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Title: Hardcore Innocence  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Time- 1:40

Company- Elegant Angel

Director-Toni Ribas

Cast- Brigitta, Sharon, Vanda, Vanessa, Stella, Claudia,

Review- For a simple, all-sex title, Hardcore Innocence is a winner. If for no other reason than the reverence I have for Toni Ribas. For a director, he spends most of his time in front of the camera, and his performances are nothing short of heroic. Plus, he managed to gather a cast of stunning euro-babes who are almost all jaw-on-the-floor beautiful. Top that with vigorous sex and good camera work and you''ve won my appreciation. OK, enough drooling, let''''s look at what we''ve got.

Vanda, a beautiful and tawny woman with nice natural tits, reads and plays with herself in slow motion. A quick cut and a guy is going down on her wet pussy. They end up in a 69 with him holding her upside down. They progress through reverse cowgirl to a doggy style pounding. He''s somewhat hurried about it all and ends ups cumming noisily on her cunt.

It was all a dream, but then Vanessa shows up to rub Vanda. Vanessa is trampy, with wicked make-up and fake tits. Two guys show up to have fun. They fuck a lot for the rest of the scene. The camera catches good views of the action, which is sometimes difficult in groups scenes. Vanda gets picked up and fucked in the air at one point and Vanessa becomes the booty girl, taking it anal and getting DP''''d twice. There''''s a great chain of sex as Vanessa takes it in the ass while she''''s eating Vanda who is blowing the second guy. Everybody''s happy. They signal the end of the scene with a double money shot on Vanda''''s face.

Brigitta gets naked on the deck of a boat and is given flowers by a man in exchange for a blow job (isn''''t that how it always works?). She''''s a lovely strawberry blonde with good sized natural breasts and a sweet face. Out on deck she (naked) rides her guy (fully clothed) reverse cowgirl. They move inside for more action and it only gets hotter. My notes say "nice tits" twice, so let me mention again that she''''s got them. They ramp up to heavy pounding doggy style anal (having gone through a few other positions) that''s a kick to watch. They stay with the ass pounding in reverse cowgirl before a load gets dropped on her face.

Stella, a lithe, thin woman with dark hair, rubs herself in a bathroom before Toni Ribas shows up. They kiss and fondle like they mean it (none of those kisses where they just touch tongues thrust out like rigid pink slugs) before trading oral favors. They have a lot of standing, athletic sex in this segment. Toni has strong arms and Stella has strong legs, allowing them to shift into and hold positions that would immediately tire out a normal couple. At one point he fucks her against a wall as her legs wrap around his waist. There''''s also some wild doggy style that raised my eyebrows. Best of all, they''''re both obviously having a good time. Stella isn''''t just taking it, she''''s an active partner. Good stuff.

This next scene is the main reason why I like Toni Ribas. Sharon gets herself worked up. She''''s a tawny girl with pretty features and a taut body. Toni comes by to eat her twat before getting into missionary position. Sharon is languid, but not limp. She writhes and moans quietly as they screw, getting more and more into it as they go. They flip to anal doggy style and he wrecks her ass with some hard pounding. Toni gets kudos for lifting Sharon bodily and lowering her onto his massive cock for a bouncy ride. He cums on her cunt and then...keeps going. They fuck on their sides and then cowgirl (which shows off Sharon''''s nice ass) until he cums again. They gasp for a few seconds and then...continue! He lifts her and pounds away, getting more doggy style before a third (third! I nearly saluted) and final money shot in her mouth. All hail the porn god.

The disc ends with Claudia. She''''s an icy cool blonde with endless legs and a tall, slim body that won''''t quit. Her demeanor and almost aloof looks make you want to see her get the shit fucked out of her. You want to see her brought to a shivering orgasm that will crack her cool exterior. Toni comes close to doing just that. He wanders in to get a delicate and seductive blow job before they move inside. He takes it slow at first since her tight little pussy has trouble with his big rod. You can see how far she stretches to take him in (and that is worth the price of admission). They get into reverse cowgirl and he lifts her off the ground as they fuck. Claudia gets sweaty as she rides him, plus we''''re treated to some great close-ups of her face as she moans and writhes. It''''s a great scene and a fitting end to the disc.

Overall: More than solid, Hardcore Innocence really delivers. Whatever category you want to fit it into, gonzo, euro, all-sex, it''''ll stand out. Elegant Angel is a good label and they prove it again with Toni Ribas'''' efforts on this flick. He avoids being too focused, unlike his counterparts Assman and Christophe Clarke, and the result is all-action porn with a bit of everything. The only complaint is that it can be slow at times, staying with one angle or position for a bit too long. That, however, is a small complaint

Extras: Nothing off the hook. Chapter search, 10 poor quality photos in a gallery, two previews, and internet ads.





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