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Title: Flesh Peddlers #2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B



Flesh Peddlers #2

Reviewer: Mars

Overall Rating: B

Female Looks: B+

Male Looks: B

Sex: B-

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: B

A/V Quality: B-


Director: Greg Alves

Starring: Houston, Claudia Chase, Randi Rage, Livia, Goldie McHorn, Dalia, Jessica Jewel, Elle Devine, Shay Sweet, Barrette Moore, Amber Michaels, Salina Del Ray

Sound: B

Picture: A


Though it''s made of all new material, Flesh Peddlers #2 manages to come across as a compilation video. The scenes are all-action, no set up. Which is the point, I suppose, but it doesn''t do anything to distinguish itself from discs of slapped together old material, let alone discs of new stuff. Still, it''s not without merit. The scenes are decent, the picture is fine, and the actors are mostly good looking.


We begin with Vince Vouyer, Julian, and Houston in all her pumped up, freckle-tanned glory. The attitude of the performers in this scene makes it interesting. It starts with Vince forcing Houston''s head onto Julian''s cock. She''s spanked and pushed throughout the scene and asks for more. I liked their rough and tumble action. Vince gets his BJ and then Houston demands an ass-fucking. She gets it with appropriate screams of delight. Her acting is terrible and her tits literally do not move as she bounces in reverse cowgirl on one of the boys. However, the "filthy fucker" attitude makes the scene a decent one. She gets on all fours with a guy at each end and is then rolled to her side on the couch. Vince holds her ankles together and fucks her ass (a great position) until he and Julian come on her face.


Next we''re treated to Claudia Chase, Randi Rage, and Billy Glide. The girls, both with tongue piercings, start tag-sucking his dick. The best views are of them simultaneously on either side of his shaft, though Claudia''s technique isn''t as fun to watch. Randi gets between Claudia''s legs as she continues the BJ. The two of them are very porn-star pretty and work well together. You don't get the feeling that they''re thinking "Ewwww, girl" (the fifth scene gives me that impression). The guy takes a turn eating out Claudia as Randi sits on her face. Randi takes the opportunity to spend a long time sucking Claudia''s toes and foot; take note, foot fetishists. The height of the scene comes when, after some normal sex, the guy spins Claudia around and almost on her head (ass in air, knees at her chin) and fucks her while he''s facing away. Sorry, bad description, look it up in the Kama Sutra. Randi gets some reverse cowgirl action, Claudia takes some doggy style cock and the boy cums on them. The actors were good in this scene, there wasn''t any moment of boredom in their faces.


Four fine women grace the screen in this segment. Shay Sweet, Amber Michaels, Salina Del Rey, and Dalia are kissing and fondling each other on a couch. If only more scenes started with these four beauties making out I''d watch even more porn. Shay gets some group gropes on her tiny breasts and they pair off again for stripping and rug munching between very wide spread legs. Dalia is especially hot, making great sex faces. Salina takes a turn at Dalia''s crotch and gets spanked and fingered by the other two. A couple more switches (and some sexy noises from Salina) later Shay and Salina are getting dildoes in their boxes as they lean over the couch. Amber takes Salina''s place and does a dildo DP. Kisses all around end this hot scene.


The fourth scene inrtoduces Livia and (get this) Zoltan. This hairy guy must have gotten his porn name from his D&D character. He''s a bit oafish, but it''s offset by the fact that Livia is cute as hell. Zoltan goes down, eating Livia and fingering her ass. She returns the favor with a really long hummer that includes a ton of hand jerking. Blah. The doggy style gives us some nice views but, damn, Zoltan is a sweaty guy. They fuck (since this is a porn flick) and the best part is watching Livia. The action isn''t very hot, but she''s easy on the eyes. They end up on their sides on the floor where we get to see Zoltan fuck her ass, she makes great sounds, until he cums on her chest.


Ron Jeremy isn''t so much a star as he is a venerable institution. He pops up unexpectedly and for no good reason. He''s fat, he doesn''t move much, and yet I''m always glad to see him. It''s just nice to see he''s still got it. Jessica and Elle Devine start off fondling each other until Ron shows up and flops into a padded chair for some oral attention. The girls tag suck his dick while he sits there, apparently comatose but for his hard on. Jessica climbs Mount Ron to sit on his face and then leans down for a 69 as Elle holds her hair. They''re two fine looking ladies of the older generation but they seem to be uninterested in each other. They take turns with Ron and limit their contact to some tit rubbing and mild kissing. Ron fucks Elle on the floor, spreading her legs wide to allow room for his huge gut. He ass fucks her, causing her to squeak and moan. It''s quite an anal scene with good views of her stretched hole and his cock plunging the depths. He turns his attentions to Jessica for several positions of sex and cums in her mouth for a finale. Viva Ron!


Next on the menu is a foursome of Barrette Moore, Goldie McHorn, Vince Vouyer, and Mark Davis. Watching them is a good time. The girls have obvious implants shoved into tiny breasts, but what the hell. It starts with the boys getting blown by the girls slowly and sensuously. They switch it up with some cunnilingus and Goldie makes progressively louder noises of pleasure. The action heats up and the camera cuts are decent. I didn''t think "Hey!" every time they cut from one couple to the next. After other sex, the two women get it reverse cowgirl and they gyrate and wiggle like wantons. They swap partners and more sucking and fucking ensues. Goldie takes an anal stuffing nearly bent in half. It''s a sexy position, especially with her groans and cries for more. The cum flows and the scene stops.


Overall: The thing that most distinguishes Flesh Peddlers from old compilation flicks is the beauty of it''s performers. They''re all fine looking specimens. However, the sex is generally fun, but not mind-blowing.


Extras: Along with the standard Scene Index, they give you a 20 picture photo gallery, some company info and web site plug, plus Side B has over 30 full scale trailers. A decent assortment of extra material.


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