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Title: Heartache  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Date Reviewed:


Overall rating                         B                                                                                                         

Female looks:                        A

Male looks:                           A

Sex:                                        C

Plot/Acting:                            B

Extras:                                   A

A/V Quality:                          A



March 24, 2001


Title:                                       Heartache


Production Company:            Wicked Pictures           www.wickedpictures.com


Director:                                 Brad Armstrong

Cast:                                       Missy, Stephanie Swift, Liza Harper, Syren, Sydnee Steele, Charlie, Petra, Herschel Savage, Tyce Bune, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Ian Daniels and Steve Hatcher.


DVD Features:                      1.         Chapter Selections: 9

2.                  AVN Award Winners and Nominations

3.                  Color slides taken during the filming of the movie

4.                  Website Information

5.                  Wicked Casino (CD Rom game option)

6.                  Trailers for Double Feature, Hell on Heels, Sex Safari and Pornogothic.

7.                  Biographies on Missy, Stephanie Swift, Liza Harper, Sydnee Steele, Herschel Savage, Brad Armstrong, and Mickey G.




The movie opens right away with the beautiful Miss Stephanie Swift getting hot and heavy with two ranch hands (Steve Hatcher and Ian Daniels) on a large ranch in Mexico.  Stephanie plays Melinda, the daughter of a wealthy rancher.  Both guys take turns with her pussy and then they cum on her tits.  The sex in this scene would have been decent had it not been for the musical score in the background and the muted men fucking the shit out of Stephanie.  I'm sorry, but I really enjoy listening to the sounds a man makes when he's pushing his cock in and out of a girl's slippery hole.  The music takes the voyeuristic quality out of it.  It is, however, a beautifully photographed scene.  Before the ranch hands are finished getting dressed Melinda's father (Herschel Savage) catches them and beats the men.  His daughter is rebellious and resentful over his father's remarriage upon her mother's untimely death. Her Stepmother Emmanuel (Missy) has problems of her own. 


A party at the Hacienda escalates into an orgy under the stars among the New Ranch Hand (Tyce Bune), his boss (Mickey G), Stephanie Swift, and others (Sydnee Steele, Syre, and Brad Armstrong.  .It's a very safe-sex orgy scene, doggie and cowgirl, boy/girl couplings.  After the scene, Tyce finds Missy in front of his sleeping quarters and they embrace and kiss each other passionately.  They discuss her unhappy marriage and separate for the evening.


The next afternoon they are alone and make love.  This is a great soft-core couples scene and I'm sure fans of romance novels would find this scene incredibly romantic.  The sex is safe, soft and played periodically in slow motion (I have slo-mo porn!)  Tyce cums on her ass and then the two embrace passionately. 


When Herschel finds out about his wife's infidelity he punishes her by forcing her to watch as he has his giant cock sucked by Liza Harper.  This of course, leads into some hotter action.  Herschel takes her from behind and fucks her doggie style and then in the ass in a reverse cowgirl.  He cums right in her open palms and then she licks them clean.


Meanwhile, Tyce has wandered back to the main ranch to win the heart of Missy while the stepdaughter is getting it on with Charlie and Petra.  This is a treat as Charlie and Stephanie are two of my favorite porn starlets.  I'd only wished they had thrown a guy into the mix.  Oh well, it's the all-girl porn staple I guess.  Even when it doesn't make sense to the rest of the story, there has to be an all-girl scene.  Each of the three girls is given the royal treatment, eating and fingering on each other's pussies.  Toys are brought out of course.  The girls each have dildos and fuck their cunts until they cum. 


I don't want to tell you what happens to Missy and Tyce, I'll let you see it for yourself. I didn't really appreciate the musical score or slow motion photography over the sex scenes, I find that extremely boring.  While I would not recommend this film to anyone who enjoys gonzo or hard-core films, I do feel that this is a great couples flick and would highly recommend it to a first time adult movie watcher.  This is also a nice flick for women who would love to see their period romance novels come to life.



Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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