stuff, and some outstanding girl-on girl- on girl action. The all-lesbian feature with Jessica Darlin, Marilyn Starr, and Syndee Steele is especially fun because it features the ultimate fantasy of a blonde, a redhead and a brunette who really, really like each other. Apparently they like to shop in the vibrator section of Wal-Mart as well because they brought all of their battery-powered toys along. Over in the land of boy-girl action, Booty Duty 3 features several hot anal scenes. One of the great highlights is when Raquel is getting ass fucked and Jessica takes the dick directly out of Raquelıs butt to lube it up with her mouth. Thereıs something completely and outrageously nasty about seeing a chick suck a cock after it was in another chickıs ass. Also on the outrageous front is a dirty blonde named Christian Wolf who takes to sucking her own petite toes as she gets reamed in the ass. Even if youıre not into the foot fetish thing, the entire display is fairly titillating, especially when she licks the dripping cum off her foot. Naturally, there are some less thrilling scenes, including a disappointing and dull three way with some black dude boffing Porchia and Allysa Allure. And the Shay Sweet scene -- although eagerly anticipated by my DVD player -- was lackluster. Overall, the disk is a decent value, even though the extras are a little sparse. There is a short, bland photo gallery that adds little to the complete package. The pre-fuck interviews are always amusing, but itıs becoming commonplace in most DVDs. The only time itıs truly interesting is when you have fun girls like Christian Wolf, who is clearly an upbeat and fun person to talk to. Then you want the interviews to last longer, which this one should have been. Even with minor shortcomings, Booty Duty 3 is buoyed by good-looking women having a good time in front of the camera. And giving up their asses for our entertainment. Reviewer Email: buddy@brooklynbizarro.com  

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