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Title: Assman #6  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Studio: Anabolic

Extras: Chapters, photo gallery, website promo, previews.

Format: double-sided (feature on side A, previews on side B).

Length: 138 minutes

Starring: Diana, Emanuell, Nicolle, Christina, Niki Blue, Agatha, Jean-Pierre Armand, Yves LePrince, Andrew Youngman, Jean-Yves LeCastle.


You know what to expect from this DVD - beautiful Eurobabes getting DP'ed. I found 3 of the six women to be extremely attractive. The others were fair-to-middlin'. This title gets an A only if you are a lover of untamed, plotless, dirty sex.

The Breakdown:

Diana: WOW! This brunette is gorgeous! She gets on a boat with several guys and they immediately strip her and start fingering her ass and spitting in it. I must say the filmmakers were incredibly brazen to film this scene out on the middle of a river in a populated area. Diana blows the guy with passion and rides him in reverse cowgirl - only his cock is buried in her ass, not her cunt. Soon she's bent over with a cock buried deep within her bunghole. There are lots of close-up shots of her ass (to be expected from a film of this nature) but they reveal some pimples that aren't terribly attractive. Still, her natural beauty is amazing. Another guy joins the fray and pumps her ass a bit before finally entering her cunt. Then it's back to her ass as she rides him in reverse cowgirl again. In closing, she takes two facial cumshots while looking right at the camera. Very nice.

Emanuell: Blonde Emanuell, wearing a white minidress and heels, falls asleep in a chaise lounge while reading a porno mag. We enter her dreams to find out she's dreaming of participating in an orgy. The orgy consists of her with three guys. She's taking turns sucking their cocks as they rip off her blue bra and panties for some action. They bend her over, eat her ass, apply some lubricant, and start pumping away. She usually has a cock in her mouth, and the guys alternate between her ass and cunt, at times DP'ing her. They really work her hard and take turns cumming on her face to close out the scene. I didn't find her as attractive as Diana, or as Nicolle, in the upcoming scene.

Nicolle: Wearing a nice yellow halter top and short white skirt, Nicolle bends over a balcony to give us a nice view of her ass. The guys (two of them this time) walk up from behind to flank her, and after making a few hand gestures, she agrees to follow them (if only picking up women were this easy!!) Before we know it, they're all on a bed together and she's sucking a cock. One guy eats her ass (viciously) as she provides a memorable blowjob for the viewer. Soon she's getting her butt plugged by man-meat, with her cute little red panties pulled aside - very sexy. Her DP looks downright painful! She takes two loads of cum directly in her mouth. She even blows them again after sucking down their cum. I thought the scene was over, but in walked a third guy, this time a large black man. The guys continue to abuse her and then take her into the bathroom where they fuck her a bit more before the scene fades out.

Christina: This dark-haired beauty arrives on a boat with two lecherous guys eager to bone her senseless. They dock the boat and set up some blankets on the shore prior to fondling her and stripping her of her black minidress. This chic has a beautiful face and a slightly pudgy, yet beautiful ass. She is wearing some red underwear beneath her dress. It comes off quickly. She begins sucking cock while the other guy lubes her ass, then she begins taking it in both ends. They DP her from several angles before blowing their loads on her face. She doesn't let them come in her mouth. Her innocent looking face was a huge turn-on.

Niki Blue: We start on a sofa in a living room. Niki's facing us wearing a black dress. We have an upskirt view of her white panties. Two guys sit at each side of her and start to fondle her, then fuck her. As usual, she sucks cock for starters, followed by the application of lubricant to her ass, then one lucky guy gets to open up her rear end. Niki even gives the guys handjobs in this scene. The lighting is kind of dim here and the camera angle is jerky at times but the sex is hot as ever. I especially liked this girl's semi-unshaven beaver - something we hardly see anymore. The facial cumshot is truly nasty - she rubs it all over her face and is a sweaty mess.

Agatha: This is the girl on the cover of the box. She's staring into her mirror at home, dreaming of something... I wonder what? Could it be getting her ass plugged by several guys? Of course! The director wastes no time cutting straight into a 3-on-1 with her as the centerpiece. She's sucking one guy's dick as another fingers her ass. This entire scene is extremely raw; they fuck her with reckless abandon and she begs for it like a bitch in heat. She's DP'ed and TP'ed and even sucks one guy's ass. They pour their loads all over her face and she rubs it in, then sucks them dry for good measure. This scene got a bit tiresome; I didn't think Agatha's beauty measured up to some of the earlier ladies on this disc. She doesn't look as good as she does on the box cover (they never do!)



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