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Title: Eroto Mania  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B



Title: Erotomania

Reviewer: Jack Hoffman


Overall rating: B

Female looks: B

Male looks: B

Sex: B

Plot/Acting: C

Extras: A

A/V Quality: B


Studio: Vivid

Extras: Multiple angles, VR menus, meet the girls, previews.

Format: single-sided dual layer

Length: 97 minutes (feature length, not counting multiple angles)


Starring: Alex Taylor, TJ Hart, Dasha, Chennin Blanc, Renee La Rue, Robert Taylor, Bobby Vitale, Eric Price, TT Boy.


Notes: condoms used throughout.

Themes: office sex



There really isn't much in the way of plot here.  Essentially, the boss's fiancée is a slut, the new temp at the office realizes the boss is sick of his fiancée, and she tries to seduce him and become his fiancée to make him a happier man.  In the end, the temp seems to be as much of a slut as the fiancée, and equally deranged.  The film consists of sex scenes with intermissions featuring commentary by Alex Taylor (it seems she's talking to some psychiatrists regarding her obsession with the boss).  Thus, she recollects the details of her relationship with the boss and as she does so, the scene cuts to the event she describes.  I have seen a number of Vivid DVD's lately exhibiting this trend - intermission scenes with commentary followed by a sex scene.  I do not think this formula lends itself to plot development; yet, if you do not care about plot (probably most of you), this should be no problem.


I did enjoy the office sex concept, the boss/employee idea has long been a fetish of mine.  It was played out well enough in this film, but it didn't grip me enough to warrant an A.


The Breakdown:

The story is built on a sordid plot revolving around a company's boss, his employees, and the boss's fiancée.  The boss's wife-to-be is a slut, and he wants to get out of the engagement, but is trapped.  A new temp at the office (Alex Taylor) has a knack for reading people's emotions, and figures out the boss's dilemma.  The film cuts back and forth between Alex recollecting the sordid details of the office, and film clips of the sordid events in action.  It seems she's being interrogated by the police or something, so the film is sort of a collection of flashbacks as she relives the past.


The first sex scene is of the fiancée seducing two gardeners out by the pool (the "office" set is poorly cast in someone's house).  One of the gardeners is Bobby V, the other seems to be Dasha.  This threesome gets hot and heavy outdoors by the pool as both ladies ride Bobby.  There's cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle.  The scene climaxes with Bobby ripping off the condom and spraying a load on the fiancee's tits.  The condom is a bit gross, but this was a pretty good scene.


Next up, TT Boy goes to work on the office receptionist.  I liked the setup to this scene.  She's wearing a blazer and skirt with bra and panties underneath, and he slowly strips her before she goes down on his cock, deep throating him.  It was really sexy watching her ride his pole in reverse cowgirl, she leaves her panties on (pulled to the side), adding some nice variety here.  The condom is prominently visible, to my chagrin.  Lighting was a bit dark here.  He fucks her cunt from several angles, but there is no anal.  The scene ends with him cumming on her tits.


Alex recounts how hard it was for her to maintain her affair with the boss since they couldn't get time alone together.  She tells us how they stayed after at the office to fool around, but the maid and security people would be in working at night, interrupting their privacy.  Then she details for us how the maid and the security man were having their own affair.  Scene cuts to the maid and security guy fucking.  This bleached blonde is dressed in a ratty shirt and sweatpants, which is not the kind of opening to a scene I want.  I like my women to start dressed in high-class clothes and work their way down to nothingness.  Anyway, the maid (who I again believe is Dasha) gets her cunt eaten by the security guy before she blows him.  The blowjob is really sensual and the ambient soundtrack provides good atmosphere.  As he fucks her cunt, we have multiple angles to choose from, adding some variety to this fairly long scene.  The scene ends with a cumshot on her stomach and tits.


The boss's fiancée begins to worry about his relationship with the new temp.  She invites Alex over to have lunch with her and they become friends (i.e., lesbian scene).  The scene begins on a bed, both ladies in bras and panties (very nice).  Alex gets her cunt eaten and frigged by the boss's fiancée before getting a purple dildo rammed into her cunt.  Finally, Alex repays the favor by eating out the other woman's cunt and shoving a dildo into her.  A dildo is stuffed into Alex's ass, prior to the ladies fucking each other with a double-ended dildo.  This was a fairly long scene, and I grew tired of it after a bit.


Lastly, the boss finally gets to fuck Alex.  Alex is wearing a nice tight blue dress and lying on a leopard-skin bed.  The boss strips his pants and shoves his cock into her mouth.  Her fake tits are rather prominent in this scene, detracting somewhat from the otherwise well-filmed action.  The missionary action was a bit bland, but the doggystyle was very hot.  Her nice tan lines are accentuated by the lighting in this scene, making her look extremely sexy.  Unfortunately the closing cumshot was a bit lacking in juice, suggesting the actor was perhaps a bit "drained" already.




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