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Title: Outcall Confessions  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



OUTCALL CONFESSIONS   Reviewer- Sheyna Overall Rating- B+ Female Looks- B Male Looks- A Sex- B+ Plot/Acting- B Extras- C A/V Quality A   Time- Company- Metro Blue Movies Director- Cast- Wendi Knight, Shawna Sexton, Jeanie Rivers, Casey Raye, Kiki Daire, Ashley Taylor, Kylie Brooks, Syren   Review- The premise behind this film is showing the viewer sex from all levels of prostitution, from the madame who only services her favorite clients to the crack whore who will suck any idiots rod for an eight-ball. The ladies are not actual hookers, just pretending to be, at least currently. Most of the ladies are newcomers to the adult film biz or at least they were when this film was made. The camera work is very good. The background music is nice and appropriate to each scene. There is condom use but it is magically almost invisible. The first scene features the high-class madame doing a big, muscular Italian stud in front of a fireplace on a nice carpet. This is Wendi Knight and she is lovely and skinny as hell. She gives him a good, spitty blowjob. They fuck enthusiastically enough. He comes in her mouth. Scene 2 shows newcomer Ashley Taylor as a high priced call girl taking care of some guy outside on a stone patio. This blond is pretty and bouncy, yet mature. She gives him a long, skilled blowjob. He eats and fingers her pussy with a very close-up camera. They have a nice, bouncy fuck. Next we have four yellow-pages young chickies servicing a bachelor party. Featured in this scene is a knockout blond newcomer with a great ass, small tits and a beautiful smile named Jeanie Rivers. The four girls show up at the party and proceed to get all wiggly and naked. They blow all the guys while Jeanie and an Asian hottie do a lez scene. They all end up fucking, happy faced. If only all bachelor parties had cute guys with big dicks....... Moving down on the hooker food chain we see newcomer Shawna Sexton as a street hooker on a bare mattress in a crappy hotel room with some biker guy. He's all loaded down with cheesy jewelry and biker paraphernalia. She gives him a down and dirty blowjob. He fucks her until her big natural tits just flop and flop. She has a pierced clit. Biker Boy must have paid extra because she allows him to fuck her in the ass while she plays with herself. This is a good, long, driving anal scene ending with a facial, although not ass to mouth. At long last we hook up with Kiki Daire as the lowest crack whore on the street, jonesing for a fix. Kiki is also a newcomer and has a great ass, a headful of waist length blond braids and big, thick lips made for sucking cock. This was the best scene in the film, go figure. Her trashy, spitty and quite lengthy blowjob given in a skanky urban alley was worth more than any of the high priced hookers, in my opinion. It certainly got me hot. She was very into it. Girls, take a lesson. She then spreads wide on top of a car and takes a steady, driving, quality fuck from Joe Average. This scene ends with a very nasty facial. This film would be an appropriate choice for couples and guys who like regular porn with very little plot clogging things up. Extras include interviews with the girls and Behind The Scenes.    

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