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Title: Fade to Black #3  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: A
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Date Reviewed:

Overall rating                       C                                                                                                           

Female looks:                        C

Male looks:                           A

Sex:                                        C

Plot/Acting:                            N/A

Extras:                                   C

A/V Quality:                          B


March 29, 2001


Title:                                       Fade to Black 3 


Production Company:            Metro  www.metroglobal.com


Director:                                 Rob


Cast:                                       Aniya, Honey Love, Dynasty, Cinna Bunz, Mariah, Lari,           Obsession, Chastity, Jake Steed Mr Marcus, Mark Anthony    


DVD Features:                      1.         Chapter selection - 6 Chapters

2.                  Slide show with 20 color slides shot during the making of this flick.

3.                  Previews on Side B for Catch Me If You Can.Com, The Houston 500, More Than A Handful #7 "Sexophrenia", Son Doobie the Love Doctor, Hot House Tales, Titman's Poolparty 2, Misty Cam Volume 5 "Starlet Express", Trial By Copulation, Nothing to Hide 3-Justine's Daughter, Nothing to Hide 4-Club Purgatory, Under Dressed, Deception, Things Change 3, Things Change 4, Taboo 19, Revenge, Pink, Euro Babes 4, Babes Illustrated 3, Hand Job Hunnies, Fuck You, Ass Whores 7, Virgin Pink, Blue Dahlia, Zazel the Secret of Love, Red Vibe Diaries-Object of Desire, White Angel, Carnal Instincts, Red Vibe Diaries 2-Dark Desires, Women on Top, Stop My Ass is on Fire 2, Backseat Driver 10, The Ultimate Squirting Machine 2 and Shades of Sex 4.

4.                  Company and Website Information for www.amazingsex.com



In the first scene of this all black, gonzo flick, Aniya gets busy with Mark Athony.  Aniya has a pretty face but her implant scars and stretch marks are so dark and obvious it's a shame they mess up her beautiful dark skin.  Mark fingers her and eats her out and then she returns the favor by taking his huge cock into her mouth and taking it pretty far into her throat.  He rolls her over onto the couch and fucks her in a leg-over-head missionary.  Aniya is responsive to Mark's dick but not very active; she just laid their and moaned.  He flips her over and does her doggie-style and reverse cowgirl and then shoots his load all over her face.  Mark was nice to watch but I didn't like the girl.


Jake Steed has two ladies sprawled out on his lap when the next scene opens.  Dynasty, a cute black lady with smallish breasts and Honey Love, a pretty black girl with terrible hair extensions are naked and attentive to Jake's big cock.  These girls are definitely more active than the girl in the first scene.  Jake does both girls, reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggie-style and cums in Honey Love's mouth.


Mark has a real hottie this time, as the beautiful Cinnabunz comes onto him after a game of difficult game of chess.  Mark fingers and eats her wet pussy and then she takes his long shaft into her throat and fucks it gently with her mouth.  He takes her in a standing doggie, reverse cowgirl and then slides his huge cock deep inside her asshole.  She takes it in stride and then in the face when he lets loose all over her mouth.


Mr. Marcus, one of my favorites, gives Mariah, a beautiful light-skinned black girl, a piano lesson (better keep your day job Marcus, you're a better lover than pianist).  This of course, drive Marian crazy and she can't help but start fingering herself.  Marcus slides over, eats, and fingers her pussy then she gives him a slow and deep blowjob.  Marcus has a beautiful dick and Mariah is pretty so this makes for some great cock sucking!  Marcus fucks her small cunt missionary, sideways spoon and unfortunately, she is a bit immobile.  Why are they just lying there?  Oh well, this was still the best scene on the whole DVD.


Lari and Jake enjoy some sweet kissing just before he pushes her head down to her crotch and shoves his thick dick into her mouth.  She can't get very much of it into her throat but she gets two points for trying.  She sits on top of him in a reverse cowgirl and bounces up and down as he pummels the shit out of her pussy from underneath.  They spoon fuck and go at it doggie style for a while and then he cums on her ass.



Obsession is one of the cutest girls in this installment and she is paired up with Chastity for some double team action with the incredible Mr. Lexington Steele.  They are in awe at the size of his cock and are so excited when they finally get it in their mouths.  On sucks the cock while the other sucks the balls and Lex is truly in heaven!  This is the only scene where the girls are really giving and take an active part in the sexual activity.  Obsession takes the entire length of his rod all the way up inside of her cunt as he fucks her doggie-style.  Chastity is next but he can't quite get it all the way inside.  He shoots his load all over both girls and the girls licks it off one another.  This is definitely the scene to watch if you are a fan of this series.


I was not crazy about this installment of the Fade to Black series because barring the Marcus and Lex scenes, I didn't like any of them.  The girls were pretty enough, but they showed no enthusiasm and excitement. 


Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com


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