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Title: Penetration #7  
Reviewer: Captain AstroGlide  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


REVIEW: Penetration 7 TITLE

Reviewer- Captain AstroGlide
Overall Rating- A
Female Looks- A
Male Looks- B
Sex- A+
Plot/Acting- None
Extras- Photo gallery, cumshot recap, previews to new releases
A/V Quality - A

Time- 2 hours 20 min
Company- Anabolic
Director- None listed on disk or website!
Cast- Orsolya, Beatrice, Mercedes, Wanda, Maggie, Tunde, Sue, Christoph Clark, Mike Foster, John Walton, Andrew Youngman and Jean-Yves Le Castel.


Every so often a sex vid comes along thatıs so good, you just canıt take it out of the DVD player.  Penetration #7 is one of those disks.

Packed with hot Euro chicks taking it hard in the ass, this disk stands as one of the best Iıve reviewed all year.

The lovely actresses Orsolya, Beatrice, Mercedes, Maggie, Wanda, Tunde, Sue put on a show worthy of applause. These friendly European women (probably from Budapest) bring new meaning to friendly, fun, consensual sex.

Six unscripted scenes are shot entirely in Europe, and feature several beautiful new faces that look outstanding bathed in cum. Each of the girls are interviewed before the nasty act and we learn a little about their age, name and what kind of sex they like. Apparently they all enjoy group anal sex because in almost all of these scenes, the girls are treated to multiple studs.

Many slicker productions feature chicks who look drugged or generally unhappy. The best part of this collection is that the girls all look happy to be part of the filthy action. And to top it off, all the tits look real, which adds to the overall fantasy that these girls arenıt highly paid porn actresses, just chicks they picked up on the street.

There are several standout scenes with serious DP action, although no double anals. Yet the fact that ALL of the girls are willing to suck dick after it was in their ass makes up for any imaginable shortcomings.

The highlight of the disk is an outstanding three-way scene with some French dude fucking Maggie and Wanda. These two hotties do everything, including kneeling there as the guy hops back and forth to fuck each of them in the ass. Then after they take it in the ass, they suck his dick and take it in the face.

Penetration #7 is serious fun. It is extremely well shot, edited and produced. It is also a great value with six full-length scenes, a photo gallery AND a ³cumshot recap.² On Side B of the disk, there are 13 additional coming attractions for other Anabolic releases.  

Reviewer Email: buddy@brooklynbizarro.com

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