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Title: Nurse's Diary  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A



Title: The Nurse''''s Diary


Starring: Laure Sinclair, Lea Martini, Anita Blond, David Perry, Mike Foster, Karen Lancaume, Omelia, Pierre-Herve Gustave, Cassandra Reinhard.


Studio: Wicked Pictures / Mark Dorcel


Extras: Biographies, photo gallery, audio tracks in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.  Subtitles in Swedish, Danish, and Portuguese.


Format: Single-sided

Length: 100 minutes



Picture quality: A

Sound quality:  A

Acting quality:  B

Female looks:   A



This is my second look at a Laure Sinclair title.  I was impressed by her work in "The Obsession of Laure," and continue to be so with this film.  The settings are superb, the acting is great (as far as porn goes), the women are exquisite, the plots and fantasies are creative, and you should buy this DVD.


A Look at the Film:


            The general idea of the film is this: Laure has been hired as a live-in nurse for a rich family.  The patient is the lady of the house, who has been prescribed a "complicated treatment of herbs and vitamins and companionship."  Laure is to be her companion.

The first scene opens with Laure combing her hair in thre bathroom.  She''''s wearing panties and a bra.  Her bathtub is full of suds and bubbles are flying everywhere in the air.  A dashingly handsome man (Pierre) rises out of the bathtub wearing a wetsuit; he removes it, and the scene cuts straight to Laure giving him a blowjob.  Laure looks better in this scene than I remember her in "Obsession of Laure." Her blowjob is excellent; I love it that she keeps her panties, bra, and hose on during the shot.  He throws Laure on her back and begins fucking her silly.  She looks gorgeous - she still has her bra and hose on.  The fucking is spirited but short; Pierre doesn''''t last 2 minutes in her cunt before he sprays his load on her tits.

The family is seated at breakfast in the next scene.  Seated at the table are: Lea Martini, Anita Blond, Pierre, and the son of Lea and Pierre (FYI, Lea and Pierre play a married couple in this film).  Pierre is discussing business on his cell phone.  The guy sitting across the table from Anita and Lea "accidentally" drops things and bends over to pick them up.  This is a ruse so he can steal upskirt glimpses of the ladies.  Both are wearing nice short skirts.  Karen enters, dressed in a tennis skirt, and invites Anita to join her to play tennis.  They leave together, but Karen''''s bike chain is broken, so Anita goes on ahead of her while Karen wheels her bike over to a guy''''s garage to have him fix it.  The guys is busy painting an old chair, so she has to distract him to get his attention.  Karen, like a bitch in heat, throws herself at him. He begins eating her out and then receives a hot blowjob from the young tart.  He fucks her from behind with her bent over a chair, getting paint all over her ass and back (I found this to be somewhat of a turnoff).  After he blows his load, he actually takes the paintbrush and wipes it over her ass.  A bit strange, but whatever works.

In the next scene, the "boy" of the house steals a pair of panties from the clothesline and goes up to his room to jerk off into them.  (This is the horny little fuck who stole upskirt peeks at Anita and Lea earlier.)  Laure, dressed in a hot-as-fuck tight pink top and gorgeous little skirt, goes upstairs to investigate, treating us to a nice view of her ass.  She peeks into his room and sees him sniffing his collection of women''''s panties.  Laure smiles, she thinks it''''s cute.

That afternoon, Laure overhears Lea talking with a guy she''''s having an affair with.  Lea wants to break it off with this guy, but he insists that they stay together.  Laure gets a call from Pierre, who won''''t be able to make it home for lunch - what he doesn''''t tell her is that instead, he''''s stopping at the "Palace of Pleasure."

In a strange twist, the horny son has put a video camera onto his radio-controlled car, and is driving it around the house.  He directs it into Anita''''s bathroom and films her masturbating.  This scene is short but hot.  Next, he moves it into Karen''''s bedroom and films her from behind as she puts on some lipstick.  She''''s wearing a lacy teddy and hose and we get a nice ass-view of her.  Next up is Laure''''s bedroom.  Laure removes her nurse''''s uniform and we see her in her hose and bra (apparently she doesn''''t wear panties under her uniform).  Unfortunately, Laure closes the door and the horny guy doesn''''t get to peek at her any more.

Next up, a lady cat burglar is breaking into the house at night to steal the family''''s jewels.  She''''s interrupted when Anita Blond comes home with her boyfriend and they begin to fuck on the pool table.  The cat burglar hides in the rafters above.  The guy fingers Anita''''s cunt as she kneels on the pool table, then eats her, and then fucks her from behind.  This scene is very hot, Anita has the face and body of a model and keeps her garter belt and hose on which is always a huge plus for me.  Mid-way through this scene, Anita notices the intruder hiding above, and the two lovers "force" her to participate in some three-way action.  The result is a short, but very hot threesome.  I was not able to determine who the lady cat burglar was.  I believe it is Lea or Laure, but she''''s wearing a mask and it''''s hard to tell.

Lea gets a phone call from Pierre.  He''''s not going to be home for dinner, and is "terribly sorry."  In reality, he''''s receiving a blowjob from two young whores (presumably, Cassandra and Omelia).  This scene features oral (straight and lez), some backdoor action, and a facial cumshot.  I didn''''t find this scene very appealing, probably because these women pale in comparison to the likes of Anita, Lea, and above all, Laure.  In that sense, the director has perhaps done a good job of casting these roles, since the women in this scene are supposed to be trashy whores, not high-class pussy.

            I love the next scene.  Laure comes into the master bedroom to deliver the medication for Lea.  Lea is in the bathroom and Pierre is in the bed, so Pierre gropes and ogles Laure while Lea (unknowingly) asks him questions like "darling, do you think I''''m beautiful? Do you still find me attractive?"  Pierre, ever the two-timing male slut, tells her what she wants to hear while Laure gives him a blowjob and he fondles her cunt.  Lea begins to stroke her clit as the camera alternates between bathroom and bedroom, highlighting the irony of the situation.  As Lea orgasms under her own power, Pierre cums on Laure''''s face and tits.  This scene is excellent and I can''''t say enough about it.

            Next, the horny kid is playing with his remote controlled car again.  He finds Lea and her gigolo fooling around on the sofa.  The two lovers decide to go to a more secluded place (a wooded area in the backyard) where they fuck each other senseless.  I love seeing Lea, dressed in her high-class rich bitch power suit, as she sucks cock.  There''''s nothing like a high-class whore.  Unknown to the two lovers, Laure (and later, Karen) are discreetly watching them from the house.

            Lea asks Laure to bring her a cup of coffee.  Laure stares at the pitcher of coffee and drifts off into her own fantasy.  She fantasizes of a scene right out of 12th century Arabia.  Lea is the mistress, and Anita and Laure comprise her harem.  The ladies dote over Lea and have a lesbian threesome while Arabic music plays.  The ladies are in full costume and a smoky haze permeates the air.  I''''m not a big lesbian fan, but there are some interesting quirks in this scene.  Two ladies place an orange inbetween their cunts and fuck together at it.  There''''s a lot of licking and sucking, but I grow impatient with scenes like this and fast-forwarded.

            Karen confronts Lea''''s lover about the sordid sex she saw her Lea engaging in with him.  I was a bit confused by the plot here.  The guy goes to make amends at someone''''s house, but Anita is hiding there, and throws herself at him when he arrives.  Forget the plot in this scene, just enjoy the sex.  We get a nice striptease, amazing cocksucking, and a great fuck of Anita''''s neatly shaven pussy.  As seems to be the norm in this film, she leaves her hose on.  He titty fucks her and blows his load on her face.  A nice touch.

            The next scene is an example of the kind of awesome sexual fantasies I love in these European productions.  Laure, asleep on the sofa, dreams that she is in the middle of the Vietnam war (yes, you heard me correctly).  She''''s being chased by the enemy, and ducks into the bunker of some American soldiers.  She''''s wearing a sultry silken red dress, and cries "please help me, the Vietnamese think I''''m a whore who works for the Americans, they''''re going to kill me!"  The leering soldiers are astonished -- this is probably the first woman they''''ve seen in months -- so they have to ogle her and grope her to determine if she is real or not.  She instantly begins sucking cock (a woman has to earn her keep) and takes it from behind.  The costuming in this scene is pretty good, as is the setting.  It looks to be a believable war bunker, the guys are wearing army fatigues, and the audio complements it by simulating the sound of machine gun fire in the background.  All holes are filled in this scene, and Laure receives a monstrous facial cumshot at the end.

            Back to reality... Laure is asleep on the sofa, and the horny kid sneaks into the room to examine her body.  Foolish Laure was wearing a short pleated skirt when she took her nap, so he gets an easy upskirt view of her cunt.  Laure shifts positions, giving him a better view, and he strokes her panties.  It''''s pretty obvious she''''s not asleep, but we are to believe that she is.  He slips his fingers under the panties and strokes her cunt.  She begins to wake up, and he runs away to his room.  He''''s horny as fuck, so he puts on a slideshow of nudie pics on his wall, and furiously beats off.  Laure, the sympathetic nurse, comes into his room to give him a hand.  The striptease begins, and Laure mounts him on the bed.  This kid is in shock (this is every teen boy''''s ultimate fantasy come true).  Her blowjob is absolute perfection, as she gives him some of the most passionate head I''''ve ever seen.  She peels open a condom (this is the only one I saw used in this whole film), applies it, and gives him what we''''re to assume is his first fuck.  Laure is sensational and takes it in several positions before he blows his load on her ass to conclude this excellent film.


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