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Title: Big Tops #2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B



Big Tops #2

Reviewer: Mars

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: B-

Male Looks: C

Sex: C+

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: F

A/V Quality: B-


Director: Various

Starring: Renee La Rue, Stacy Valentine, Misty Rain, Barrett Moore, Tracy Adams, Christi Lake, Reylin, Julie Rage, Venus Milan, Goldie McHorn, et al

Sound: B

Picture: B-


Another compilation title from Metro, Big Tops #2 doesn''t break any new ground but it holds up as an all-action porn disc. The theme is, you guessed it, big tits, and there are some to be found in the eight scenes.


Out the gate we have fine looking, curvy woman with nice breasts who is giving us a bit of a strip tease and dirty talk. This leads to a blow job, as it so often does, that is eager and enthusiastic. She''s into it for all she''s worth, changing speed, licking, sucking, hand jobbing, even a little tit fucking. All of that laced with soft nasty talk and sultry glances at the camera. The hummer is the whole scene and it''s not a bad piece of work. She ends up with cum in her mouth and a smile for the camera.


The second scene starts with a guy asking his buddy (who is inexplicably filming everything) to use his place for a fling with a hot girl, Reylin. She is, in fact, hot. We see her with a ball gag in her mouth as her guy fucks and spanks her with a dildo. She squirms and squeals as her cheeks get red. We cut to her sucking his fat cock with the help of both hands. Reylin deep throats it and generally makes nice during this pretty blow job. The cuts are a bit jarring, but the couple are into it every time we see them. She spreads her legs wide to get boned missionary, kneels for some doggy style, and then gets fingered until she cums.


Third up is a foursome of Barrette Moore, Goldie McHorn, Vince Vouyer, and Mark Davis and it''s a good time. The girls are dubious in the "Big Top" category, having obvious implants shoved into tiny breasts, but what the hell. It starts with the boys getting blown by the girls slowly and sensuously. They switch it up with some cunnilingus and Goldie makes progressively louder noises of pleasure. The action heats up and the camera cuts are decent. I didn''t think "Hey!" every time they cut from one couple to the next. After other sex, the two women get it reverse cowgirl and they gyrate and wiggle like wantons. They swap partners and more sucking and fucking ensues. Goldie takes an anal stuffing nearly bent in half. It''s a sexy position, especially with her groans and cries for more. The cum flows and the scene stops.


In the next scene a very well put together woman strips her top off and starts sucking on a cock attached to a a guy laid out on a couch. Her large tits are fake and shiny, but fit well on her sleek body. Her cock-sucking is nothing special to see, but the man is into it. He responds by going down on her with passion, lapping away and flicking her clit. She writhes like a whore in reverse cowgirl and shows off her fine ass when she turns around to face him. Doggy style fucking leads to a cum shot in the face. Despite good looking actors, this scene isn''t very steamy. Standard fare.


The fifth scene features a hefty starlet (not fat, just bigish) with big natural tits and an attitude. She takes control and keeps it throughout, ordering her man onto his knees to lick her. He does it like his tongue is an electric toothbrush and soon gets a blow job of his own. It''s a nice blow job, and it lasts for a long time. She keeps an air of authority that adds a bit of spice to the run-of-the-mill fucking. When he sits down with her on top, she wiggles and rides with command. A woman who knows what she wants and takes it. There''s some uninspiring doggy style action before he slides between her huge mounds and gives her a pearl necklace.


This next scene surprised the hell out of me. A frighteningly skinny blonde with fake tits way too big for her rail-thin frame, fucks the porn god, Julian. He''s hung like a loaf of French bread and has a built body. In terms of porn-beauty, he totally outshines the gal. BUT, the heat between them is startling. She sucks his enormous tool as well as she can, which is not much. He sets her on a desk and begins to eat her out. It is inspiring. He spends a great deal of time between her legs actually wrapping his mouth around her clit and cunt. None of this pansy "must-keep-face-far-from-pussy" attitude of most porn guys (granted, some of that is so that the camera can see the pussy), Julian gets in there and has lunch. She appreciates it with vibrating orgasms that leave her screaming. There are several great positions, combined with terrific camera angles that allow you to see the whole thing. He fucks her carefully at first, but she is so into it that it isn''t long before he''s balls-deep in her snatch. She cums and growls and talks dirty through the whole scene. They do it doggy style and she pounds on a file cabinet when screaming isn''t enough. He cums in her mouth and they leave the screen the winners of this DVD.


The next segment isn''t really a scene. It''s a "home movie" by Misty Rain of a wild deck party/orgy. Thing is, it lasts about four minutes and cuts around from one couple to the next so fast that it never catches much action. There''s a blow job at the beginning on the ugliest dick ever and there''s a great minute or two of a pair of women in sundresses munching rug. Unfortunately, it ends abruptly and is very unsatisfying overall.


The final scene has another husky gal with great natural tits. She''s very pretty which is good, ''cause her partner''s not. He''s a tubby guy but it becomes evident that he''s treating her right, so I won''t complain. They do it doggy style slow and sweet. He tells her things like "It feels so good to be inside you." Which is a nice change from "Take it, you fucking cum-whore!" Her talking is equally sexy and (dare I say it) respectful. The best part is when, still in doggy style, he stays perfectly still as she moves back and forth. Good stuff. They switch positions a few times (her on top, missionary with her legs spread prettily) and he cums on her tits. Nothing fancy, but definitely pleasant. Sort of a curling-up-by-the-fire type of porn scene.


Overall: Very slightly above average. There is interesting stuff here, but you have to dig a bit. The sixth scene is clearly the stand-out, but the rest is just average.


Extras: As with Casting Couch, a solid and definite F. There are none at all. Not even a chapter search. There is one choice on the menu; "Play Movie." That''s it. The only feature you get on this DVD is if you leave it or play through it without pressing Stop, it will start playing all on its own! Usually Metro at least adds on previews on side B. Nothing here, though.


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