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Title: Sodomania Orgies #1  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B



Title: Sodomania Orgies - Sex After School

Reviewer: Jack Hoffman


Overall rating: B

Female looks: B

Male looks: B

Sex: B+

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: B

A/V Quality: B


Studio: Elegant Angel

Extras: Motion chapters, photo gallery, previews, ads

Format: single-sided

Length: 80 minutes


Starring: Alexandra Silk, Bamboo, Laurie Holmes, Dolly Golden, Chocolate, Chloe, Nikki Stone, Stephanie B., Deborah Valentine, Katy Parker, Anastasia Blue, Carmen, Keisha Dominguez, and a bunch of guys.



Scene 1 is fairly short; scene 2 is a one-hour extravaganza of wild group sex, truly living up to this film's title.  If you love untamed group sex, you'll enjoy this film.  My only beef with it is that the group scenes are so large that it's hard to figure out who's who and who's fucking whom.  The close-up shots that are persistently used make it hard to get a handle on the "big picture" of the action.  This is a quality title, and recommended for raincoaters and lovers of group sex.  Note regarding the female looks category - there are so many women in this title, some are A's, others are C's, it's a mixed bag that I feel averages out to a B.


The Breakdown:


Scene 1: "Lessons Well Learned":  (Nikki Stone, Katy Parker, Deborah Valentine, Nick Lang, Leslie Taylor).  The guys fondle the girls' asses and remove their panties.  One girl looks a bit old and is not terrible attractive.  A third girl enters the scene to deliver some drinks for the orgy participants.  They toast and drink the wine.  The maid is ordered to kneel.  The guys lick the ladies' cunts while the maid watches silently.  Poor girl - she is forced to masturbate to pleasure herself. The other ladies begin to suck the guys' cocks.  One guy makes the maid lick another girl's pussy, as he finally begins to rub her cunt.  The girls start to lick each other's asses and take turns sucking cock, prior to some doggystyle penetration of the blondes.  I thought it was very erotic how the one blonde kept her grey bra and panties on throughout the fucking.  She is a real doll, the best in this scene.  They alternate partners fro several minutes, closing with some cumshots on the titties and a big load on the ass.  This scene can truly be categorized as pure filth and is well-done, although close-up shots are overused, lending to a chaotic feel (in that we are rarely given the "big picture" as to who is fucking whom).


Scene 2: "Graduation Day": (Keisha Dominguez, Anastasia Blue, Alexandra Silk, Chocolate, Dolly Golden, Chloe, Laurie Holmes, Carmen, Stephanie B., Bamboo, Kyle Stone, Pat Myne, Lexington Steele, Tyce Bune, Tony Montana, Hershel Savage, Oliver Sanchez, Roscoe Bowltree).  Damn! That is a lot of people.  This is a twisted scene.  Diplomas are handed out to the pornstars (what are they supposedly graduating from anyway?) Then they remove their clothes and reveal some nice tight outfits.  Some ladies wear bra and panties alone, others wear miniskirts and halter tops, others have pleated skirts, whatever floats your boat... it's here.  The "teachers" proceed to pick a partner and start sucking a tit, getting their cock sucked, etc.  This is truly group sex.  The little Asian gave a beautiful blowjob, Chocolat gets her ass plowed (as she leaves her white bra on - white on black is always erotic).  We get all kinds of views of fucking here, but they are very random and disconnected.  It is impossible to have any sense of cohesion with a cast this large.  Whatever your fancy, it's in this scene; unfortunately, each clip is brief and we don't always get a good angle.  At one point a black guy fucks a slim Asian with his absolutely massive cock.  There's a mix of lesbian action intermingled with the straight sex.  There is far too much action in this scene to possibly go into more detail; take my word for it that you will be satisfied by it.  I loved the part where three girls sucked one man's cock - beautiful!  A TON of facials close out this scene.


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