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Title: Leg Ends #5  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: C+



Title: Leg ~ Ends V (Softcore)

Reviewer: Jack Hoffman


Overall rating: C

Female looks: C

Male looks: N/A

Sex: N/A

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: F

A/V Quality: C


Studio: Metro

Extras: None (we have one option - "play movie")

Format: single-sided

Length: 60 minutes


Starring: Mercedes Lynn, Lisa Wilson, Rebecca, Nancee Kellee, Kimberly Dawn, Alexis Gold.



This is a foot fetishist's film.  At the beginning, we're forced to watch several minutes of phone-sex ads for foot lovers and S&M aficionados.  Aargh, I hate phone sex ads!  There is no sex in this film; it's strictly softcore.  In my humble opinion, you should avoid this title unless you absolutely are crazy over women's feet and legs.


The Breakdown:


We start with Mercedes Lynn stroking her foot and telling us how hot and wet she is.  She's sitting on a sofa, stroking her pussy, talking nasty to us.  I liked it that she left her black stockings on for a while - very erotic.  She eventually takes them off and continues to rub her feet.  The camera zooms in closely on them.  Mercedes is a pretty attractive girl, her hair is a late 80's early 90's style, and she seems comfortable in front of the camera.  Her scene is fairly short (as is true for all girls on this disc) and I found myself wondering "where's the beef?" (i.e., what's the big deal about these scenes? There's not much action).


The next girl is Lisa Wilson, who's practicing her dance moves for us in a little skirt and tank top.  Of course this makes her feet sore, so she removes her shoes and teases us by waving them around for the camera.  At least she takes her shirt off and shows us her tits, unlike Mercedes who did not.  She strokes her clit for us and bends over for the cam.  This scene has more erotic action than did the first.


Rebecca returns to her bedroom after her cheerleading workout.  She's wearing a Lakers' jacket and a pair of blue shorts.  Her "bedroom" is designed to look like a little girl's room, but this is no little girl in the frame. She's chunky and unattractive.  Off come the shoes and the clothes, she rubs her feet and moans a bit, but there's nothing erotic about this scene.


The next girl is named Desi.  She has some Asian or Polynesian blood in her, judging from her looks.  She's wearing some gorgeous pink lingerie and talks nasty to us.  I liked this scene. She gives us a striptease that focuses less on the feet and legs and more on her tight body (especially her precious ass).  Just when this scene was getting hot as she fingered her hairy beaver, it cut to the next scene.


Alexis Gold is next.  She's wearing lingerie and a blue Dodgers' jacket, a baseball cap, and a baseball glove.  She tells us how much she likes baseball.  Then off come the shoes, the jacket, the bra (large droopy tits), and the stocking.  She fondles her toes a bit, even sucking them at times, but we never get to see her cunt.  This scene was a disappointment.


Nancee Kellee is next.  She's wearing a black bra and black shoes.  She removes her shoes and strokes her feet, then licks them.  Later she sucks the heels of her shoes.  I suppose those who love foot kink will really get off on this, but it does nothing for me.


Kimberly, the next girl, removes her red top to reveal her tits.  Off comes her skirt and panties next, revealing her natural features.  She sucks her toes and strokes her long legs a bit.  She talks filthy to us at times when her foot isn't in her mouth (literally).  We get an nice view of her unshaven pussy as she strokes it.  She's not that attractive, and her late 80's looks may not appeal to those who only appreciate contemporary beauty.


The end of the film has a few advertisements for other foot fetish films.  It's all more of the same, and didn't do much for me.


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