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Title: Dr. Fellatio #19  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



Title: Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #19


Starring: Linda Storm, Strawberry, Obsession, Sonja Redd, McKayla, Lola, Raven Moore, Melody Love, Mariah, Heaven Lee, Bamboo, Candy Sweet, Fabrice, Zarina, Coral Sands, Clarissa Climax, Ms. Kitty, Cherry Mirage, others unnamed.


Studio: Elegant Angel / Patrick Collins


Extras: Photo gallery, preview trailers, jump-to-a-scene, advertisements for website.


Format: single-sided DVD.

Length: 115 minutes


OVERALL:      B-

Picture quality: B-

Sound quality:  C

Female looks:   B (a mixed bag, some duds)

Acting quality:  N/A



There''s something about a blowjob that is so sensual and erotic that at times I prefer blowjob flicks to traditional sex films.  I have been a fan of the Blowjob Fantasies line for a while, and this is my first look at the competition''s work.  This compilation has its strengths and weaknesses.  Pros: With 21 different women, you''re guaranteed to find some that you like.  Cons: With 21 different women, there are going to be some duds in there.  Also, lighting and sound aren''t particularly good.  This title was shot on video and remastered.


A Look at Each Scene:

Scene 1:  A lady dressed in a red dress and a white wig sings happy birthday to Dr. Fellatio.  This scene is shot in someone''s backyard next to the pool.  The girl is holding a small birthday cake full of frosting, and wipes Dr. Fellatio''s dick through it and sucks it while talking dirty to us.  She rubs frosting all over her tits and titty fucks him for a while before she commences with the full blowjob.  The BJ itself is fairly dull, and I found the abundance of frosting and the woman''s wig to be real turnoffs.  The scene is short (thankfully) lasting only about eight minutes before he jacks off onto her face.  This scene is a definite candidate for fast-forward.


Scene 2:  We begin with a slightly dark-skinned woman in her bikini applying suntan lotion to her body.  She removes her top, pulls aside her bikini bottom, and begins to frig herself.  Then, she crawls out to the pool and starts to suck the cock of a lucky guy who is lying on an air mattress in the water.  It''s very sexy how she crawls forward toward the camera; unfortunately, there is so much sunlight in the scene that the camera can''t get the right contrast on her body, and she appears very dark and shadowy.  Her blowjob is fine, it gets a bit dull due to the lack of camera angles, but the guy seems to cum prematurely - you may almost miss it unless you watch carefully.


Scene 3:  This scene begins with a young redhead''s lips encased around a cock.  The scene is filmed in the same backyard, this time the man is standing and the girl is kneeling.  I particularly liked this scene, perhaps because the girl reminds me of someone I once dated, but I digress.  She gives an incredibly sensual performance, but it is cheapened by the fact that you can hear people talking in the background.  This girl is remarkably quiet as she sucks dick.  I love it when she speaks and says, "you wanna pop all over my face?"  This is a great scene, but the cumshot falls short of expectations.  I don''t know if the director thought it would be a good idea to re-use the same guy 5 times in one day or what, but hardly any cum comes out of his dick.  I would have loved to see her pretty face get smothered in love juice, but sadly no.


Scene 4:  Next up is a two-on-one.  Two girls, one white, one black, open the scene by diving deep on a guy''s dick.  The black girl has her tongue pierced and has several tattoos, really adding to her whore image.  The white girl looks like she could have been a model, she''s lithe, blonde, and is wearing a tight minidress that I found extremely sexy.  The women take turns sucking his cock.  There''s a lot of saliva in these shots, which is okay in moderation, but perhaps a bit excessive here.  We''re given several camera angles, so the scene doesn''t get boring, and I loved hearing the women laugh and giggle as they sucked his dick.  Their slutty talk (e.g., "cum all over us") was very sexy, and the facial was great - he hits the blonde square in the nose.


Scene 5: Another two-on-one.  Girl one is a tall, skinny, hot as hell brunette; the other is a little pudgy, with jet-black hair (somewhat gothic).  They begin with some slutty girl-talk about how they love big hard cocks... yeah yeah, whatever.  The ladies get down on their knees and take turns blowing him, talking dirty the whole while.  The BJ is straightforward, except when the one girl decides to stroke his balls with her feet while the other sucks his cock.  The cumshot is good, he comes on the prettier girl''s face, which is what I wanted to see, and then slaps their faces several times with his dick.  This is definitely a good scene.


Scene 6: We''re treated to another two-on-one, this time it is two ebony ladies servicing the good doctor.  The scene is filmed in someone''s garage, the two girls begin by masturbating on the hood of a car before getting on their knees and sucking dick.  They work his cock and balls in tandem and refer to him repeatedly as a "kinky bastard."  These girls are a little thicker than some porn sluts, but in an attractive way.  Late in the scene, a third black girl enters the room and waves her ass in the air.  When the guy finally cums, he sprays all over this chic''s ass, then the other two ladies lick the cum off her behind.


Scene 7:  Another two-on-one, only this time we have two guys on one girl.  She''s a lithe black girl in a tank top and tight jean shorts, and a pierced right nipple and tounge (ouch).  We have that same obnoxious background noise of people laughing and talking - totally unacceptable, as it detracts from the scene.  Our lady turns her head back and forth to alternate her sucking of the two cocks.  Sadly there is very little variety in this scene, and the lighting is terrible.  The cumshot was thick and rich, which should satisfy those of you who love a good facial, but that''s the only strong point to this scene.


Scene 8:  We begin at a billiards table, watching a gorgeous little nymph giving us a striptease before crawling onto the table and masturbating.  Her specs: she''s white, brown-haired, lean, with red panties.  She talks dirty, saying, "I want your nice hard cock in my mouth."  She gives an outstanding blowjob, and the lighting is decent in this scene, so we can actually see what''s happening.  There''s no audio interference since this is filmed indoors, and the facial cumshot is of high quality.  This scene earns good marks.


Scene 9:  This is a two-on-one scene featuring a beautiful, young, short, and slim Polynesian-looking girl.  She really looks like daddy''s little girl, which is a huge turn-on for me.  She''s sunbathing on the porch, and says, "oh hi Dr. Fellatio, I was just dreaming about you."  She strips out of her bikini and begins masturbating before sucking on Dr. Fellatio and his friend.  There is a woman in the background commenting on the scene, who decides to join in and begin stroking the starlet''s clit and fondling the guys'' cocks.  When we finally see the second woman''s face, I was dissapointed.  She''s ugly.  I had to fast-forward until the main girl was back in the frame.  The guy cums all over her bikini top, in a rather boring finish.


Scene 10:  A young lady who looks surprisingly similar to the one in scene eight comes out of the shower dressed in a towel.  Two guys enter the room and she sucks their dicks through the wooden pegs of a staircase bannister - it''s very much like sucking cock through jail cell bars.  The girl is lean, lightly Hispanic perhaps, and she is a moaner.  Her "BJ through the bannister" is incredibly sexy; unfortunately, the nasty woman from the last scene comes in and shoves a vibrator in her pussy.  The closing cumshot is the stuff fantasies are made of - we have the perfect view of her beautiful face as she gets splattered with cum.


Scene 11:  This is a two-on-two scene.  Two luscious babes in bikinis, one white, the other Asian, each consume an Altoid mint prior to beginning their blowjobs, in order to heighten the men''s sexual pleasure.  I''m not sure if that actually works, haven''t tried it myself.  The white girl is the "experienced" cocksucker, and she''s "teaching" the Asian girl how to do it right.  I found the white girl more attractive; I do have a soft spot for fine Oriental women, but this one just struck me as too cheap.  The cumshot is decent, but this scene overall didn''t hold my attention too well.


Scene 12:  A two-on-one.  A somewhat older blonde woman in her bikini sits at the side of the swimming pool.  She swims over to the two guys, strokes her tits, and begins blowing.  Another lady walks into the scene and hands the blonde a bottle of Reddi-Whip whipped cream to spray all over the cocks.  This scene rapidly degenerates into a filthy mess of whipped cream and sweat.  Whipped cream is sprayed on her tits, her ass, her everything.  The facial cumshot isn''t much, since she''s already coated with cream, so it''s hard to tell what is what.  Thumbs down.


Scene 13:  A very trashy bottle blonde in a yellow minidress sits on a bus bench talking on a cell phone.  She spreads her legs to flash us several times, revealing a lack of panties.  The scene cuts to some guy''s car, where she blows him in the backseat.  The car is moving, and the lighting is constantly changing (shadows and sun on a sunny California day).  This makes for good and bad lighting, but it changes so frequently that it''s extremely annoying.  I have to give this one a thumbs down, the scene just has too many strikes against it.


Scene 14:  Two girls in bikinis have their backs to us and are waving their asses in the air.  The one has a huge butterfly tattooed on her back.  One girl is black, the other white.  Both are a little heavy.  The ladies strip and begin to suck.  This reminds me a bit of scene 5, as the one girl plays footsie with the guy''s dick while the other girl sucks it.  The scene is really short, lasting about 4 minutes, perhaps just filler at the end of the DVD.  This one really doesn''t stand up to some of the better scenes on this disc, I''d give it a medium-poor rating.


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