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Title: Barely Legal #2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Date Reviewed:

                                                January 27, 2001                                                         


Title:                                       Barely Legal #2


Overall Rating:                          A

Picture Quality:                         A

Bonus Features:                      C (no biographies)


Production Company:            Hustler Video/DVD 


Director:                                 Clive McLean & Stuart Cantebury


Cast:                                       Lindsey Tristen, Cheyenne Silver, Kyle Stone, Gia, Anna, Teri Starr, Joel Lawrence, Kristi, Blair, Steve Taylor and Jane.


DVD Features:            1.            Chapter selection - 6 Chapters

                                                2.         A little featurette on Clive McLean

                                                2.         Slide show with 20 color slides shot during the making of           this flick

3.      Information on hustler.com and barelylegal.com

4.      A preview for the Barely Legal series




In After School, Lindsey Tristen is an eighteen year-old girl who moves out of her parents house to escape her annoying sister and stepbrother.  Lindsey is thrilled to have the privacy of her own apartment.  She is a very thin girl with extremely small tits and when we first see her she's riding a bike in a catholic school-girl uniform.  She is so hot from the bike seat that she runs right into her bedroom and starts beating off.  Her stepbrother peeps in on her through the window and then she invites him in for some action.  The guy is nothing to write home about but the girl is cute, especially if you like them young.  The sex is tame and very clean (except for the urination). 


The Babysitter starts Cheyenne Silver and Kyle Stone are the second installment in this flick and boy are they on fire.  Cheyenne plays Kyle's kid's babysitter and the while he takes her home one night, some intimate conversation goes a bit too far.  Another urination scene (What's with that??) starts off what ends up being great stroke material.  It's supposed to by Cheyenne's first time and she is very steady and doesn't move around much but the way that Kyle just rams his cock in and out of her pussy is enough to make you want to scream. This scene epitomizes every man's mid-life crisis fantasy and it will make you think twice about buying that Ferrari. 


Ticket to Ride involves two college cheerleaders who are selling tickets in order to win a "cool" team jacket.  They go knocking on doors and end up knocking pom poms with an older guy with a HUGE cock (does anybody know who this guy is?)  The girls are absolutely insane and the guy makes one of the ladies cum three times and the other girl cums twice.  This is an awesome little threesome scene and perfect for all your cheerleader fantasies-this one is more than a girl in a short skirt-these are short skirts who fuck like dogs!  Of course, look what's fucking them..  Buy this movie, you'll want to watch this scene more than once!


There are also two additional scenes that are pretty good chapters.  In L.A., Here I Come, a newcomer to the city of angels finds a home with a couple of sexy swingers.  This is also a nice threesome although not nearly as hot as the cheerleader chapter.  Photoplay is the token girl/girl scene and is actually very hot.  Clive McKlean is an incredible director and his experience and creativity in still photography has spilled over into the celluloid world.  His artistic eye is not to be messed with and the style of each setup is incredibly unique.  In the first chapter, McKlean focuses on Lindsey's mouth around the guys cock, for nearly like three minutes.  It's great, we watch her mouth take in the length and girth of his cock as well as use her tongue to tease the head of his dick.  This is a very sensual scene moment and reminiscent of eighties porn.  Although most of the scenes are vaginal, this installment of Barely Legal is very hardcore and some of the role-play might turn some people off.  I loved though and I'm sure you will too.





Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:          ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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